Prevention and Control of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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Sex is a necessity in every individual’s life. But they forget that having safe sex is very necessary for health. There are some diseases which needs immediate attention. Many people are unaware that their carelessness is the cause to STDs. people need to know about such dangerous diseases and the ways to avoid them.

Here are 7 tips which can be followed to avoid Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) –

1. Selective abstinence : when people limit themselves to avoid the chances of getting infected from sexually transmitted diseases, but involve in sexual activities. Practicing selective abstinence has the tendency to decrease the risk of STDs as some sexual activities have higher chances spreading STDs.

2. Using Condoms : Condoms are not 100% effective, but lower the risk of STDs to a greater extent. Doctors highly advise to use condoms. Moreover, if you use lubricants, please keep in mind that they are water based.


3. Mutual monogamy : If both the partners do not have sex with any third person, then this reduces the chances of getting infected with STDs to a great extent. Such practices help in avoiding Sexually Transmitted Diseases as the partners are only involved with each other.

4. Tests : Getting tested is a way of preventing STDs transmitting into others. If detected with an STD, the person can can stop having sex until cured properly.

5. Avoiding drugs and alcohol : Indulging in sexual activities while being drunk may increase the risk of getting infected with an STDs as they are not in proper senses and may forget using condoms or practicing safe sex.

6. Healthy habits : Healthy habits like avoiding the use of same towel, washing the undergarments properly before and after the intercourse, and the most important is getting vaccinated for hepatitis B.

7. Low and high risk activities : The are certain activities which have a lower risk of infecting like kissing and hand to genital contact. But, activities like vaginal intercourse, oral sex, and genital to genital contact have a greater risk of transmitting infections.


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