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Best Nightfall Treatment Doctors in Delhi, Ayurvedic Cure for Nightfall in India

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Ejaculation of semen during sleep is known as Nocturnal Emissions or Nightfall. In other words, nightfall is also called wet dreams. Nightfall or Nocturnal emissions within limits in men are considered a healthy sign. Still, too much emission during sleep is harmful. This is connected with impulses in the brain, so there is no need for any physical stimulation for ejaculation. Nightfall is primarily seen in young grown-ups, and semen production becomes a natural and continuous process after puberty in a male. This is a part of development in men.


Speaking about signs and symptoms of nocturnal emissions:

There is only one symptom: When a man ejaculates semen while asleep.

Myths surrounding wet dreams are as follows :

  1. It is rare: Every man faces this problem once in his life, at the time of puberty. But it becomes a problem when it increases too much.
  2. They only occur during puberty: Nocturnal emissions more often occur due to hormonal changes, but that does not mean they cannot happen during adulthood.
  3. Reduction in the person’s immunity: Some believe that nocturnal emission can reduce a man’s immunity power. But this is not true.
  4. Masturbation prevents Nocturnal emissions: Masturbation does not prevent nocturnal emissions, but we can say that it reduces the number of emissions a male experiences.
  5. They occur only due to erotic dreams: A significant myth about nocturnal emission is that it is the result of erotic fantasies only. Though not always, we can assume that its reason can be seductive dreams. Some bad practices like excessive alcohol and drugs and extreme smoking cause this condition. Sometimes certain medicines are also responsible for it. Some treatments weaken the nerves, which causes nocturnal emissions.

Doubts or Assumptions:

  1. Some people assume that erotic dreams at night are only the causes of Nocturnal Emissions, but this is not true. There are many causes of Nocturnal Emissions/Wet dreams. Some significant reasons for Nocturnal Emissions are as follows:

(A.) Males consuming too much alcohol and drugs and smoking excessively significant causes of nocturnal emissions in males. These harmful habits are also a reason for many sexual disorders.

(B.) Depression, anxiety, stress, and mental exertion are also a reason for sexual diseases like Nocturnal emission. These psychological issues disturb the hormones of the male body and cause disturbances in life, which become a reason for sexual disorders like nocturnal emissions. These factors unstable a man mentally.

(C.) Some sort of medicines are highly responsible for sexual disorders. For example, drugs like sedatives, tranquillizers etc., cause too much relaxation to the nerves. On the other hand, some medicines for blood pressure weaken the nerves. Therefore, such medications are highly responsible for sexual disorders like nocturnal Emissions.

Whatever the type and cause of this disease, it leads a man to nothing but irritation, frustration and humiliation in society. Thus, treatment of it is required as soon as possible.

Speaking about the treatment for such sensitive diseases, selecting the best type of treatment is very necessary. What else can be better than Ayurveda? Ayurvedic Sexologists treat their patients using treatments and medicines made of herbs. This treatment is natural and gives the best results.

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