Benefits Of Being Sexually Active : Benefits of morning Sex, Health Benefits Of Love Making

In the 21st century people have a tight and hectic schedule as soon as they get up from their bed. At such point of time, thinking of sex does not seem to be an option for anyone. Mostly everyone prefers to have sex in the night. But have you ever thought about morning sex and it’s impacts? It is said that a man is physically and psychologically ready for sex in the morning, but has to follow his daily routine and schedule. On the other hand a woman’s body takes time to warm up after leaving the bed and they prefer to carry on their daily work in the early mornings. But having a sexual intercourse in the morning is way beneficial then having sex in the night or any other time.

Let us throw some light on the benefits of morning sex :

  1. Happier Mood : Morning sex makes a person happy and makes them feel refreshed. In their day to day life people face a lot of hurdle which may spoil their mood. Some serious issues may also lead to depression, irritation and frustration. Morning sex keeps a person happy and helps in controlling such feelings and emotions as it releases happy hormones.
  2. Strengthen Emotional Bond : Morning sexual intercourse increases the bonding between the couple as they start their day with a smile. Even staying away from each other for the whole day does not effect their bonding.
  3. Stronger Immune System : A strong immunity system is very necessary for leading a healthy life. After all the day to day heavy schedules of an individual, the immunity level goes on declining. Morning sex helps in building a stronger immunity system to fight all infections and diseases. Majorly it reduces the chances of catching cold.
  4. Healthier Skin & Hair : There is a lot dust and other harmful particles which are not good for skin and hair. Morning sex improves the quality of nails, skin and hair too.
  5. Improves Blood Circulation : Sexual intercourse is a sort of physical exercise, it helps in increasing the blood circulation as it dilates the blood vessels. Morning sex helps in proper blood circulation through out the whole day which keeps a person healthy. This decreases the chances of heart attacks and strokes.
  6. Feels Rejuvenating : When a couple begins the day with a sexual intercourse, it makes them feel refreshed and rejuvenating as it helps in better blood circulation, releases happy hormones.
  7. Decreases Pains : Pains from arthritis and migraines can be reduced to a greater extent with the help of morning sexual intercourse.
  8. Helps in Weight Loss : Sex is a sort of physical exercise, which can be of great use in burning calories. Especially , morning sex can burn up to 300 unwanted calories of your body at once.

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