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Dear patients, please find out the answers to any questions you may have in your mind about the Consultation and Treatment Process at Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, currently, we are providing only Online (Telephonic/ mobile audio) Consultations. Thus, the In-person Consultations have been kept on hold until the COVID situation stabilises.
The Online Consultation and Fee Structure Process remains the same for everyone, be it a resident of Delhi NCR, patients across India or International Patients contacting from other countries.

A: Choosing the right clinic and doctor is crucial for your overall well-being. Sidri International prioritizes your health, relationships, personal, and professional life. Here are the reasons why you should trust us with your sexual health:

Q: How does Sidri International ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatment?

A: We focus on proper assessment of your sexual medical condition and implement established diagnostic criteria. This allows us to create a strategic treatment plan for efficacious, long-term results.

Q: What approach does Sidri International take to improve my sexual health?

A: We use a holistic approach to enhance the health of your sex organs and overall quality of life. Our treatment plans include medications, diet, and lifestyle changes for sustainable results.

Q: Can I trust the advice given at Sidri International?

A: Yes, our genuine and unbiased opinions are based on your needs, not your socio-economic status. We provide appropriate treatment suggestions to resolve your sexual problems.

Q: Will I be asked to undergo unnecessary lab tests?

A: No, we only recommend lab investigations when required. You can choose any reputable pathology laboratory without any pressure from us.

Q: Are the prescribed medicines safe and reliable?

A: Yes, we prescribe medicines from reputed and trustworthy Ayurvedic Pharma Companies. You can buy these medicines online or from chemist shops that stock Ayurvedic medicines.

Q: Are there any side effects from the treatment?

A: Our priority is to ensure that the prescribed medicines do not cause short or long-term side effects or adverse effects. Our treatments are safe and risk-free.

Q: What makes Sidri International’s customized medicines special?

A: Customized medicines are designed specifically for individual patients based on medical history, current sexual disorders, and findings from our Online Assessment & Evaluation Process and Conclusive Consultation. This personalized approach contributes to our successful treatment outcomes.

Q: Will I be pressured to take customized medicines?

A: No, we do not pressure patients to take our customized medicine treatment. We reserve the right to suggest starting or not starting / continuing any treatment, clinical procedure, or customized medicine treatment. We will recommend customized medicines only when necessary, and the decision is made mutually.

Q: Who will manage my treatment at Sidri International?

A: Your treatment will be managed by senior doctors from the first consultation until the end, ensuring high-quality care without any involvement of junior doctors.

Q: What makes Sidri International’s approach unique?

A: We don’t follow the “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” approach. We understand that each patient is different, and so are the factors causing their sexual problems. We emphasize careful selection and combination of medicines and specific customization. Our unique Online Assessment & Evaluation Process, followed by a Conclusive Consultation, ensures personalized care for patients with sexual disorders and dysfunctions.

The fee for any appointment at Sidri International is INR 1500. This applies to in-person, online (audio), and follow-up consultations.

Consultations at Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic are scheduled in 20-minute time slots, priced at INR 1500 per slot. If your consultation exceeds 20 minutes, you’ll be charged for the extra time slots used. To optimize your consultation, prepare a thorough description of your issue and any related questions in advance.

Yes, for every 20-minute session, a consultation fee of INR 1500 is required. This applies to in-person, online (telephonic/mobile audio), and follow-up consultations. The fee helps us provide you with focused attention and expert advice, making each session worthwhile and enjoyable for you.

No, the website’s scheduler is only for in-person consultations, which is why you won’t see any dates for online appointments. For online consultations, simply reach out to Dr. Manu Rajput on his WhatsApp number: +91 7838963383. He will personally guide you through the process and share the “Steps for an Online Consultation.”

A: Sidri International, led by Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput, employs Ayurveda to address a variety of sexual disorders and diseases for patients worldwide. They use a personalized Assessment & Evaluation methodology to diagnose each patient’s unique sexual problem before initiating treatment.

Q: Which sexual issues are treated at Sidri International?

A: The doctors at Sidri International specialize in addressing sexual problems such as Phimosis, Paraphimosis, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Male infertility, Low libido, Low sperm count, Balanitis, Balanoposthitis, Penis Infection, and other STDs & STIs.

Q: What sets Sidri International’s Phimosis and Paraphimosis treatment apart?

A: Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput have developed a distinctive non-surgical approach called “Sidri International’s Treatment for Phimosis & Paraphimosis without surgery.” This innovative treatment allows patients to avoid surgery, maintain their natural foreskin, and experience a fulfilling sexual life with an uncut penis.

Q: How does Sidri International support patients who have had circumcision or surgery but continue to experience sexual problems?

A: For patients who have undergone circumcision or surgery and still encounter sexual issues like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Penile Infections, Balanitis, Male Infertility, Low Sperm Count, and Night Fall/Wet Dreams, Sidri International offers expert assistance. Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput, distinguished sexologists with national and international credentials, provide tailored solutions for their sexual problems utilizing their expertise, experience, and specialization in treating sexual diseases.

Q: How can I consult online with Sidri International?

A: To begin the online consultation process, follow these steps:

Step 1: Read the FAQ Page

Read the FAQ page on our website to understand the Online Consultation Process, Fee Structure, and Methodology.

Step 2: Contact Dr. Manu Rajput

Contact Dr. Manu Rajput on his WhatsApp number at +91 7838963383. You will receive a patient information form to fill out and return via WhatsApp.

Step 3: Request Bank Details

Request the bank details for IMPS or Google Pay to transfer the consultation fee of INR 1500/-.

Step 4: Make the Payment

After making the payment, send a screenshot of the transaction to Dr. Manu Rajput on his WhatsApp number.

Step 5: Appointment Queue

Your name will be added to the Appointment Queue, and you will be informed of the approximate waiting period.

Step 6: Schedule the Consultation

Once it’s your turn, we will coordinate with you on WhatsApp to schedule a mutually suitable day and time for the consultation.

Step 7: Choose Your Preferred Language

Let us know your preferred language for the consultation: Hindi, English, or Hinglish.

Q: What should I do if I’m not comfortable with English?

A: You can fill out the patient information form and communicate with us in any language of your choice, whether it’s English, Hindi, or Hinglish. We don’t want language to be a barrier between us.

Q: What can I expect after my consultation is scheduled?

A: Congratulations! You have begun your journey towards better sexual wellness. The consultation will take place telephonically through audio mobile at the scheduled time, and you will receive expert advice and guidance from our specialists.

A: The online consultation process involves:

  1. Our expert sexologist may request you to share images or videos related to your medical issue.

  2. The consultation will include discussions about your condition, its stage and severity, preventive measures, hygiene practices, diet, lifestyle changes, and the required treatment along with its estimated cost.

Q: How is the treatment carried out for these conditions?

A: The treatment approach includes:

  1. For conditions like penile infections, balanitis, balanoposthitis, STDs, and STIs, we create and prepare medicines tailored to your needs based on the severity of your issue.

  2. For phimosis and paraphimosis, we provide a session-based non-invasive treatment that has assisted numerous patients in avoiding surgery and enjoying their sexual life with an intact foreskin.

Q: What is the cost of treatment?

A: The treatment cost is determined by the severity of your sexual issue and will be discussed during the consultation.

Q: What is the summary of the treatment options for phimosis?

A: The treatment options include:

  • Mild Grade Phimosis: Home care recommendations

  • Moderate to Severe Grade Phimosis: Clinic-Based Session Treatment

Our personalized medicines and methods have a high success rate in addressing these sexual disorders, and we take pride in offering effective non-surgical alternatives for conditions like phimosis and paraphimosis.

A: Dr. Kanu Rajput and Dr. Manu Rajput are both highly qualified sexologists, holding a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) degree. Their strong educational background, comprehensive understanding of sexual health issues, and proven track record of successfully treating patients make them reliable experts in their field.

During an online consultation with Dr. Kanu Rajput or Dr. Manu Rajput, you can expect the following:

A thorough evaluation of your medical history and a comprehensive examination of your current sexual health concerns. The doctors will attentively gather essential information to better understand your situation.
A supportive, empathetic, and confidential environment where you can openly discuss your sexual health issues without fear of judgment or discomfort. From your very first consultation, you will feel reassured and confident in the doctors’ ability to address and resolve your sexual health concerns.
A well-structured consultation process, including Level 1 and Level 2 consultations, which covers a wide range of sexual health issues such as Phimosis, Paraphimosis, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Male infertility, Low libido, Low sperm count, Balanitis, Balanoposthitis, Penis Infection, and other STDs & STIs.
By choosing Sidri International for your consultation, you can trust that you are in capable hands as Dr. Kanu Rajput and Dr. Manu Rajput provide expert guidance and treatment to help alleviate your sexual health concerns and restore your confidence.

A: Level 1 Consultation at Sidri International provides a caring and straightforward solution for patients experiencing sexual dysfunction, including:

  • A non-judgmental space for patients to openly discuss their sexual concerns with a proficient Sexologist Doctor at Sidri International.

  • A detailed consultation process that leads to a customized medication plan, designed for a specific duration to observe progress during this period.

  • A particular emphasis on assisting patients with early-stage sexual issues, who frequently experience notable improvements through Level 1 Consultation and treatment.

  • The exceptional reputation of Sidri International as one of the select Ayurvedic clinics in India specializing in sexological treatments and prescribing medicines for patients.

  • The ease of procuring prescribed medicines either online or from a chemist shop of their choice that stocks Ayurvedic products.

  • An affordable consultation fee of INR 1500/- per session, ensuring accessible, professional, and personalized care for sexual health concerns with a patient-centric approach.

A: Level 2 Consultation at Sidri International consists of an online assessment and evaluation, followed by a comprehensive consultation to address various sexual health issues.

Q: Who is the ideal candidate for a Level 2 Consultation?

A: Level 2 Consultation is recommended for individuals who:

  • Did not achieve desired results from Level 1 treatment

  • Experienced unconsummated marriage (UM), meaning they were unable to have intercourse after marriage

  • Have faced sexual problems for months or even years

  • Encounter multiple sexual concerns at once

  • Experienced unsatisfactory outcomes from self-medication or other treatments

  • Suffer from long-lasting and complicated sexual issues

  • Have not yet engaged in intercourse and are worried about future performance

  • Are non-resident Indians (NRIs) or international patients with any of the conditions mentioned above

Q: Should patients outside Delhi and NRIs/International Patients consider a Level 2 Consultation?

A: Absolutely, patients living outside Delhi and NRIs & International Patients experiencing any of the above conditions should directly opt for a Level 2 Consultation, which includes an online assessment and evaluation, followed by a comprehensive consultation. This approach is suitable due to the lack of physical check-ups available for such patients and ensures their sexual health concerns are addressed effectively.

A: A Level 2 Consultation provides a thorough analysis of your sexual performance, encompassing an Online Assessment & Evaluation Process and a Conclusive Consultation. This comprehensive approach enables us to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs, ensuring improved sexual health and well-being.

Q: What takes place during the Online Assessment & Evaluation Process?

A: The Online Assessment & Evaluation Process involves gathering your medical history and thoroughly examining your case, focusing on various aspects of sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction, orgasmic function, sexual desire, ejaculation issues, intercourse issues, and overall satisfaction level.

Q: What information is required during the Assessment & Evaluation Process?

A: Please provide comprehensive information about your case history, along with any images or videos that depict your current medical condition. This data allows us to accurately identify the root cause of your sexual problem and develop the most effective treatment plan for you.

Q: How does the Assessment & Evaluation Process aid in formulating a treatment plan?

A: By meticulously examining and analyzing your situation, we gain a deeper understanding of the severity of your sexual issues, potential causes, associated complications, and future expectations. This knowledge empowers us to devise a customized treatment plan and action steps tailored to your needs.

Q: Why is the Conclusive Consultation so important?

A: The Conclusive Consultation, conducted after the Assessment & Evaluation, is a critical step in determining the most suitable treatment for you. We discuss your case findings, observations, and severity to decide whether prescription medicines or customized medicines would yield the best results. We strongly encourage patients to prioritize this consultation, as it plays a pivotal role in addressing their sexual issues and promoting a healthier, more satisfying intimate life.

By choosing our Level 2 Consultation, you can expect individualized care and expert guidance designed to tackle your unique medical condition. Our primary goal is to help you overcome your sexual health obstacles and enjoy a more gratifying and fulfilling intimate life. Trust in our Level 2 Consultation to lead you towards a happier, more satisfying future.

A: Pricing for Level 2 Consultation:

  • Online Assessment & Evaluation: INR 5500/- (One Time Payment Only)

  • Conclusive Consultation: INR 1500/-

  • Total (For Level 2 Consultation): INR 7000/

Essential Points to Keep in Mind:

Q1: What is the recommended action for a patient who leaves the WhatsApp group for the Online Assessment & Evaluation Process and Conclusive Consultation?

A1: We strongly encourage patients to remain in the WhatsApp group to maintain consistent communication and support throughout the process. If a patient exits the group, they will need to re-pay the same charges to rejoin.

Q2: How long is the payment for the Online Assessment & Evaluation Process and Conclusive Consultation valid, and what information needs to be provided by the patient?

A2: The payment remains valid for 30 days. To proceed with the conclusive consultation, we require “Detailed information” from the patient, including their case history and images/videos of their current medical condition. Patients typically submit this information within 7-8 days, but it must not exceed 30 days. If it does, the patient will need to re-pay the INR 7000/- fee and restart the process. We kindly request your cooperation, as our goal is to assist those genuinely seeking our medical expertise to address their sexual problems in the most effective way.

Q3: What language options are available for patients to write their case history?

A3: Patients can choose any language they feel comfortable with, such as English, Hindi, or Hinglish. We aim to ensure that language does not pose a barrier in providing the necessary “Detailed information.”

Q4: Can the fees for the Online Assessment & Evaluation Process with Conclusive Consultation be substituted or adjusted in any other manner?

A4: The fees for the Online Assessment & Evaluation Process with Conclusive Consultation are specifically for assessing and evaluating your sexual medical condition and cannot be substituted or adjusted in any other manner. Our team is committed to providing the best possible care and solutions for our patients’ sexual health concerns.

Discover the Benefits of a Level 2 Consultation

Upon completing a Level 2 Consultation, you can choose between two effective solutions for addressing your sexual problems:

  1. Standard Prescription Medicines

  2. Tailored Customised Medicines

Both options aim to help you overcome your sexual difficulties. Let’s examine their distinct characteristics.

1. Standard Prescription Medicines: An Accessible Solution

Standard Prescription Medicines are suitable for those experiencing mild to moderate sexual problems. These Ayurvedic medicines can be easily acquired online or at any Chemist shop or Ayurvedic Medical Store near you.


  • Appropriate for mild to moderate sexual problems.

  • Easily obtainable from trusted sources.

  • Safe with no side effects.

  • Affordable treatment option.


  • May not be curative for some individuals.

Standard Prescription Medicines have demonstrated remarkable results for numerous people with mild to moderate sexual concerns. The prescription is adjusted every week or approximately every 10 days, depending on your progress.

Readily available online or at any reputable Chemist Shop or Ayurvedic Medical Store, these medicines provide a safe and side-effect-free solution for your sexual problems. International patients can also find these prescribed medicines online.

For those experiencing moderate to severe sexual problems who cannot choose Customised Medicines due to budget limitations, Standard Prescription Medicines offer a cost-effective alternative to manage their sexual issues efficiently.

The fee for Standard Prescription Medicine is INR 4500/- per month (INR 1500/- x 3 prescriptions = INR 4500/- a month).

2. Tailored Customised Medicines: Personalised Treatment for Sustainable Results


  • Adapted to your specific needs based on medical history and consultation findings.

  • High success rate with long-lasting results.

  • Applicable to a broad range of sexual problems.

  • Ethical preparation without harmful ingredients.

  • Frequent treatment plan updates based on your progress.


  • Might be more expensive than standard prescription medicines.

An Overview:

Tailored Customised Medicines offer a personalised solution considering your medical history, current sexual problems, and observations made during the Online Assessment & Evaluation Process and the subsequent Conclusive Consultation. Our proficiency in crafting individual-specific medicines has contributed to numerous successful outcomes.

Customised Medicine is prepared with accuracy, targeting your particular sexual concerns. A month’s dosage is prepared in 10-day increments, facilitating gradual improvement in your sexual health. Regular updates from you enable us to plan subsequent treatment medications and prepare the following dosage accordingly.

Tailored Customised Medicines are ideal for those who:

  • Seek long-lasting, high-quality results for their sexual problems.

  • Have tried various treatments with little or no success.

  • Experienced recurrence after discontinuing previous treatments.

  • Want a qualified and experienced specialist sexologist to address their sexual problems.

  • Desire a focused treatment plan without a “try and see” approach.

  • Are about to get married and are uncertain about their future sexual performance.

  • Have experienced an unconsummated marriage or failed to satisfy their partner.

  • Face erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or male infertility issues.

Expectations from Tailored Customised Medicines:

  • Treatment plans and medications designed specifically for you.

  • Curative, long-term, and sustainable results.

  • Success that persists even after completing treatment.

  • Cost depending on the severity of sexual problems and other medical complications.

We maintain high-quality standards and are renowned for our authentic, result-oriented Tailored Customised Medicines. We do not mix steroids, boosters, testosterone supplements, or Viagra in our Ayurvedic medicines and refrain from unethical medical practices. Our Tailored Customised Medicine treatment aims to help you regain your sexual fitness and overcome any embarrassment, guilt, and frustration you may have encountered.

At Sidri International, your convenience is our priority. We provide three easy delivery methods for your customized medicines:

  1. In-person collection: Patients in Delhi and NCR are welcome to pick up their medicines from our clinic. If visiting isn’t possible due to lockdown or other reasons, rest assured, we’ll arrange to courier your medicines to your desired address (courier charges apply).

  2. Nationwide courier: For our esteemed patients throughout India, we guarantee your customized medicines will reach even the farthest corners using reputable courier services. Please note that courier charges are the patient’s responsibility.

  3. Global courier: Our international patients can also have their medicines delivered through reliable courier services. Some patients opt to visit our clinic and collect their medicines while in India, or entrust a friend or relative to pick up the medicines on their behalf. In all scenarios, the patient is responsible for courier charges.

Select the option that suits you best, and leave the rest to us!

A: We understand your concerns, and we want to assure you that Sidri International is dedicated to providing the best possible care for your sexual health. Here’s how we stand apart from other clinics and doctors:

  • Put your well-being first: At Sidri International, we value your time and health, understanding that they are far more valuable than money. Our goal is to help you recover your sexual health and overall well-being.

  • Stay supportive and understanding: We recognize your past experiences and encourage you to stay hopeful. Our team is committed to finding the most suitable approach for your needs and delivering effective solutions.

  • Expertise and experience: We have confidence in our ability and experience in addressing various sexual health issues. Our treatment protocol is designed to achieve high-quality results while prioritizing your safety and health.

  • Assess our approach: During your consultation, evaluate whether we attentively and empathetically listen to and understand your sexual problems, and if we respond to your questions professionally and informatively.

  • Examine our reputation: Consider the positive feedback and commendations we have received from genuine patients over time. This can help you determine our ability to understand and successfully treat sexual health concerns.

  • Cultivate a strong doctor-patient relationship: By getting to know each other, we can create a trustworthy and lasting doctor-patient relationship, which is vital for successful treatment outcomes.

In conclusion, we invite you to experience the commitment of Sidri International to your sexual health and well-being. We are confident that our approach, expertise, and experience can help you regain your sexual health and rebuild your trust in healthcare professionals.

A: Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic is dedicated to making your experience as convenient and secure as possible by offering a range of payment options for both online and in-person consultations. We have tailored our payment methods to suit your preferences:

For online consultations:

  • Bank Transfer (IMPS)

  • Google Pay

  • Paytm

For in-person consultations (when available):

  • Cash

  • Credit/Debit Card

Our aim is to provide a hassle-free consultation process, whether you choose online or in-person appointments, so you can concentrate on your treatment and well-being. With our diverse and secure payment options, you can trust Sidri International for a smooth and positive healthcare experience.

A: Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic is dedicated to delivering exceptional patient care and support. Our policy, which states that payments made through any mode are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances, ensures that we can focus on providing the highest quality treatment and personalized care for each individual. Payments cannot be adjusted in any form.

Recognizing the significance of trust and confidence in our services, we encourage you to research our clinic, Dr. Kanu Rajput, and Dr. Manu Rajput. You can discover numerous positive reviews and testimonials about our clinic and doctors on various platforms, including Practo, Lybrate, JustDial, and Google Reviews. These reviews demonstrate our dedication to patient care and the satisfaction our patients consistently achieve.

When you choose Sidri International, you are investing in a committed and professional clinic that truly values your well-being and satisfaction. Guided by Dr. Kanu Rajput, and Dr. Manu Rajput, our team is devoted to supporting you on your path to improved health and ensuring a positive and nurturing experience throughout your treatment.

  • We would love to answer this question. 
  • To be honest, there is no specific answer to this very commonly asked question.
  • You May Ask, Why?
  • Let us simply answer this:
  • How can you tell the cost of the treatment without assessing and understanding the severity of your sexual problems, your case history, your present medical condition and other associated factors?
  • We know that some doctors/clinics have packages available for the sexual treatments they offer. But fortunately, we don’t believe in this type of medical service, especially for such a severe issue of life-related to your sexual manhood.
  • We can only tell you about our Consultation fees, Online Assessment & Evaluation fees as these are already fixed, but when it comes to the treatments/ procedures cost, etc., how can we say anything about the expenditure involved without even understanding your sexual problems?
  • We suggest that if you are discussing with someone the cost involved in your sexual treatment, please do not allow anyone to compare the cost of your medical problems and their treatment outcomes along the lines of purchasing a shirt or trousers.
  • So, instead of self-medication or window-shopping through the internet for the solutions to your sexual problems, take them a bit more seriously and consult us first.
  • Because if you don’t take your sexual problems seriously, how can you expect someone else to do that for you? Please feel free to discuss your sexual issues with your sexologist doctors, Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput, at Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic. Even if it’s just an imaginary problem of yours or a real one, contact us to seek the correct solution.
  • It has indeed been acknowledged from time to time by many of the formerly treated patients of Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput that you have to be an intelligent decision-maker in getting the right solution to your sexual problems from the right doctors. This view has also been strongly supported by such patients who never got any satisfactory sexual treatment results from some other doctors/ clinics in the past. We feel confident that after going through these FAQs pages, you would like to choose Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput as your sexologist doctors who have got high expertise and experience in solving even the utmost difficult and complex sexual problems of their patients. Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput are nationally and Internationally Qualified and well-known Best Sexologists in Delhi available at Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic, New Delhi, India.
  • We shall look forward to receiving your WhatsApp message. Hope to connect with you soon. All the best!

A: Sidri International Clinic provides accessible and confidential online consultations to tackle erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE). Patients have the option to select between Level 1 and Level 2 consultations, depending on their requirements and preferences.

Level 1 Consultation: During a Level 1 consultation, patients can share their concerns and symptoms with Dr. Manu Rajput and/or Dr. Kanu Rajput. This preliminary discussion allows the doctors to offer general advice and suggestions. Patients who prefer to continue with Level 1 consultations can pay a monthly fee of INR 4500 (INR 1500 x 3) for a 30-day prescription.

Level 2 Consultation: A Level 2 consultation encompasses a more comprehensive assessment and evaluation process. After completing a Level 1 consultation, patients can choose a Level 2 consultation, where our specialists will examine the patient’s medical history, lifestyle factors, and any prior tests or treatments. Based on this information, the patient and the doctors will collaboratively decide whether to proceed with prescription-based medicines or transition to customized treatments. Patients who opt to remain on prescription-based medicines in Level 2 consultations will also pay a monthly fee of INR 4500 for a 30-day prescription.

Level 1 Consultation vs. Level 2 Consultation

Level 1 Consultation:

  • Pros: Initial discussion with doctors, basic guidance and recommendations, lower cost (INR 4500 for a 30-day prescription).

  • Cons: Less thorough assessment, restricted to prescription-based medicines, may not tackle the root cause of the issue.

Level 2 Consultation:

  • Pros: In-depth assessment and evaluation, availability of customized medicines, improved understanding of patient’s medical condition, more individualized treatment plan, allows patients to express their concerns, and ensures doctors dedicate sufficient time to comprehend the patient’s needs.

  • Cons: Customized medicine costs vary based on the severity of the medical condition, but offer long-lasting benefits and effectiveness.

Prescription-Based Medicines vs. Customized Medicines

Prescription-Based Medicines:

  • Pros: Lower cost (INR 4500 for a 30-day prescription), obtainable through chemist shops or online, safest possible combinations with minimal side effects.

  • Cons: May not tackle the root cause of the issue, less personalized, limited effectiveness for some patients, suitable for minor problems only.

Customized Medicines:

  • Pros: Adapted to the patient’s specific medical condition, addresses the root cause of the issue, high-quality Ayurvedic medicines, enduring realistic results, complete sexual health rejuvenation, appropriate for minor, moderate, and severe problems, the unique selling point (USP) of Sidri International Clinic, outstanding price-to-performance ratio, and long-term cost-effectiveness.

  • Cons: Initial costs depend on the severity of the medical condition and required dosage strength, but offer unparalleled results and long-term value.

Advantages of online consultations for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation:

  • Privacy and discretion: Online consultations provide a secure and comfortable setting for discussing sensitive topics like ED and PE, ensuring patients feel at ease.

  • Expert care: Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput possess extensive experience in male sexual health and offer personalized guidance for both ED and PE with Level 2 consultations, which include prescription-based medicines or customized treatments.

  • Convenience and accessibility: Online consultations eliminate the need for travel and waiting times, making specialized care available from any location.

  • Broad accessibility: Online consultations allow patients in Delhi NCR, other Indian cities, remote areas within India, and even international patients to access specialized care from expert doctors, irrespective of their geographical location.

  • Adaptable treatment options: Patients can choose between prescription-based medicines or customized treatments based on their needs and the doctors’ recommendations, ensuring the most favorable outcomes.

  • Follow-up care: Tracking your progress and modifying your treatment plan is easier through online consultations, ensuring improved outcomes.

By opting for online consultations at Sidri International Clinic, patients can obtain expert care for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in a convenient, discreet, and personalized manner. Customized medicines deliver high-quality, enduring results that address the root causes of sexual health problems, offering an exceptional price-to-performance ratio and long-term cost-effectiveness.

A: Sidri International Clinic’s online consultations provide a complete solution for dealing with and treating sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, and other related conditions. Patients can easily connect with skilled doctors Dr. Manu Rajput and/ or Dr. Kanu Rajput from their own homes, making sure they receive excellent care. Sidri International Clinic focuses on offering customized medicines for STDs and STIs, making sure that each patient gets the most fitting treatment.

Main steps of the online consultation process:

  • First evaluation: During the online consultation, doctors gather information about the patient’s symptoms, medical history, and other important details to find the most likely cause of the issue.

  • Diagnostic advice: If needed, doctors may suggest more tests or examinations to confirm the diagnosis, which can be done at a nearby facility.

  • Customized medicines treatment plan: After confirming a diagnosis, doctors will develop a tailored treatment plan for the patient’s specific needs, ensuring the best care for both STDs and/or STIs.

  • Ongoing support and follow-up appointments: Patients can easily schedule follow-up appointments online, allowing them to track their progress and make any needed changes to their treatment plan.

Benefits of online consultations for STDs and STIs at Sidri International Clinic:

  • Wide access: Online consultations let patients in Delhi NCR, other Indian cities, remote areas within India, and even international patients access specialized care, no matter where they are.

  • Privacy and confidentiality: Talking about sensitive topics like STDs and STIs can be hard; online consultations offer a safe and private space for patients to share their concerns.

  • Affordable: By removing travel costs and reducing waiting times, online consultations offer a more budget-friendly option for patients seeking specialized care.

  • Patient-focused approach: Online consultations let patients talk directly with their doctors, allowing personalized care and a deeper understanding of their unique needs.

  • Quick care: Fast diagnosis and treatment are important for managing STDs and STIs; online consultations provide quick access to expert care, helping to avoid complications and improve overall health outcomes.

In conclusion, Sidri International Clinic’s online consultations offer a complete, easy-to-access, and patient-centered way to deal with and treat STDs and STIs. By giving expert care, customized treatment plans, and ongoing support, patients can confidently go through their treatment journey and achieve better health outcomes. The clinic’s commitment to providing only customized medicines for STDs and STIs ensures that each patient receives the most suitable treatment for their specific needs.

A: Male infertility is commonly linked to sperm-related problems; however, other factors such as erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation (PE), phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis, and candidiasis can also significantly influence fertility challenges. Online consultations provide a convenient platform for patients to seek advice from specialists like Dr. Manu Rajput and/or Dr. Kanu Rajput without leaving their homes, enabling them to tackle these issues and enhance their fertility prospects.

Examining the impact of these conditions on male fertility:

  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED): ED impedes a man’s capacity to achieve and sustain an erection necessary for sexual intercourse, decreasing the likelihood of successful fertilization.

  • Premature Ejaculation (PE): PE leads to semen being released before or shortly after penetration, lowering the chances of sperm reaching the egg for fertilization.

  • Phimosis: This condition arises when the foreskin is too tight, causing pain during erection and making sexual intercourse difficult and painful. This can lead to reduced frequency of sexual activity and a decreased chance of successful fertilization.

  • Paraphimosis: Paraphimosis can result in pain, swelling, and limited blood flow to the penis, making sexual intercourse difficult and painful, indirectly affecting male fertility.

  • Balanitis: Balanitis is characterized by inflammation of the glans penis (head of the penis) and can be caused by poor hygiene, genital yeast infections (candidiasis), sexually transmitted infections, or sensitivity to harsh soaps and chemicals. This condition can cause pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse, which may indirectly affect fertility by making it difficult to engage in sexual activity.

  • Candidiasis: Candidiasis is a male yeast infection that can result in a condition called Candida balanitis. This condition causes discomfort during sexual intercourse, reducing the chances of successful fertilization.

The benefits of online consultations in addressing these concerns:

  • Share concerns and symptoms: During the online consultation, patients can discuss their concerns, symptoms, and any relevant medical history related to male infertility with the specialist. This information will help the specialist understand the patient’s condition and provide appropriate guidance.

  • Diagnosis and treatment recommendations: Based on the information provided, the specialist may recommend a Level 1 or Level 2 consultation, depending on the complexity of the patient’s male infertility factors. Once a diagnosis is made, the specialist will provide a personalized treatment plan tailored to the patient’s specific needs. This plan may include prescription-based medications, customized medicines, or specialized sessions to address issues like sperm abnormalities, ED, PE, phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis, and candidiasis.

By opting for online consultations, patients can receive expert care for male infertility issues without the need for an in-person visit. This approach ensures that patients can consult with specialists confidently, discuss their concerns openly, and receive the appropriate treatment to improve their fertility outcomes.

Guidelines for completing the Patient Information Form for Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic:

When filling out the Patient Information Form for Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic, it is crucial to provide detailed and accurate information to ensure you receive the most appropriate consultation level. Dr. Manu Rajput evaluates patients and creates a personalized treatment plan, while Dr. Kanu Rajput formulates customized medicines—a process that is one of the clinic’s USPs (unique selling points).

Here’s a guide to help you complete the form effectively:

  • Be comprehensive and detailed: When providing information about your symptoms, medical history, and concerns, make sure to be as detailed as possible. This will help Dr. Manu Rajput accurately assess your situation and determine the appropriate consultation level.

  • Follow the prompts provided in the form: If you’re unsure about the level of detail required, refer to any prompts or example responses provided in the form. These can guide you in offering the necessary information for a comprehensive understanding of your condition.

  • Prepare for follow-up questions: If your submitted form lacks sufficient information, Dr. Manu Rajput may contact you through WhatsApp to request additional details. Be ready to provide any necessary information to help him better understand your situation and recommend the appropriate consultation level.

  • Review the FAQ section on the clinic’s website: If you have any questions or concerns about the consultation levels or the process, refer to the FAQ section on the clinic’s website. This resource can help clarify common patient queries and guide you in making an informed decision about the consultation level that best suits your needs.

By following this guide when completing the Patient Information Form, you can help ensure that the doctors at Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic have a comprehensive understanding of your condition and can provide the most accurate recommendations and appropriate consultation level for your specific situation.

A: Sidri International Clinic’s online consultations, led by Dr. Kanu Rajput and Dr. Manu Rajput, offer a comprehensive and convenient approach for patients seeking non-surgical treatment options for phimosis and paraphimosis. These consultations provide numerous advantages that contribute to improved patient experiences and treatment outcomes.

  1. In-depth remote examination: The online consultations enable patients to undergo a detailed evaluation of their condition in both flaccid and erect states. This assessment is crucial for determining the grade of phimosis and the severity of paraphimosis, which helps the doctors devise an appropriate treatment plan. Remote examination also ensures privacy and comfort for patients, allowing them to demonstrate the maximum retraction of their foreskin without discomfort.

  2. Specialized non-surgical treatments: Sidri International Clinic’s online consultations connect patients with experts in non-surgical treatments for phimosis and paraphimosis. Dr. Kanu Rajput and Dr. Manu Rajput have extensive experience in this field and are committed to patient satisfaction, making them a reliable source of guidance and care for those seeking non-surgical solutions.

  3. Confidential and comfortable environment: Online consultations provide a private setting for patients to discuss their concerns and symptoms related to phimosis and paraphimosis. This comfortable environment encourages open communication and facilitates a more productive dialogue between patients and doctors.

  4. Ease of access and convenience: The online platform eliminates travel and waiting times, making it simpler for patients to access expert care and guidance. This increased accessibility benefits individuals in remote areas, those with limited access to specialized healthcare services, and patients from different parts of India and other countries.

  5. Personalized guidance: Dr. Kanu Rajput and Dr. Manu Rajput assess each patient’s unique condition during the online consultation and provide customized advice for non-surgical treatment options. This individualized approach ensures patients receive the most suitable and effective care for their specific needs, ultimately leading to better treatment outcomes.

  6. Safer and more effective alternatives: Sidri International Clinic’s non-surgical treatments present a safer and more efficient alternative to steroid creams and phimosis rings. By opting for non-surgical treatments, patients can avoid the risks and side effects associated with these methods and preserve their foreskin, which enhances sexual health by maintaining natural lubrication, reducing friction during intercourse, and retaining nerve endings that contribute to sexual pleasure.

  7. Support for unresolved issues: If a patient’s problem cannot be resolved through home care, they have the option to book a phimosis or paraphimosis session at Sidri International Clinic by paying the full treatment fees. This ensures they receive the necessary care to preserve their foreskin as intended by nature.

In conclusion, Sidri International Clinic’s online consultations provide a convenient, accessible, and private platform for patients seeking non-surgical treatment options for phimosis and paraphimosis. The combination of remote examination, personalized guidance, and increased accessibility leads to improved patient experiences and successful treatment outcomes for individuals from various regions of India, other countries, and remote locations. By choosing Sidri International Clinic’s services, patients can preserve their foreskin, avoid the risks and side effects of other treatments, and enhance their sexual health without resorting to surgery.

A: Sidri International Clinic’s online consultations present a beneficial alternative for patients struggling with recurrent penile infections, such as candidiasis, balanitis, balanoposthitis, candidal balanoposthitis, penile yeast infections, and zoon balanitis. Sidri International Clinic only provides customized medicines for these penile infections. The clinic focuses on delivering individualized treatment plans that effectively tackle these infections while potentially retaining the patient’s foreskin and natural anatomy, unlike other doctors who might suggest circumcision after multiple failed treatments.

Here’s how Sidri International Clinic’s online consultations and customized medicines can benefit patients:

  1. Tailored treatment: Sidri International Clinic is dedicated to offering customized medicines and preventive strategies that address the underlying causes of recurrent infections, providing a more effective treatment alternative for patients who have previously faced unsuccessful or temporary outcomes with other doctors.

  2. Comprehensive assessment: The online consultation process permits patients to share images and videos of their penis in various states, allowing healthcare professionals to carefully evaluate the affected area and deliver a more precise diagnosis and customized treatment recommendations.

  3. Convenience and accessibility: Patients who have encountered challenges in finding effective treatment from other doctors can obtain expert care and guidance through online consultations at Sidri International Clinic, irrespective of their geographical location or the presence of local specialists.

  4. Foreskin retention and sexual sensation: Sidri International Clinic’s customized medicines present an option other than surgery, unlike other doctors who might propose circumcision after multiple failed treatments. By addressing the infection without resorting to circumcision, patients have the chance to maintain their natural anatomy and potentially preserve sexual sensation.

  5. Reliable and secure medicine delivery: Patients can obtain their customized medicines for penile infections through trustworthy courier services, both nationally and internationally. This ensures timely and safe delivery, enabling patients to initiate their treatment without delay. It is important to note that patients will be responsible for courier costs. Sidri International Clinic is devoted to offering exceptional care and service, consistently prioritizing patient satisfaction and comfort.

In summary, Sidri International Clinic’s online consultations and customized medicines provide an efficient and accessible solution for patients with recurrent penile infections who have faced multiple unsuccessful or temporary treatments with other doctors. By delivering customized care, comprehensive assessment, and convenient access, Sidri International Clinic supports patients in managing their infection while potentially retaining their foreskin and natural anatomy, as opposed to other doctors who might suggest circumcision after failed treatments.

A: Level 1 online consultations offer various benefits for patients with genital warts by delivering professional advice and guidance in an easy-to-access and comfortable manner. The process consists of the following steps:

  1. Image sharing: Patients securely submit clear images of the affected area, allowing healthcare professionals to evaluate the severity of the genital warts and identify the most suitable treatment plan while maintaining patient privacy.

  2. Privacy and comfort: Online consultations create a confidential space for patients to discuss their concerns and symptoms related to genital warts without the fear of being judged or feeling embarrassed.

  3. Convenience and accessibility: Remote consultations reduce travel and waiting times, making expert care more readily available, particularly for individuals in remote locations or with limited healthcare options.

  4. Personalized guidance: Healthcare professionals offer customized recommendations for treatment options based on each patient’s specific condition, ensuring proper and effective care.

  5. Treatment cost discussion: During the online consultation, costs are discussed openly, enabling patients to make well-informed decisions about their treatment plan.

  6. Clinic visit post-payment: Once the treatment cost is agreed upon and paid, patients visit the clinic for a focused removal session. The clinic emphasizes a holistic and gentle approach to treating genital warts, prioritizing patient well-being and comfort throughout the process.

In conclusion, Level 1 online consultations provide a convenient, private, and accessible method for patients with genital warts to obtain expert advice and individualized care. By adhering to the steps of image sharing, cost discussion, and visiting the clinic post-payment, patients can anticipate enhanced outcomes and a reassuring treatment experience.

A: Level 1 and Level 2 online consultations support patients facing nightfall and performance anxiety by offering personalized and effective solutions. These consultations allow patients to access expert advice and assistance in a convenient way, with distinct treatment options for each issue:


  1. Prescription-based medications: Both Level 1 and Level 2 consultations include prescription-based medications in the treatment approach for nightfall. These medicines work to manage and relieve symptoms, enhancing the patient’s overall well-being and sexual health.

  2. Customized medications: Level 2 consultations deliver customized medications designed to address the specific needs and situations of patients experiencing nightfall. This tailored approach ensures a successful and lasting treatment plan.

Performance Anxiety:

  1. Prescription-based medications: Level 1 and Level 2 consultations include prescription-based medications in the treatment approach for performance anxiety. These medicines work to manage and relieve anxiety symptoms, resulting in improved sexual performance and self-confidence.

  2. Customized medications: Level 2 consultations deliver customized medications designed to address the specific needs and situations of patients experiencing performance anxiety. This tailored approach tackles the unique challenges related to performance anxiety, ensuring a successful and lasting treatment plan.

Shared Benefits for Both Issues:

  1. Privacy and ease: Online consultations offer a confidential and comfortable setting for patients to discuss their concerns and symptoms related to nightfall and performance anxiety without fear of judgment or embarrassment.

  2. Convenience and access: Remote consultations eliminate the need for travel and waiting times, allowing patients to access expert care and support more easily. This increased access is especially beneficial for those in remote areas or with limited access to specialized healthcare services.

  3. Personalized advice: Healthcare professionals provide tailored recommendations for treatment options based on each patient’s specific condition and situation. This personalized approach ensures that patients receive the most suitable and effective care for their needs.

In conclusion, Level 1 and Level 2 online consultations offer separate, convenient, private, and accessible ways for patients dealing with nightfall and performance anxiety to receive expert advice and personalized care. With prescription-based and customized medications available as part of the treatment approach for each issue, patients can expect improved outcomes and a more manageable approach to addressing their symptoms.

A: Level 1 online consultations for HIV doubt counseling serve as a valuable resource for patients who have concerns about potential HIV exposure stemming from a range of situations. These consultations offer several advantages and address patients’ concerns, including those related to penile infections or symptoms that may or may not be related to HIV:

  1. Expert guidance: Level 1 online consultations connect patients with skilled healthcare professionals who can supply accurate information about HIV transmission, symptoms, and testing in various contexts. This expert guidance can help alleviate patients’ fears and clarify misconceptions about HIV risk in different situations.

  2. Symptom evaluation: Healthcare professionals evaluate the patient’s symptoms, including any penile infections or other concerns, to determine whether they are related to HIV or another underlying condition. This evaluation helps patients understand the potential causes of their symptoms and guides them toward appropriate next steps.

  3. Confidentiality and ease: Online consultations offer a private and comfortable setting for patients to discuss their concerns and symptoms related to potential HIV exposure without fear of judgment or embarrassment.

  4. Efficiency and availability: Remote consultations remove the need for travel and waiting times, allowing patients to access expert care and guidance more easily. This increased availability is particularly beneficial for those in remote areas or with limited access to specialized healthcare services.

  5. Testing suggestions: Based on the patient’s symptoms and risk factors, healthcare professionals may recommend HIV testing to confirm or rule out the presence of the virus. They can also provide guidance on where to access testing and what to expect during the testing process.

  6. Emotional support and coping strategies: HIV doubt counseling also addresses the emotional aspects of patients’ concerns, offering support and coping strategies to help them manage their anxiety and fears related to potential HIV exposure in various scenarios.

In conclusion, Level 1 online consultations for HIV doubt counseling provide patients with a convenient, private, and accessible means of receiving expert advice and support related to potential HIV exposure and associated symptoms in a variety of situations. By addressing patients’ concerns, evaluating symptoms, recommending testing when necessary, and providing emotional support, these consultations can help patients navigate their concerns and take appropriate action to protect their health.

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