Importance Of Kissing : Benefits Of Kissing And Hugging, Effect Of Kissing On Lips, How To Kiss Right

affection-1853532_1920Love is an emotion which cannot be expressed through words. As you all might have heard about a phrase that ” Actions speak louder then words”. Love needs to be expressed through action, and what better action would express it better then kissing.

What a Kiss Means :

Without speaking a word, kissing helps a couple in expressing their love, feelings and thoughts for each other.

kissing connects two people emotionally and mentally. But did you know that it has some health benefits too. connecting to each other emotionally, expressing love without uttering a word etc are one side of the coin. But flipping the coin and seeing the knowing about the other side of it is also necessary. Kissing release a hormone into the blood named epinephrine, which helps in pumping the blood faster and thus, reduces bad cholesterol.


Some reasons why kissing is healthy :

1. Reduces blood pressure : Blood pressure is a serious issues these days. People visit doctors, eat medicines etc to reduce it’s level. But most people do not have an idea that by kissing blood vessels are dilated, thus, this helps in reducing the blood pressure level to a greater extent.

2. Headaches and cramps are relieved : Dilation of the blood vessels does not only reduce blood pressure, but it also relieves body aches which includes headaches and it also includes cramps.

3. Protects from cavities : While kissing your mouth increases the production of saliva in your mouth. When the saliva production is increased, this helps in washing away all the germs and plaque on the mouth. Many times due to hectic schedules and work loads people forget to wash their mouth for hours, due to which gems get accumulated. Kissing helps in washing them away.

4. Happy Hormones : Hormones such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin are known as happy hormones as they they are responsible making a person happy. These hormones are released in abundance while kissing. These hormones not only makes a person happy but strengthens the bond between the couples.

5. Burns calories : According some researches, kissing your partner for a good amount of time may reduce 8 to 16 calories of your body. It cannot be considered as substitute for exercise or jog, but yes it helps in reducing a good amount of calories in the body.

6. Helps in boosting self-esteem : Kissing releases happy hormones which boosts the mood of an individual. According to a research people who leave their with a good bye kiss work more efficiently and are more productive. A kiss is an action of love and care for their partners. Thus, it helps a person be focused and calm.

7. Helps in improving the features of the face : Kissing involves the movement of muscles and jawlines of your face. It acts as an exercise for them which helps in improving and toning the features of their facial muscles.

8. Helps in knowing compatibility with your partner : Kissing helps a couple to know the compatibility between them. It helps in knowing the level of attraction between two people. If it’s good, then it means that the couple is compatible. But, if it’s not up to the mark, then it is a big turn off.


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