6 Amazing Facts Of Sleeping Naked

A good sleep in the night is very important for an individual, so that his/her day to day activities runs smoothly. While sleeping everyone prefers to wear something in which they are comfortable. But did you know about the fact that sleeping naked is much beneficial then sleeping in any kind of nightwear or any other comfortable clothing. Sleeping naked benefits our health and even improves our sexual lives. Let us know some amazing advantages of sleeping naked :

1. Better sleep : Sleeping naked reduces the body temperature and this leads to better sleep. It is a myth that wearing extra clothes to warm the body may lead to a good sleep. But actually the less/no clothing on the body reduces the temperature and this leads to better sleep.

2. Skin and hair health : Body releases melatonin and growth hormones which are very essential for anti-ageing. They are released only when the body temperature is cool. Sleeping nude helps in keeping the body temperature cool. Moreover Sleeping naked helps many parts of the body like armpits to breathe properly, as they are always covered.

3. It helps in reducing the stress level : Stress gives birth to many diseases like heart attack, diabetes etc. For releasing Stress a good sleep at night is very important, and a good sleep is possible by sleeping with minimal clothing / no clothing on the body. Thus, Sleeping naked helps in reducing stress level to a greater extent.

4. Helps in losing weight : Sleeping without clothes helps in burns body fat to a great extent. It is a known fact that fat keeps the body warm and the best way to burn fat and lose weight is to sleep naked. Sleeping naked even increases the metabolism of the body.

5. Affects relationship : When the couple has a good sex life, automatically everything goes fine. Sleeping naked helps in improving sex life. It releases oxytocin, which is also known as the cuddle hormone.

6. Improves sperm quality : Sleeping naked helps in improving male infertility, as the testes produce sperm when the body temperature is cool. Thus sleeping naked is a natural way of improving sperm quality and helps in reducing male infertility.


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