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The Best Ayurvedic Sexologists in Delhi

The whole treatment system is designed by the Best Sexologist in Delhi keeping your body and problem in mind so that you get the impeccable recovery, Stamina, Complete Rejuvenation for a Great Sexual Life.

At Sidri, your medical condition thoroughly observed, evaluated & assessed before starting the treatment

At Sidri, your Medicines are customized & specifically prepared to suit your individual medical condition

Whole system is designed to provided a sustained result within weeks of starting treatment.

Sexual disorders are a highly personal subject & we ensure 100% privacy & confidentiality of our patients.


Your health is the best gift of life. In case of an illness, It is extremely important to understand with what you have to treat it. Take a comparative view, know the important aspects of your medicine and choose wisely.


Ayurvedic medicines are free of side effects when consumed under Ayurvedic doctor and prescribed dose and time. Ayurvedic medicines are well tested over thousands of years and modern research is supporting it.

Ayurveda provides sustainable results after treatment and patient does not need to have on medicine on regular basis. Ayurvedic medicines are not habit forming and does not create dependency even after long use.

Ayurveda considers that until a body has the disease-causing factors, diseases will keep hitting again and again. It considers the detoxification as a primary part of the treatment.


Pharmaceuticals for sexual disorders have several side effects including High/Low Blood Pressure, Vision & Hearing changes, Prostate Cancer, Heart Attack, Diarrhoea, Back Pain, Memory Problems, Blood Clots, Fluid Retention, Acne etc.

Pharmaceuticals will not provide sustainable results and only work as long as administered. Most medicines are habit forming and make conditions worse after stopping medicine.

Pharmaceuticals focuses on suppressing the signs and symptoms of a disease and never appreciates to remove the disease causing factors completely.

best doctor for erectile dysfunction in delhi

Erectile Dysfunction

premature ejaculation in delhi

Premature Ejaculation




Low Sperm Count


Tight Foreskin



Sexual Wellness

Only Best Sexologist In Delhi Believes That Sexual Wellness Is One Of The Most Important Aspect Of Our Life. Commit Yourself To A Balanced Way Of Living And Let The Best Ayurvedic Sexologist In Delhi Show You The Power Of Ayurveda Heal You Inside Out.
Ayurvedic Medicine for sex problems

Sexologist Doctors At Sidri International Have Developed Some Breakthrough And Infallible Formulas/ Medicines For Treatment Of Severe Diseases Like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation And Some STDs Without Any Side Effects. We Are Sure That Your Search For Best Sexologist Near Me Ends Here.


Sex Experts At Sidri International Design Sexual Diets In Accordance To The Body Type And Severity Of Your Medical Condition Which Ensures The Longevity, Stability And Sustainability Of The Achieved Results. Now, You Don't Have To Worry About Losing Hardness, Quick Discharge Or Even Low Sperm Count. You Can Stay Energetic Even After A Long Day.

Yoga sex positions

Sex Specialists At Sidri International Will Spice Up Your Sex Life With Yoga. The Sexual Yoga Will Enhance Your Sex Life While You Learn Creative Positions For Maximum Pleasure And Stamina During Intercourse. Have A Great Vigor And Vitality To Enjoy Lovemaking More Without Worrying About Timing Issues.

Why Sidri International Skin Hair And Sexology Clinic

Why Not !!! We Are Among Top Ayurvedic Sexologists In Delhi, Gurugram or Gurgaon, Noida, Jaipur, Chandigarh And In Fact Dubai (Felt And Said By Numerous Patients Who Were Tired Of Running From Pillar To Post In Order To Get Successful Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, STDs, Phimosis And Paraphimosis – Non Surgical Way). We Give Priority To Quality Than Quantity.

Our Approach

We deal with each case separately and do not work on treating only the symptoms for a temporary quick fix. It cures a person from within.


The Best Part is, we don’t have packages. You’ll get the customized medicines for a set of 10 10 days. That means, you’ll regularly meet your doctor & pay gradually while you see your recovery happening.


As the Quality standards are kept very high, the results achieved have a high success rate, stability and sustainability which also ensure the least chance of Relapse of the problem.

Our Team Of Best Sexologists

You are special so we are. We are here to help you on your journey of Health & Well-being.





Very Nice doctor as well as human being. He is a man who hate people telling lie. kindly tell the facts which need to help you as well as doctor. he is the person making the medicine for taking your words as truth. i was facing erectile problem it can be due to stress or any other reason like wrong masturbating etc. But yes he is the right choice for you, everything is possible but you need to have a good choice first. If before marriage he was not their with me its very hard to survive my relation. he is real life saver. don't take any kind of stress just leave it to him. he will manage you accordingly. keep doing well sir. you are great.

Manish Kumar
Verified Patient


I was diagnosed to have early andropause resulting in low libido and erectile problem at age of 42 only and also my testosterone levels were very low. With Dr. Kanu Rajput’s Ayurvedic treatment and sex therapy I have regained my desire levels and normal erection. Me and my wife enjoy our sex life regularly. Latest report of testosterone shows significant improvement from 160 earlier to 570 now. Thanks to Dr Kanu Rajput and his treatment.

Nitin Sharma
Verified Patient


I was suffering from erectile dysfunction, it took me 3 months to get good results. With the guidance of Dr. Kanu and some diet and lifestyle changes I got really good results. They asked me to visit clinic every 10 days to monitor my results , and it took 3 months to get fully fit. Dr Kanu was always a call away whenever I used to have any problem . But yes you have to stay positive and bit patient to get good results.

Saurabh Bhatia
Verified Patient


Excellent way of Handling patients. Highly professional, polite and most importantly given sufficient time to me. Takes thorough history. Very impressed with the high standards of consultation. I am on the medication and they seem to be very efficacious. I will recommend everyone to consult Sidri International instead of wasting time and going to doctors who just befools patients. People suffering from sexual dysfunction should consult Dr. Kanu Rajput. I thank him profusely for changing my life. Thank you doctor.

Verified Patient


Its my pleasure when it comes to suggest everyone about the work of Dr.Kanu that how consistent he is towards the patient and how easily he handles the situation. His great weapons are his medicines, he not only provides medicines but also gives u moral support to overcome the hurdles that u r facing, curing my sexual disorder under his guidance and medicines felt like a swish of a magic wand.

Pranshu Midha
Verified Patient
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