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Watching a porn with your partner is not a big deal today. According to a research it is estimated that 96% of the couples watch porns together. It creates excitement among the partners. Watching porns affects the desires of both the partners. This impact may be negative or positive, depending on the person. Thus, we can say that watching porns has both PROs and CONs. Let us know about some :

PROs :

1. It helps both the partners to know about their sexual preferences : Sex education in schools is the theoretical knowledge given to a child. But when it comes to practicality, porns act as good source of knowledge for them. It helps them to know their sexual preferences and helps in bringing the wild and kinky side hidden within them. Porns help both partners to open up with each other and let go of shyness. Porns not only help in knowing their own sexual preferences, but also helps in knowing the preferences of their partners. This helps a couple in maintaining a happy and a healthy sexual life.

2. Helps in building faith in a relationship : Physical attraction is very necessary in a relationship, so that the relationship is properly maintained. Watching porns helps both partners to know about each other’s preferences and this leads to a healthy relationship. When the couples are happy within themselves, they need not go outside their relationship for sexual satisfaction. Moreover porns are a good source increasing the physical attraction towards each other.

3. Helps in doing something new and interesting : Sometimes couples get bored of the same position and the method of their intercourse. Porns helps them to figure out new dimensions in their sexual life which helps them in maintaining the interest towards each other. It is necessary for both the partners to try new and innovative techniques to live a healthy and interesting sexual life.

CONs :

Anything in excess is harmful and so is watching porns. It may have positive effects but excess of it can effect negatively. So here are some CONs of watching porns in excess :

1. It sets up wrong expectations, which may be way too far from reality : Everything what you see may not be practically possible. Porns show you only the beauty, but not the actual reality. It may increase the expectations of the partners, which may not be possible in real life. Every person is different and has different interests and abilities, and so is the case with sex. It is not necessary that what ever you see in the porns may practically be applicable in reality.

2. Addiction to watching porns : Watching porns always is not right. It may lead to addiction of it and separate the person from the outside world. It effects the person mentally due to which they are unable to concentrate on other aspects of life and ruin it. Their social life gets affected to a great level due to porn addiction.

3. It affects your sexual desires : Excess Watching of Porns may decrease the sexual desires of an individual as it becomes boring as watching it regularly reduces it’s visual appeal. Moreover excess of it can make you sexually lazy, as your interest goes on declining.

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