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5 Masturbation Mistakes Men and Women Generally Make

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Masturbation Mistakes Men and Women Generally Make:

We Indians are timid about discussing sex, but we are still the world’s highest populated nation. So, OK, just put aside the term ‘sex.’ Unfortunately, most of us also refuse to admit that we masturbate, although as per sexologists in India, it is a healthy exercise to counter erectile dysfunction.

Masturbation is Also called the art of self-love, and most men and women do it frequently. But the question arises here, are we doing it correctly? No, most of the time, we make mistakes while doing it. In some extreme cases reported, many men land in the hospital because of these mistakes. In another case, maybe you don’t know the art, thus, so enjoy your session less. The best part of these mistakes is that you can fix them quickly.

Here we are going to list the Five Mistakes You Are Doing While Making Self Love :

  1. Ignorance about body parts: Do you know a significant number of women are just ignorant about the anatomy of their vaginas. And here, we are talking about the smaller pieces and the major ones too. Undoubtedly, the clitoris has the most significant amount of nerves, but that doesn’t mean your vulva and labia have no function in giving pleasure. As per many doctors, you have U-spot and A-spot apart from G-spot so that you can have different orgasms too.


  1. Masturbate when you can’t: Sometimes, you must act against your will, like here. If you feel tired, then don’t masturbate at all. It will bring your testosterone level to a new low. It makes you more tired than before. And if we engage in this practice frequently, then it leads to erection issues as well.


  1. Men often squeeze their tools too hard: Do you know your penis can get fractured when you press it too hard. As per many clinical examinations, many men face this situation by masturbating too hard. But, technically speaking, applying pressure at the wrong point and angle can fracture the cylindrical tubes inside an erect penis.


  1. Men and Women are not practicing edging: Maybe the term appears alien to you. However, it is related to how to intensify and control your orgasm. Practically, it is when you maintain a high level of arousal and start stimulating yourself as soon as you are near to orgasm and then start it again. When you do this, your orgasm will be more intense and more prolonged and give you pleasure.


  1. Masturbate before workout: It is well-known that muscle building wants high testosterone levels. And if you masturbate right before your workout schedule, you feel very lazy, and your testosterone level becomes very low. When you take testosterone boosters for more muscularity, you invite Sexual Dysfunction like Erectile Dysfunction.


Dr. Manu Rajput & Dr. Kanu Rajput always suggest focusing on good nutrition rather than Taking Some Testosterone Boosters and Steroids. They may help after initial use, but they are disastrous for your health, especially your sex life.

In case you want to clear any doubts regarding the issue of masturbation or want some information about good nutrition to boost your sex life, kindly consult online by clicking the “consult online” button.

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