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INTRODUCTION Technology related to cell phones and Wi-Fi is evolving. This evolution has led to increased health hazards because of exposure to radiation. The impact of these radiations on male fertility attracts the attention of many researchers. The studies have concluded that cell phones and Wi-Fi have negatively affected the male reproductive system. The parameters commonly

  INTRODUCTION TO GENITAL INFECTION Genital infection and inflammation are one of the common disorders in male. However, these symptoms, many-a-times goes unnoticed and the condition affects the sexual life of the patient. The genital disorders, especially those affecting the penile health lead to reduced sexual life and decreased libido. Some of the common genital disorders include

MALE MENOPAUSE / ANDROPAUSE AND IT'S MANAGEMENT THROUGH AYURVEDA INTRODUCTION Andropause is a condition characterized by a reduced level of testosterone with increased age. Although there is no complete cessation of testosterone synthesis, bioavailable testosterone is very low. Unlike allopathic medicines, treatment of andropause through Ayurveda does not have side effects.  ANDROPAUSE or MALE MENOPAUSE “Getting old” is not

INTRODUCTION Yoga drastically improves sexual life. Various asanas in Yoga helps improve sexual performance and helps to manage premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Yoga helps in improving blood circulation and increases hormonal secretion.   YOGA BENEFITS IN SEXUAL HEALTH To most people, it seems that easy as well as complex Yoga asanas may not improve the sexual life either

5 Exercises For Better Sex :   Well, it is a fact that working out is best for your health; at least three times a week. But are you aware of the fact that some exercises can make your sex life heavenly?   Furthermore, it helps you stay in shape, increase your stamina, and strength to perform better and

What Is Testosterone? In simple words, testosterone is the hormone that turns a boy into a man. It causes many changes, both mental and physical, like : Making muscles and bones strong during and after puberty, Increasing height, Increasing body hair, Increasing pubic hair, Increasing penis size, Increasing sexual desire (Libido) etc