Premature ejaculation time definition first few times

INTRODUCTION   From time immemorial, Sexual Wellness and the quest for perfect sexual experience have been a fascination, pursuit and aspiration for …

sudden erectile dysfunction causes treatment

Sudden Erectile dysfunction: According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), if a man has a consistent inability to achieve and/or maintain …


ORAL SEX The word oral sex is sufficient for you to know what it is. But if you are new to it, …

cell phone in pocket sperm count

ARE CELL PHONES THE CULPRITS BEHIND MALE INFERTILITY? INTRODUCTION Technology related to cell phones and Wi-Fi is evolving. Unfortunately, this evolution has …


FERTILITY ISSUES: HOW TO STAY MOTIVATED? INTRODUCTION One-third of the couples who are not able to conceive are due to male infertility. …

STD Treatment

  INTRODUCTION TO GENITAL INFECTION Genital infection and inflammation are one of the common disorders in male. However, these symptoms, many-a-times goes …

Problems in Marriage Midlife Crisis MALE MENOPAUSE ANDROPAUSE Management TREATMENT AYURVEDA

MALE MENOPAUSE / ANDROPAUSE AND IT’S MANAGEMENT THROUGH AYURVEDA INTRODUCTION Andropause is a condition characterized by a reduced level of testosterone with …

yoga for the bedroom

INTRODUCTION Yoga drastically improves sexual life. Various asanas in Yoga help improve sexual performance and helps to manage premature ejaculation and erectile …

WHICH exercise help sexually
Weight Gain Affecting Intimacy

Here are some Health Benefits of Sex:   Do you know you can have a mix of pleasure and health? Yes, it …

Unsurprisingly, India is the second most populated nation in the world despite the fact that we don’t want to talk about sex openly. Some figures have also suggested that the sale of sex toys like dolls, vibrators, even handcuffs is an all-time high. Yes, people are buying it and having pleasure the way they want to. As per the figures published by a leading sex magazine in India, India’s adult toy market stands on $228 million and is expected to grow 34 % by the end of 2019.

Obesity and Impotence

Weight Gain Affecting Intimacy: Obesity and Impotence Well, there is no shame in accepting that we Indians have one of the worst …

Signs Of Low Testosterone in Males

What Is Testosterone? In simple words, testosterone is the hormone that turns a boy into a man. It causes many changes, both mental and physical, like : Making muscles and bones strong during and after puberty, Increasing height, Increasing body hair, Increasing pubic hair, Increasing penis size, Increasing sexual desire (Libido) etc

ZERO FEELING TO have sex with partner

5 Reasons why you don’t want to sleep with your partner

Benefits of Being Sexually Active

10 Benefits of Being Sexually Active Do you know you can mix pleasure with health? Yes, it is possible to enjoy your …

masturbation mistakes men and women do

Masturbation, also called as an art of making self love, and most of the men and women do it frequently. But the question arises here, are we doing it properly? No, because as per the records by certified sexologists in India

Average Size Of a Manhood: Men are so concerned about their penis sizes. They often connect their self-esteem to the size of …

What Do Women Like IN BED

How To Love A Woman In Bed, What Do Women Like, Kinky Things To Try In A Relationship - Hot Things To Do To Your Girlfriend.

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Testosterone Booster: Natural Foods To Help You Last Longer In Bed   Are you curious about foods you can eat for a …


Loss of Libido In Men, Male Infertility Treatment : Why Men Lose Interest In A Woman, How To Become More Sexually Active.

Pregnancy is a period which a couple cherishes for their whole life, and specially the first one. the whole life of a couple transforms into a new one, leaving the previous life behind. Some things about sex during and after pregnancy are not clear to the people.

Sex is a necessity in every individual's life. But they forget that having safe sex is very necessary for health. There are some diseases which needs immediate attention. Prevention Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Prevention and Control of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Masturbation is the stimulation of one's genitals with hands for sexual pleasure. It is totally natural sex. Many people think that it has side-effects, but it's totally wrong. Read more :

While sleeping everyone prefers to wear something in which they are comfortable. But did you know about the fact that sleeping naked is much beneficial then sleeping in any kind of nightwear or any other comfortable clothing. Sleeping naked benefits our health and even improves our sexual lives. Let us know some amazing advantages of sleeping naked :

The New Addiction - Watch Together : Watching a porn with your partner is not a big deal today. According to a research it is estimated that 96% of the couples watch porns together. It creates excitement among the partners. Watching porns affects the desires of both the partners. This impact may be negative or positive, depending on the person. Thus, we can say that watching porns has both PROs and CONs. Let us know about some :

Healthy Relationships : How To Keep A Relationship Alive, How to Build Healthy Relationships, How To Keep A Relationship Strong and Happy

Effects of Alcohol on Arousal

Effects of Alcohol on Arousal : Alcohol and Impotence Symptoms, Alcohol Impotence Cure, Erectile Dysfunction Alcohol Recovery. Consumption of alcohol on occasionally is considered normal. It does not affect the body. But daily consumption of alcohol can lead to several health hazards. Liver gets adversely affected by it and other body parts also do not work properly. Excess consumption of alcohol makes an individual lose his senses for a period of time.

benefits of being sexually active

Benefits Of Being Sexually Active : Benefits of morning Sex, Health Benefits Of Love Making. It is said that a man is physically and psychologically ready for sex in the morning, but has to follow his daily routine and schedule