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4 Major Benefits Of Masturbation

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Masturbation is the stimulation of one’s genitals with hands for sexual pleasure. It is natural sex. Many people think it has side effects, but it’s wrong.

Here are some myths which surround this subject :

1. Men will run out of sperm: The biggest myth is that if you do too much, there will be a reduced number of sperm, and the reproduction process will be complicated. But the actual truth is sperms are continuously made, and they will be sufficient for the reproduction process as they contribute 1% to the whole semen which comes out. But it is also true that sperm per ejaculation get reduced after every ejaculation. But the good news is if your sexual organs are healthy, then your body will make more new sperm in the coming days.

2. Increases health problems and reduces growth: It is a myth that masturbation is the cause of health issues and reduced growth of the body.

3. Only boys masturbate: It is usual for both boys and girls to masturbate. People believe in a myth that only boys masturbate, but girls also do so.



Health benefits of masturbation :

1. Lowers the risk of prostate cancer: Regular masturbation reduces the risk of prostate cancer. According to research, men who masturbate regularly reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 33%

2. Prevents erectile dysfunction: Masturbation prevents Erectile Dysfunction as it works on the pelvic floor muscles. Penis also needs some oxygen, which is delivered when the blood there is a flow of blood. But as you all know, it has to be done within limits to avoid problems.

3. It helps a man to last longer in bed: Due to lack of practice, many men do not last longer in bed, and due to this, the partner does not get satisfied. Masturbation helps a man to get enough practice. It helps him know his capacity and how long it takes to orgasm.

4. Improves immunity: Masturbation helps improve a person’s immunity system.

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