10 Signs Of Low Testosterone in Males

What Is Testosterone?

In simple words, testosterone is the hormone that turns a boy into a man. It causes many changes, both mental and physical, like :

  • Making muscles and bones strong during and after puberty,
  • Increasing height,
  • Increasing body hair,
  • Increasing pubic hair,
  • Increasing penis size,
  • Increasing sexual desire (Libido) etc

Every male body produces this hormone at some rate and it plays a deciding role in sexual and development process. But unfortunately, due to some reasons, the male body doesn’t produce enough testosterone. It happens with age, but other factors also work here. Keep reading this write-up to know :

10 Warning signs that you are having low testosterone & its effects on your body :

  1. Erectile Dysfunction

    Low testosterone could make it very difficult for you to maintain erection. Actually, testosterone stimulates the penile tissues to produce desired nitric oxide. Then it starts many reactions that result in erection. If the level of hormone is not desired, then you would face an issue with your erection. As per studies, some other factors also paves the way for Erectile Dysfunction Like: Smoking, High cholesterol, Stress, Alcohol abuse, Diabetes, High-blood pressure.

  2. Less bone mass

    One of the most important functions of testosterone is to produce bone tissue which maintains bone volume. Constant low testosterone can lead to some serious decrease in this volume, which makes bones very prone to fractures. Well, most of us tend to neglect this issue of low bone mass, but it has to be treated on a priority basis.

  3. Reduced testicle size

    Reduction in testicle size is a very common condition with low testosterone levels. And please keep in mind that it is not always related to cold temperature. This is the same excuse many make to hide the real problem and avoid treatment on time. Sometimes the scrotum may also feel softer than usual. For god sake don’t take any medicine for it, as no doctor can prescribe you anything without conducting a physical examination.

  4. Low amount of semen

    Semen is the fluid which helps the sperm to move towards the egg. It is the same fluid that makes up the majority of male ejaculate. It is the testosterone which helps in the production of semen and low levels of semen clearly show fewer volumes of testosterone. And in the long run, it also adversely affect fertility. So it good to see a Best sexologist in Delhi for timely recovery. Otherwise you might reach to a stage where no solution is possible.

  5. Difficulty in sleeping

    It affects both ways; means men with low volumes of testosterone find it difficult to fall or stay asleep. Many of the men develop sleep apnea with low levels of testosterone. This disorder cause breathing problem, which disrupts sleep very badly.

  6. Low Sex Drive

    It is the most direct consequence of low testosterone. However, an increase in age also plays a significant factor in diminishing sex drive, but with low levels of testosterone causes a sudden decrease in the desire for sex.

  7. Low Muscle Mass

    Well, no men can desire a body with low muscle mass, as it is related to their looks. But it is the most unfortunate reality that it happens with low levels of testosterone. The strength of muscles is also get affected badly with this condition.

  8. Low Energy Levels

    Low testosterone levels often lead to low energy levels and fatigue. It leads to a feeling of tiredness, even after a great amount of sleep. Some of the men may develop a low interest in workout.

  9. High Fat Percentage

    Low levels of testosterone lead to an increase in fat percentage in the body. In the worst case scenario, men develop gynecomastia (male breast), which is simply the biggest embarrassment among them.

  10. No Morning Wood

    Are you not getting an erection every morning? If yes, then it is one of the symptoms of low testosterone levels; and definitely, the best time to see Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput of Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic. Ignoring these symptoms will get worse with the time. Also don’t forget to Book Your Appointment here


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