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Best Sexologist in Delhi

Consultation only with the senior doctors who have been successfully treating over a million+ patients from pan india & abroad. We have earned the title of best sexologist in delhi by our patients.

Sexual Dysfunctions

An estimated 45% of our patients were not aware what kind of sexual dysfunction they had.


Wrong Treatment

An estimated 65% of our patients were on wrong medication due to wrong treatment or self medication.


Customised Medicines

Our medicines are 100% Ayurvedic and are customised as per the problem of the patient.


Private & Confidential

Sexual problems are highly personal in nature & we ensure 100% privacy & confidentiality of our patients.

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Erectile Dysfunction

best doctor for premature ejaculation in delhi

Premature Ejaculation

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Low Sperm Count

Phimosis Treatment without Surgery in Delhi, india

Tight Foreskin



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Penis Yeast Infection

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Why Only Sidri International

There is one thing that's the most unique to our practice is that we customize the medicines for each and every patient according to his current medical illness, unlike others who just sell packages.

The Legacy Of Ayurveda

Scientific approach of trusted and time tested legacy of Ayurvedic Medicines.

better understanding & correct diagnosis

Get detailed consultation + observation + assessment of the problem.

NO risk of side effects

Ayurvedic medicines at Sidri yields results and are safe & free from any side effects.


No unethical mixing of Viagra & Dapoxetine for quick results in ED & PE.

  No Surgery Approach

Non Surgical management for problems like phimosis and paraphimosis

Dual Action Approach

Root Level Eradication + Damage Repair of many STDs & STIs


Great health doesn't happen by chance, it happens by Appointment.



Doctor For Sexual Problems

A good doctor is the one who looks for disease causing factors, characteristic features, treatment methods & preventive measures for diseases to maintain health via Medicine, Diet and Exercise.
Ayurvedic Medicine for sex problems

We at Sidri International believes that : The good sexologist treats the disease; But the experienced sexologist treats the patient who has the disease.

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We at Sidri International will give you a customized diet for a good sex drive as for any good sex expert : The right diet directs sexual energy into the parts that matter.

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We as sex specialists believe that you can be a better lover because we will teach you flexibility and ability to be present through our specially designed Sexercises.

Why Sidri International Skin Hair And Sexology Clinic

Why Not !!! We Are Among Top 10 Good Sexologists In New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, India due to which patients from around the world turn to us for help. The best part is we both are Ayurvedic Sexologists and are Internationally Qualified from England (United Kingdom).

Our Approach

We deal with each case separately and do not work on treating only the symptoms for a temporary quick fix. Our medicines cures a person from within.


The Best Part is, we don’t have packages. You’ll get the customized medicines for a set of 10 10 days. That means, you’ll regularly meet your doctor & pay gradually while you see your recovery happening.


As the Quality standards are kept very high, the results achieved have a high success rate, stability and sustainability which also ensure the least chance of Relapse of the problem.

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men's health clinic

Our Team of Top Sexologists

You are special so we are. We are here to help you on your journey of Health & Well-being.


I'm from Surat. I first came to know about Sidri international clinic, New Delhi from my friend who lives near me & understands me very well. My first meeting was with Dr. Manu & after few visits i also met Dr. Kanu. All I can say it was great experience to finally meet such doctors. My sexual life was totally disturbed for last 6 years. I have consulted several sexologist in surat for the same, underwent the medications but everytime they were giving temporary relief as after stopping the medications the problems used to reoccur again, more worse than the previous one. I went to Dr. Kanu sir & Dr. Manu Sir who are sexologist in delhi on my friend suggestion. Their approach was totally different. They understood my problem, explained what exactly and where exactly things are going wrong. As per doctor Manu sir suggestion, i started the treatment. I can confidently say that now I am enjoying my sexual life to the fullest. As Dr. Manu is into psychosexual counseling too, that was an added advantage to me. Dr. Kanu, on the other hand understands you so well that sometimes it feels like he know me more, even more than my wife.. Overall, Im satisfied and recommending to all patients having sexual problems.

Verified Patient


I consulted many sexologist in ahmedabad who were among good & top doctors as far as i know. Took medicines but never got what i paid for. The Results... Money was not a problem for me until i get the results. I just wanted to get rid of my erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation as soon as possible. It was eating me from inside. I tried looking for sexologist in delhi as i travel to delhi once a month. Before making any judgements i consulted many sexologist in delhi & lastly chose Dr. Manu Rajput & Dr. Kanu Rajput of Sidri International clinic. The clinic is located near janakpuri east metro station of west delhi. The environment is very welcoming & ambience is very soothing & calms you down. Throughout my treatment i met Dr Kanu sometimes & Dr Manu sometimes. My first visit was with Dr. Manu in which he asked a few questions to get more clarity of my condition before proceeding to make diagnosis, then he explained the problem in detail & assured that there is nothing to worry at all. He explained all possibilities which no doctor ever did in my case. It has been 2 months after completion of the treatment and the problem of Ed & PE no longer exist. I'm grateful to both doctors for my treatment.

Verified Patient


Let me start by saying it was one of the best decisions of my life to visit these demigods Dr Kanu Rajput and Dr Manu Rajput. They are definitely the best sexologist in delhi and collectively they are a fantastic team who is doing incredible work which has been magical in my scenario. In my past I had taken the blue pill aka Viagra for my erectile dysfunction treatment but only to feel little improvement and much worse ridiculous side effects. Trust me, those are life destroying drugs. My first meeting with Dr Kanu/Dr Manu in which they tried to understand whether my problem is psychological or needs medication. I was advised medication in subsequent visit and it has been around 2 months now into the process. As per latest inspection, it seems like i am 65-70% cured. They have their way of evaluating every 10 days which is good to understand the progress and modify medicine content as per requirements. To all those who are reading this, if you are looking for sexologist in delhi then i would highly recommend to let go of your fear and visit them surely. They are the best sexologist in delhi. It could be your way to beautiful happy life in future. I sincerely hope my feedback helps you all.

Punjabi Arora
Verified Patient


I am writing this review for Dr Manu & Dr Kanu after an extensive 2 months treatment. I took treatment from many sexologist in ambala but didn't get results at all. It had been a long time of 2 years since our marriage that we could not have sex even once. I had a chronic Case of Erectile Dysfunction which turned into Performance Anxiety as well. Then i searched for sexologist in delhi and found Dr Manu and Dr Kanu. I took medicines for ED & PE for 30 days with only minor changes being noticed in my penis & erections initially. But 1 day we tried & it happened! It was an Unforgettable & an Unbelievable moment for both of us. Then next day we tried again & we've went on for couple of weeks now & indulged for 20-21 times since then. I'm really feeling blessed & my erections are good and strong. Our session on average lasts for 25 to 30 minutes. Once we also had a long session of 45 minutes as well. Except for my 1st session which was 5 minutes only, We are having long sessions & both getting pleasured. I must say, it's been that day we are having sex at least 3 to 4 times everyday. If you are looking for sexologist in ambala then check dr. manu & dr kanu as well who for me are best sexologist in delhi..

Verified Patient


I know Dr. Manu & Dr. Kanu for more than 1 year. They are excellent human beings & the best sexologist in delhi. They'll never misguide you for sure. I was suffering from sexual dysfunction for 7 or 8 years & the condition was becoming poor as the year passes away. One day i decided to meet a sexologist for my sexual issues. As i was from jaipur, there are so many sexologist in jaipur & I chose 1 of them who claims to be best sexologist in India but i got initial result only. I got tensed then I search for sexologist in Delhi & I saw these 2 docs & read their reviews and decided to consult them. 1st day, I talked with Dr Manu & he started my medicines. It took time to show results but when its starts showing result, my condition got better day by day. Nowadays my erections are very strong & i also regain my morning erections which i lost for more than 5 years. My treatment was complete in the September last year (2017). Dr Kanu prepared medicine for every 10 days & always used to see the progress before preparing medicine for next 10 days & adjust the composition of medicine accordingly. I saw great improvement in Penis hardness & early discharge. For sure, Sidri is best men's health clinic in delhi..

Verified Patient


Hi guys, I am writing this review not only to thank Dr. Manu and Dr. Kanu but to help each & every one who is suffering from any male health issue coz I know how it feels like. 1st of all let me tell you they are not only doctors but to me they are like GOD sent angels who cured me & gave me a new life. I was looking for best men's health clinic in delhi as i was suffering from erectile dysfunction & did not have intercourse with my partner even after 3 months of marriage. We were very stressed & disheartened, then we decided that I'll see a doctor but we were very confused where to go then I researched a bit & saw Dr Manu & Dr Kanu. The reviews were impressive so I decided to there. They diagnosed me with ED & suggested their treatment, they assured me that Im going to be normal again. I thus opted for treatment & trust me within 10 days of the medicines i could see the results. My course is complete & my intercourse duration has increased to almost 30 minutes. I can have intercourse with my partner multiple times in a day. Trust me guys,if searching for sexologist in delhi, Dr. Manu and Dr. Kanu are angels in disguise, they are the hope which you were looking for. They are best sexologist in delhi..

Verified Patient
Verified Patient


I had sudden problems with erections and was dead scared as it happened so suddenly. Feeling scared I started to look for help online by searching for sexologist in gurgaon and came across Dr. Kanu Rajput & Dr. Manu Rajput profile on google stating that they are sexologist in delhi & are among best doctors for male sexual problems. I thought of checking on a few doctors before finalizing the best one and thankfully I did not have to go anywhere else after visiting Sidri International. Dr Manu and Dr Kanu work as a team. Dr Manu handles the consultation part and whereas Dr Kanu prepares the medicines. When I met Dr Manu I was tensed which he noticed & calmed me down & assured me that I would be treated & would be like before. I was given 10 days medicines after which I had to go to the clinic to check on the improvements. This continued for 5 cycles which was 50 days for me. Presently I am good as before. They cured my ED & even PE as well. Both Dr Manu & Dr Kanu have been amazing the whole time. They know their craft inside out & are very gentle and sweet. If you are looking for sexologist in gurgaon or best sexologist in delhi, then look no further. They are the answer to your unanswered prayers.

Verified Patient
Verified Patient


I took treatment from many sexologist in Chandigarh to treat my problem of erectile dysfunction and quick fall from past 1 year & was looking forward to marry soon but couldn't coz of my issues. . .But luckily, i searched for sexologist in Delhi and found Dr. Manu and Dr. Kanu Talking about their personality - they are very calm, humble, gentle n friendly. . . They listened to my problems carefully and explained me about the possible solutions n medication. . .After that i visited clinic many times as per requirement. . .what i loved about them is that on every visit they treated me so professionally and in a friendly way. . . Speaking on my health issues after starting medications it was curing day by day. . . They assured me that i will be in good shape soon if i follow the regime​ properly, and I'm now as finally i have come to correct place where doctors are master in their field n treat their patients with all their efforts. . . If you are looking for sexologist in Chandigarh then i would highly recommend visiting Best Sexologist in Delhi, Dr. Manu Rajput & Dr. Kanu Rajput. Im sure just like me, you too want a healthy sex life ahead, they are the best. I hope my feedback can change your life too.

Raj Kumar
Verified Patient
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