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Pregnancy is a period which a couple cherishes for their whole life, and specially the first one. the whole life of a couple transforms into a new one, leaving the previous life behind. Some things about sex during and after pregnancy are not clear to the people.

So, Here are few important things which a couple needs to know about this subject :

1. The baby does not get hurt : While having sex couples think of new and innovative positions to make the intercourse more enjoyable. while having sex, the baby rests safely in the amniotic sack where it is protected with flesh and fluids. Thus, the baby does not get harmed.

2. The male partner cannot bump the baby on her head : No matter how long the penis is, it is not possible to for the penis to bump into the baby. It is unlikely to hit the baby even if he or she is resting in the pelvis.

3. The baby will not know about the act : It is not possible for the baby to know or remember what happens outside. The activity of the baby may prick a little bit after orgasm, but it is not possible for the baby to remember anything.

Best Sexologist In delhi
Best Sexologist In delhi

4. It does not transmit any STD to the baby : Once the baby is inside, the cervix is shut and is out of reach for anything. The mucus plug acts acts as a thick cork which does not let anything inside from the semen. Thus, any infection cannot reach the baby. But, one important thing which is to be kept in mind is to proceed with your partner for sexual activity only when you are sure that they are not infected.

5. Have fun with new positions : For women with a baby bump becomes difficult to have sex with the same missionary pose. Try something new and interesting to maintain the fun and safety.

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