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Although sex is still considered as a taboo in our society, we cannot deny the fact that it is a daily need of people. Men often have a problem of penis odour. It is very important for a man to maintain a healthy penis as it may affect his sexual life. It is always said that “First impression is the last impression” . For impressing a woman at the first time itself a man needs pay attention towards the health and hygiene of his penis. They try to take preventive measures when they know that they will be landing into a situation where there is a possibility of having sex. But is this enough ? What about post sex measures which should be taken. Men often do not pay attention to measures which should be taken after the sexual intercourse.

Here is the list of some tips which should be followed by men for maintaining a healthy and hygienic penis :

  1. Before getting into any sexual activity a man should wash and air his penis properly. Mostly, it happens that a man gets involved into other daily routine activities and forgets to air and wash his penis for hours which is really necessary. During the sexual intercourse there is a lot of sweating which dries later on and leads to odour. So, the basic tip is to get the penis rinsed before the sexual activity.
  2. Wearing a condom during sexual intercourse not only prevents sexual diseases and unwanted pregnancy, but also helps in reducing the penis odour to an extent as many condoms are flavoured. It doesn’t mean that wearing a condom will completely eliminate the odour, but will control it to an extent.
  3. Trimming of penis hair proves to be another important tip in avoiding penis odour. The hairs in that area hold the fluids which later dry and create odours. When the penis hairs are shaved, it becomes easy to wash the penis and the area around it. This helps in reducing the odour to a great extent. Sex is a very tiring activity, mostly men prefer to sleep after the intercourse and forget to wash their penis and the area around it. Trimming of hair makes it easy for them to wash it.
  4. Using an appropriate cream for penis is really necessary. Men forget about this part, but the use of such cremes may help in destroying harmful bacteria from the skin of the penis and around it. Mostly creams with vitamin A should be preferred, as it’s valuable properties fight against bacteria and destroy it. Mostly these bacteria are responsible for penis odour. Using of such creams may help in eliminating penis odours.

Sometimes penis odour can also occur if a person is having STDs or STIs (through direct or indirect contact) like :

  • Candidiasis
  • Balanitis
  • Penile Yeast Infection

When we think about opting for the best treatment for STDs and STIs, many people often get confused by searching what is an std specialist called or STD urologist or dermatologist but they are completely unaware that An Ayurvedic doctor can be STD specialist doctor as well. In fact, Choosing Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Medicines for STD and STI treatment can actually save your time and money as many STDs and STIs are Now Showing Resistance to most of the Antibiotics, Antifungals and Antivirals.

Book your Appointment and Consult Dr. Kanu Rajput & Dr. Manu Rajput at Sidri International Skin Hair And Sexology Clinic :

  • If you are having any doubt about your recent physical contact or past interaction of any kind
  • If you are suffering from any unusual physical condition which is bothering you.

Choose Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Medicines for STD and STIs treatment as many STDs and STIs are Now Showing Resistance to most of the Antibiotics, Antifungals and Antivirals.


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