Yoga drastically improves sexual life. Various asanas in Yoga helps improve sexual performance and helps to manage premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Yoga helps in improving blood circulation and increases hormonal secretion.



To most people, it seems that easy as well as complex Yoga asanas may not improve the sexual life either in male or female. But that’s not the case. Yoga is a powerful technique to bring back vitality in the human body by comprehensively altering the functioning of organs whether heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and musculoskeletal system. Sexual health is not exempted from this revitalizing process. It is important to mention that for improving sexual health with yoga, you do not have to perform complex yoga asanas; just a few simple ways are significantly helpful in attaining healthy sexual life. Now the question arises, how do these simple yoga asanas have so much impact on sexual health. Well, for that we need to discuss the prime benefits of yoga on sexual health:

Relaxes body and mind: One of the most amazing benefits of yoga is that it relaxes body and mind. It improves the psychological characteristics of a person. It helps improving stress, anxiety, and depression probably by increasing the blood flow in the brain as well as by reducing certain chemicals such as cortisol.

Helps reduce premature ejaculation: Certain specific asanas of Yoga have a huge impact on managing premature ejaculation. Different asanas perform this function by imparting different effects. Some of them improve the digestive system while some increases the energy by accelerating metabolism. Some of the asanas are helpful in increasing sperm potency.

Helpful in increasing libido: Yoga may help increase libido and sexual orgasm. It helps in maintaining the overall sexual health. Yoga does this by improving blood circulation in oxygen level where it matters most i.e. in the abdominal and pelvic region. Further yoga helps increase focus and concentration that helps improve confidence while making physical relations.

Alleviates pelvic pain: Pelvic pain is one of the common hurdles in maintaining physical relations with the partner. By alleviating the pain of the pelvic region, yoga helps to improve sexual function and overall quality of life.

Increases sexual satisfaction: Yoga has such a power that apart from the normal people it also helps improve the sexual satisfaction in people suffering from a severe disease like multiple sclerosis. A study conducted in this regard on Iranian women revealed that Yoga techniques are helpful in improving physical activities and sexual satisfaction.

Unbiased improvement in men and women: Yoga does not differentiate between men and women. Both men and women are benefitted in improving sexual activity through yoga. The types of asana may be different for men and women.

Improves cardiovascular health: Cardiovascular health proves to be vital when it comes to sexual activity. Proper blood flow is required to achieve and maintain erection and for increased energy level in the pelvic and abdominal region. Yoga helps improve blood circulation and increases oxygen and nutrition.

Improves flexibility: Yoga helps improve flexibility, and strength and helps tone your body. It would make feel good about your body and develop more confidence while being sexually active.

Increases pelvic strength: Yoga also helps increase the strength of pelvic muscles, functioning of which is critical to achieving sexual pleasure.


Various Yoga asanas are mentioned in the art for improving sexual health. Following are some of the exercises:

1) Kumbhkasana: This asana is known for managing erectile dysfunction and helps to improve sexual stamina. It provided strength to the upper part of the body. Lie with your stomach side towards a flat floor. Then keep your both hands on the side with the palm downwards. Lift the body upwards with the force applied with your palm. Keep your body in the same position as long as you are comfortable. This is like push-up exercise wherein only a single push-up is required, and the body stays in a similar position.

2) Uttanapadasna: In this asana, the legs are raised thus known as raised leg pose. This yoga asana is a very effective way to improve blood circulation in the pelvic region. it helps to increase sexual activity for a longer period. It also helps increase the overall strength of the body. Lie down flat on your back. Keep your hand on either side of the body with palms pointing towards the floor. Lift your legs to 45 to 60-degree angle while inhaling. Stay in the same position for at least 20 seconds and gradually relax your body while exhaling. Repeat this asana for at least 3-4 times.

3) Bhujangasana: Bhujangasana is also known as cobra pose. It increases performance during sexual activity and manages premature ejaculation. Lie on the floor with the stomach. Place your palms on the floor. Now exhale and lift your body in a sequential manner i.e. head, chest, back, and pelvis. Make sure that your hands are straight. Relax your body with consecutive inhalation and exhalation.

4) Dhanurasana: Dhanurasana helps in improving various sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and helps in having a stronger orgasm. It activates and strengthens the reproductive organs. Lie down with stomach touching the floor. Keep your palm on either side of the body. Maintain a gap of hip-width between the legs. Now fold your knees and hold your ankles while exhaling. Inhale while lifting your chest and legs and try to maintain this pose for 15-20 seconds. Relax your body while exhaling.

5) Naukasana: Naukasana is also known as boat pose. It helps release the sex hormones. It helps to strengthen the buttock and thigh muscles and helps increase performance during sexual activity. Lie down on the floor on your back. Inhale and lift the chest as well as feet as you exhale. Try to maintain this position for 10-20 seconds. Exhale and bring the body back in a relaxing position.

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