Myths, Signs Of Impotence : How To Know If You Have Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment In Delhi

Speaking about sexual diseases is still not common in our Indian society, specially sexual problems related to men. One of such diseases is Erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is classified as the inability to maintain the erection of the penis during the sexual process. Erectile Dysfunction is commonly known as Impotence.

Many myths surround this this sensitive subject and this makes you believe that your sexual life is destroyed forever. In a male dominant society like ours, men do not feel free to speak about this subject and do not want to come out of their cocoons. So this leads to myths regarding such sensitive diseases like ED and also is the cause to many problems. Let us discuss about some Myths of Erectile dysfunction

  1. The most common myth about Erectile dysfunction is that people think it affects older people only. Erectile dysfunction is common in men who are above the age of 60, but that doesn’t mean that it does not affect young men at all and neither does it mean that the person affected from this disease is ageing faster.
  2. If we study the history of Erectile dysfunction, we can see that in 1960’s and 70’s people believed that almost majority of the cases of this disease have a mental/ psychological origin. But some researches of the recent years have totally turned the tables and many cases have been seen where the root cause of this disease are physical issues of a man.
  3. One of the biggest myth about this disease is that it only affects men. Men suffering from ED are unable to satisfy their partners which creates issues between them as a healthy sexual life very important for a successful married life.
  4. In Erectile dysfunction the lower regions stop working, but that doesn’t mean that men do not feel aroused. Men need to understand that feelings stay but unfortunately blood flow is restricted, signals of the nerve get blocked and it unbalances the level of hormones. In short the fact that it’s the penis which does not function properly but the feelings still remain aroused.
  5. Many patients of ED believes that Low of Sex desire has no relation to Erectile Dysfunction, which is completely wrong.

Many people are unaware of the major causes of Erectile dysfunction. Let us through some light on the causes of this sensitive disease –

There are both physical psychological causes of Erectile dysfunction.

The major physical causes of Erectile dysfunction are

  • High Blood pressure,
  • Obesity,
  • excess consumption of alcohol
  • smoking,
  • high cholesterol,
  • clogged blood vessels,
  • use of tobacco,
  • certain surgeries/injuries which affect the spinal cord,
  • lack of sleep
  • Many Antibiotics
  • Many Antifungals
  • Many Antacids
  • Many Medicines for High Blood Pressure,
  • Medicines for Male pattern baldness like : Finasteride, Dutasteride etc

Psychological causes of Erectile dysfunction are

  • Stress,
  • depression, and
  • other issues which affects a man mentally may become a major cause for Erectile dysfunction.

People do not have a complete knowledge of Erectile dysfunction so they do not even know about the natural remedies which are helpful in curing this disease, let us know know about some of them –

1. Nuts are a rich source of energy, protein, and minerals. Nuts like almonds and pistas are a natural source of Zing, manganese and copper which help in maintaining the erection of penis thereby improving the problem of lack of hardness in penis. These nuts are also known for improving the sperm quality and count, which will greatly help to patients suffering from Low Sperm Count.

2. Zinc improves the flow of blood in major organs of the body. Dark green vegetables are a rich source of Zinc. A person suffering from Erectile dysfunction disease should consume dark green vegetables as it will help in improving the flow of blood in penis.

3. Food high in potassium like avocado, dried apricots, coconut water should be consumed as low level of potassium dis-balances electrolytes and causes high blood pressure which can be a cause of Erection Problems.

4. Foods low in sugar and fat should be consumed as this can be a major cause for Erectile Dysfunction.

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