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Genital Warts

Genital warts is a Sexually transmitted infection caused by a virus named Human papilloma virus (HPV). This is mostly caused by coming in sexual contact like having oral, genital or anal sex with an infected person. This infection can effect both men and women. Genital warts basically appear in clusters and are formed on or around the skin of the genital area. The areas of the genital area on which they mostly appear are as follows :

1.  Inside the vagina.
2.  Around or inside the anus.
3.  On the scrotum
4.  On the anus.
5.  On the upper thighs.
6.  On the neck of the womb.
7.  On the vulva.
8.  On the male urethra.

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Mostly people do not know how this infection looks like. We can say that it appears to be like a cauliflower which can be seen in clusters. Basically this infection differs from person to person. The are small fleshy, mostly pink in color and project out from the skin.

Causes of genital warts are as follows :

  1. Transmission – Penetrative sex is the most common reason for its transmission of HPV. Non Penetrative sex also is a reason for its transmission, but the chances are very few. Generally it takes eight months for this infection to develop from an affected partner to it’s unaffected partner.
  2. Recurrence – HPV infection is mostly cleared within two years. But recurrence is possible as the infected cells may undergo a remittance period. But during this period also there is possibility of transferring this infection to the uninfected partner, if they have unprotected sex.
  3. Children – It is possible that anal or genital warts may be transmitted during the birth of a child. Genital warts in children is mostly not caused by HPV subtype 6 and 11, but it’s more likely caused by the HPV which occur on the other parts of the body like hand.

Symptoms of Genital Warts

Basically there are no particular symptoms of this infection. But sometimes, it may cause itching, redress and discomfort. Sometimes due to itchiness blood comes our from them.

     Physical symptoms are seen in this infection, but it may also effect a person psychologically. Treatment is very important in such cases. Ayurveda is a way through which people affected from this infection can think of getting rid of. Ayurveda is considered to be the oldest and the most effective way of treatment. Thus opting for is the best option.


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Ayurvedic Treatment

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