Weight Gain Affecting Intimacy : Obesity and Impotence

Weight Gain Affecting Intimacy : Obesity and Impotence

Well, there is no shame to accept that we Indians have one of the worst food regimes in the world. It is evident from the fact that our food can’t be completed without a lot of junk food from burger chains or pizza joints. And adding insult to this injury, our hectic schedule couldn’t allow us to burn those extra loaded calories. Unfortunately, these continuous routines have made many of us fat and we are compelled to face many issues in our sex lives.

You must have many questions about the relation of sex and obesity, but a bit of shyness is holding you to ask from your Sexologist about this issue. Actually, there are many different ways that weight and sex are well connected.

This write-up will shed the light on how weight is connected to your sex drive and what you are missing in your intimate moments because of your obese condition:


Weight and Sexual Performance

In Case Of Men: Men with more weight face more difficulty in sex life than slim men. According to Sexologists, Erectile Dysfunction is one of the side effects of obesity. It can also lead to buried penis syndrome, a condition where the penis is buried under many folds of skin.

In the case of women: More obesity causes poor circulation in the genital area. And this leads to less sexual satisfaction and poor body image.


Does Sex cause weight gain?

Does sex really cause weight gain? Well, it sounds surprising that how could any physical exercise cause you to gain weight. But if we have admitted that this question is always in the mind, especially in women. And many of us consider sex as on the reason for weight gain.

Many studies by experts have suggested that the increase of a hormone called Prolactin may be the cause for weight gain. Actually, protein is a hormone produced by the human body immediately after sex. But it has always been considered as a myth because there is no good theory to back this study.


Does sex help you lose weight?

Now you have acquainted with the fact that sex doesn’t cause weight gain, but can it cause weight loss. It is not surprising that making love is a good physical activity. The number of calories you burn during your sex drive depends upon the length, intensity, and poses you engage with your partner. As per a rough estimate, you could burn about 90 to 100 calories during intercourse.

Yes, healthy sex is good for you, but don’t take this as a weight loss exercise. Because this is for your pleasure, and anyways, you just can’t lose enough weight during sex.


Is less weight good for better sex?

There are many benefits of weight loss, which includes high levels of energy, improved mobility, and increased self-esteem. And all these factors are definitely a positive effect on your sex life. It has been found in many studies that weight gain could lead to depression. While the confidence someone gains from losing weight may boost your confidence and you feel good about your body image.


Maintaining a healthy weight always improve your well-being and boost your sex drive and you can get maximum pleasure with your partner. And if want any suggestion on your diet or you are facing some sexual issues, like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation. Meet One of The Best Sexologist in Delhi ,Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput of Sidri international Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic.

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