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Best Doctor for Low Sperm Count Treatment, Male Infertility Treatment Ayurvedic Medicine

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Low sperm count is characterized by very low sperm in the semen. The condition leads to a problem in attaining pregnancy. The condition is caused due to various factors such as unhealthy lifestyle, exposure to chemicals and anatomical abnormality. Ayurvedic therapy provides comprehensive treatment for a low sperm count and the mental stress it brings.


There are no physical signs or symptoms of low sperm count, and the person with this condition is perfectly healthy from the outside. Further, the signs and symptoms are not experienced by the person himself. Instead, they are diagnosed through a process for diagnosis of infertility. Some signs may indicate low sperm counts, such as hormonal alteration, due to which the patient experiences low sex drive and erectile dysfunction. The patient may also experience pain or a lump in the testicles.


Although there is no exact reason for low sperm count, some factors are thought to be responsible for this condition. These factors are:

a) Altered level of the male hormone, as in the case of hypogonadism, may slow o stop the process of spermatogenesis, leading to low sperm count.

b) An anatomical problem in which the tube delivering the sperms is absent or partially developed.

c) Klinefelter syndrome, a genetic disease characterized by infertility and small testicles.

d) Lifestyle reasons include smoking, drinking alcohol and taking addictive drugs like cocaine.

e) Reproductive organ infections such as prostatitis, gonorrhoea or chlamydia.

f) Trauma or injury to the reproductive system, such as to the testicles or surgery of the testicles.


The low sperm count condition is divided based on the severity of the disease. The types of low sperm count are:

a) Oligospermia in which the sperm count is less than 5 million sperm per ml. Based on sperm count, the condition is further subdivided into mild oligospermia, moderate oligospermia, and severe oligospermia.

b) Cryptozoospermia: When the presence of sperms in the semen is rare and can only be seen with the help of centrifugation, the condition is termed Cryptozoospermia.

c) Azoospermia: This condition is characterized by the absence of sperms in the ejaculate. The use of Assisted Reproductive Techniques mainly achieves pregnancy in this condition.


The condition is diagnosed when the pregnancy is not achieved even after trying for one year. This results in the testing to identify the cause of infertility. The diagnosis of low sperm count is made through a sperm count test or semen analysis. Semen analysis involves testing various characteristics such as viscosity, morphology, contraction of sperms, mobility, pH, and volume of the semen. In addition, the presence of fructose and agglutination of sperms are also crucial in determining the patient’s fertility potential.


Neglecting and not receiving optimum treatment for low sperm count may refrain you from enjoying fatherhood through the natural process. This may bring frustration, stress, depression, and societal embarrassment, which could significantly reduce your quality of life.


Many people question how to increase low sperm count with food or increase sperm count at home. Following are the top foods for healthy sperm count and the foods to avoid for improving sperm count.

Foods to eat:

• Banana

• Walnut

• Dark Chocolate

• Eggs

• Garlic

• Berries

• Ginseng

• Oysters

• Tomato, cabbage, and potatoes

• Spinach

• Fresh fruits

• Fenugreek seeds

• Ashwagandha

Foods to avoid:

• High-fat products such as cream and cheese

• Soy products in excessive quantity as this may increase estrogen

• Processed Meats

• Carbonated drinks

• Caffeinated beverages

• High sugary products as this may increase the concentration of estrogen

• Avoid canned foods due to the risk of exposure to bisphenol-A (BPA)


• Maintain a healthy diet

• Take a sufficient quantity of fresh juices

• Exercise regularly

• Limit the quantity of alcohol and avoid smoking

• Immediately stop taking addictive drugs such as cocaine or marijuana.

• Manage your environment and avoid exposure to pesticides, chemicals, and toxins.

• Studies suggest a relationship between poor sperm health and mobile radiation. So at least avoid keeping your mobile in the trousers pocket for a long time.

• Manage stress by using natural techniques such as meditation.

• Maintain an active lifestyle.

• Manage your weight and avoid obesity through healthy eating habits.

• Take a sufficient quantity of Vitamin C and Vitamin D-rich foods.

• Take a sound sleep.


You should visit your doctor if:

• Pregnancy is not achieved after trying for one year through unprotected sexual intercourse.

• You feel pain and swelling in your testicles.

• You have a low sex drive.

• You have erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

• You had a testicle or penile surgery.

• You had a traumatic injury in the prostate or testicles.

• You have any other symptoms that require the attention of an expert.

For the above conditions, you must visit a renowned Ayurvedic doctor who is an expert in this field and gives Ayurvedic medicines for sperm count issues. Allopathic treatment is also available for low sperm count. Still, it is not effective in the long term as it only helps alleviate the symptoms.

Some allopathic medicines may also lead to other side effects related to male infertility. From time immemorial, ayurvedic therapy has effectively treated male infertility conditions such as low sperm count, reduced sex drivepremature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunctionDr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput are the top doctors for low sperm count in the Delhi-NCR region and India. They are extensively experienced in treating the low sperm count condition through ayurvedic therapy and comprehensive counseling sessions to give you the best treatment. It is advisable to seek a prior appointment to avoid inconvenience, as Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput consult many patients daily.



• Do exercise regularly

• Do incorporate healthy food into the diet.

• Do wear boxers and avoid wearing briefs as an inner garment.

• Do keep sufficiently hydrated by drinking lots of water or fresh juices.

• Do visit the doctor if you have any issues related to the reproductive system, such as pain during urination or swelling in the testicles.


• Do not drink excessive alcohol.

• Do not smoke

• Do not take a diet containing high sugar and processed meat.

• Do not take recreational drugs.

• Do not put the mobile in the pocket of your trousers.

• Do not keep the laptop on your lap for long, as it may be a source of increased heat.


Various factors increase the risk of low sperm count. People who are obese, have prolonged depression, and cannot manage their stress are at higher risk of developing low sperm count. People who drink excess alcohol, smoke, and are addicted to recreational drugs may have serious infertility problems. Studies show that keeping a mobile in the pocket and putting the laptop on the lap for an extended period may cause a low sperm count.

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