How To Love A Woman In Bed, What Do Women Like

Men will be men. Yes, this statement holds in every aspect of life, and sometimes this becomes the reason for their ignorance. Here we are going to learn the Top 5 Things Women Secretly Want In Bed, but before that, it’s essential to know the following:

  • Male psyche and
  • How ignorant they are when it comes to an understanding of what women want from them in bed.

Many men think that the natural sex or what women want is orgasm. Undoubtedly, orgasm is one of the essential things during sex, but certainly, it is not the only thing for absolute pleasure. This ‘know it all‘ misconception kills the fun in your sex life. And please don’t take any medication without consultation if you face an erection problem. These medications do nothing but make your erection more painful and inflict side effects.


Sometimes, affectionate behavior like dirty talk, setting the mood with candles or music, passionate kisses, and whispering romantic words during sex can do wonders for you. However, don’t indulge in cliche things like quick intercourse or same-sex positions, and stick to some script. The definition of good sex life has expanded to a new level, and women’s desires for their men have reached another level. Know your partner well, read her psyche and understand what makes her happy and passionate in bed with you. Then, bring that intimacy into your relationship and take your sex life to a level where your partner gets heavenly pleasure.



Let’s Check out the Top 5 Things Women Secretly Want In Bed

  • Intimate kisses and touches:

“Affection is best experienced through sensuality.” This quote truly holds sense. Spend a good time kissing each other passionately or touch her on sensual points slowly. In a nutshell, don’t rush at any moment, and don’t indulge in any act which turns into a quick sex drive.

Just surrender to each other’s needs and create your moment by taking pauses of kissing and touching. Romance is the key here, and how to use it to reach orgasm is a real art; you have to perfect it.

  • Lovemaking should be a part of your lifestyle:

It takes a lot of effort to establish a passionate and adventurous relationship. Men must take it as a daily ritual and try to feel their partner. In practice, a long passionate kiss before you leave for work and a tight hug after homecoming can turn on your partner.

You are the only creator of your relationship, so do what you can to make it an erotic one. And please don’t ask for a kiss or hug. Just do it as your partner equally craves it.

Nobody can help you play this part because only you can make it happen. Or, if you want tips on sexual issues or for your diet for a great sex experience, go with Ayurveda.


  • Single out a night for a date in a week to maintain old intimacy:

Most of the men put a lame excuse that they don’t have time to take their partners for a romantic date. Some of them think dates are essential only for newly blossomed love. These excuses are nothing but a misconception.

Romantic dates are still a powerful tool to maintain intimacy in your relationships, even if you have a busy schedule or you have children. There is no age to express love, and these little for each other could do wonders for your relationships. You can stop at a table in your home and make it an indoor candlelight dinner for your partner.


  • Be a master of the game called foreplay:

It is all about getting ready before getting into the main action. Then, turn her up with your touches and kisses on sensual parts. There is no time limit to be involved in foreplay. You can as long as you and your partner want. Most women treasure foreplay more than anything, so include this in your erotic moments. Your partner will love it. Or, if you want to master this art, learn some massage techniques as well.

  • Match her game:

Match her game on every step. For example, if she talks dirty, then talk back with a more engaging erotic and filthy conversation if she is shying from it and getting her into a comfort zone, as any shy behavior can ruin your sexual experience.

And if any other issue is ruining your sex life, you can consult Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput of Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic.

They are sexologists in Delhi who are very well known for treating Male Infertility, Phimosis, Candidiasis, Balanitis, and Penis Yeast Infection, to name a few.

Always keep in mind there is no “I” in sex. It always takes the equal involvement of two. So, always make the most of this experience, as every sexual encounter is a chance for you to come closer than ever.


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