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Dear patients, please find out the answers to any questions you may have in your mind about the Consultation and Treatment Process at Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, currently, we are providing only Online (Telephonic/ mobile audio) Consultations. Thus, the In-person Consultations have been kept on hold until the COVID situation stabilises.
The Online Consultation and Fee Structure Process remains the same for everyone, be it a resident of Delhi NCR, patients across India or International Patients contacting from other countries.

  • Because you love your Health, your Body, your Sexual Life, your relationship with your female partner, and your personal and professional life. We are sure you would not want to spoil it or mess it up all by choosing the Wrong Doctor, Wong Clinic, Wrong Medicines or Wrong Treatment. True, isn’t it?
  • We at Sidri International keep our prime focus on diagnosing your sexual problems to resolve them by implementing proper Diagnostic Criteria established after a Proper Assessment of your sexual medical condition. This helps us make a Strategic Treatment Plan for Efficacious, Treatment and Long-Term Results.
  • Thus, at Sidri International, our first and foremost goal is to improve the health of your sex organs which ultimately enhances your quality of life through a holistic approach. These improvements not only depend on medications but also changes in the diet and lifestyle are suggested by us for good maintenance of the results.
  • At Sidri International, genuine and unbiased opinions do not depend on your social and economic status. Still, appropriate treatment suggestions are given, considering what will be the best for you to resolve your sexual problems.
  • No unnecessary pathological lab investigations are suggested at Sidri International. However, if required, you can choose any good pathology laboratory of your choice. We shall never pressurise you to go to any specific pathology lab.
  • At Sidri International, if you are given prescription-based medicines, they are primarily from reputed and trustworthy Ayurvedic Pharma Companies only. You may buy these prescribed Ayurvedic medicines online or from any chemist shop which also keeps Ayurvedic medicines.
  • It is our utmost priority at Sidri International that if you are given prescription-based medicines, they should not cause any short- or long-term side effects; more than that, they should not cause any adverse effects at all.
  • Thus, the sexual disease treatment at Sidri International is completely safe and risk-free for the patients.
  • At Sidri International, customised medicine designed specifically for a patient to resolve his sexual disorders & sexual dysfunctions is one of our core specialities. It is undoubtedly a significant reason behind our very successful results with our former patients.
  • Customised medicines are specially designed for a specific patient only. Customised medicines are prepared based on the patient’s medical history and findings from the current state of his sexual disorders and dysfunctions. Afterwards, observations are made during the Online Assessment & Evaluation Process, followed by the Conclusive Consultation.
  • Yet, we do not pressurise the patients to take our customised medicine treatment. Instead, we reserve the right to suggest starting or not to start or continue any treatment, clinical procedure, or customised medicine treatment etc. 
  • At Sidri International, we suggest taking our customised medicines only when we feel they are needed to solve your sexual problems. Still, we will never pressurise you to choose it. This can only be decided by mutual choice. 
  • Please note that at Sidri International, your sexual treatment always remains in the hands of senior doctors from the very first consultation till the end of the treatment. With your sexual treatment never seen by junior doctors at any stage, you are always assured of the high quality of your sexual treatment.


Our Specialty: – We don’t follow the “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” approach. As you are a different person, thus the factors that cause your sexual problems are also different. That’s why your sexual problem and its severity may differ from that of someone else. We know very well that for the same sexual problem, the same medicines will not have the same effect on all patients (A), Patient (B), Patient (C), etc. With similar results. Therefore, we emphasise the careful selection and combination of medicines and the specific Customisation of Medicines. We follow a unique approach of the Online Assessment & Evaluation Process Followed by a Conclusive Consultation for patients suffering from sexual disorders & sexual dysfunctions. You will know about that process in detail from the points mentioned below.

  • The consultation fee for an appointment is INR 1500/-. The consultation fee remains the same irrespective of whether the patient is taking an in-person consultation, an Online (audio consultation by telephone/mobile) consultation, or a Follow-Up Consultation.
  • Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic has time slots-based consultations, i.e. based on the pre-determined time slot of 20-minutes.
  • The consultation fee is INR 1500/- for a 20-minute time slot (pre-determined time slot). Suppose a patient consults for more time than a time slot period of 20-minutes during the consultation. In that case, the patient will be charged according to the time slots consumed.
  • Please keep a complete description of the current status of your sexual disease and the questions related to it handy with yourself before undergoing the consultation for better utilisation of your consultation time.
  • Yes, please, you have to pay the consultation fee of INR.1500/- per time slot of 20-minutes every time you take a consultation. Be it an In-person Consultation, an Online (Telephonic/ mobile audio) Consultation or a Follow-Up Consultation.


  • Please do not book a slot on the website’s calendar for an Online Appointment. You will notice that the current calendar dates for online appointment booking are not visible. Please note that the calendar time slot is only for the in-person consultation and not for an online consultation.
  • Online Appointments are being managed by Dr. Manu Rajput directly through his WhatsApp number, i.e. +91 7838963383. Don’t hesitate to contact him directly on his WhatsApp; he will share the “Steps for an Online Consultation “.
  • Many sexual disorders and diseases are treated through Ayurveda by Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput at Sidri International for patients from all over India and other countries worldwide. The doctors of Sidri International are World famous for successfully treating the highly troublesome sexual problems called Phimosis (inability to retract the foreskin of the penis), Paraphimosis (inability to return a retracted foreskin of the penis to its original position), Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Premature Ejaculation (PME), Male infertility, Low libido, low sperm count, Balanitis (Inflammation of the glans or head of the penis), Balanoposthitis (Inflammation of the glans or head of the penis and foreskin), Penis Infection and a few other STDs & STIs etc.
  • Most of us have heard that “All five fingers are not equal.” This is an old saying that all of our five fingers in one hand have different sizes, shapes, orientations & functions, and all are unique. Similarly, all the patients have different and unique body constitutions, and so are their sexual dysfunction patterns and reasons. Thus, consultation outcomes and treatment suggestions for sexual problems in men can be different for each condition and may vary from patient to patient. That’s why a unique methodology of the Assessment & Evaluation process for proper diagnosis of the actual situation of your sexual problem is carried out at Sidri International before commencing any sexual treatment for you.
  • Some medical conditions, such as Phimosis, Paraphimosis etc., may require your session-based physical presence to carry out the procedure-based treatments. We have specialised in non-surgical treatmentPlease let us repeat with honour NON-SURGICAL TREATMENT for the above-mentioned medical conditions, i.e. Phimosis and Paraphimosis etc. We take immense pride in informing you that Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput are the pioneers of their world-renowned special treatment called “Sidri International’s Treatment for Phimosis & Paraphimosis without surgery.” Through our unique treatment, we have already saved till now the precious natural foreskin of many patients from surgery. They are now enabled to enjoy their sexual life through their uncut penis. Our special Non-Surgical treatment has made it possible for such patients to retract (pull back) the foreskin of their penis as usual, as any common person can do.
  • However, after attaining adulthood, for any reason, some patients have already got their precious natural foreskin cut through circumcision or surgery. But are still struggling to get their sexual problems resolved. Such patients are suggested to choose their sexologist, AT LEAST NOW, a bit more carefully to maintain their sexual manhood.
  • Suppose such patients are suffering from sexual problems such as Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Premature Ejaculation (PME), Penile Infections, Balanitis, Male Infertility, Low Sperm Count, Night Fall/ Wet Dreams etc. In that case, they may contact at the earliest at Sidri International, the Best Sexologists in Delhi having National and International qualifications and reputations, Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput, to get the right solution to their sexual problems. Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput have magnificent expertise, experience and specialisation in providing correct and accurate treatment of sexual diseases.
  • Please read our websites and this question page [(FAQS) frequently asked questions page] thoroughly to know more about our Online Consultation Process, Fee Structure and Methodology
  • Please get in touch with Dr. Manu Rajput directly on his WhatsApp number, i.e. +91 7838963383. Soon Dr. Manu will share a patient information form with you. Please fill it up and send it back to Dr. Manu Rajput on his WhatsApp number. You can fill out this form in any language, whether in English, Hindi, or Hinglish. Please do not let your language become a barrier between you and us.
  • Please ask us for the bank details to know our IMPS or Google Pay number to transfer the consultation fee. We shall share it with you shortly after you ask for it.
  • Please pay the consultation fee, i.e. INR 1500/- in our IMPS account or Google Pay number to proceed further to take consultation.
  • After paying the consultation fee in our IMPS account or Google Pay number, please send a screenshot of this transaction to Dr. Manu Rajput on his WhatsApp number.
  • The doctor would then add your name to the Appointment Que. There can probably be a waiting period of a few hours to a few days for your turn to come. However, we will inform you about the approximate waiting period time. Please wait till then.
  • After this, we shall check with your good self over WhatsApp for a mutually suitable day and a time slot for the said Online Consultation to be done telephonically through audio mobile.
  • While fixing the mutually agreed suitable day and a time slot for the said consultation, please also let us know the choice of your preferred language for conversation. It can be Hindi, English or Hinglish.
  • Congratulations!!!!! You have begun your journey towards Better Sexual Wellness as both you and we are now ready for the consultation.
  • For sexual medical conditions such as Penile Infections, Balanitis/ Balanoposthitis, STDs/ STIs, Phimosis, Paraphimosis etc., the process for an Online Consultation remains the same mentioned above in Point Number 7, except that these conditions require visual observations for a clearer and better analysis. Our counsellor sexologist doctor would ask you to share a few images and/or videos, as suggested, according to your medical condition. This is to give more appropriate advice on your sexual problem.
  • The Online Consultation includes important and beneficial discussions regarding your sexual-medical condition. Apart from that, its apparent stage & severity with further precautionary measures to be taken, hygiene & cleaning procedures, diet & lifestyle modifications, necessary and special solutions-providing sexual treatment required in your case, and its estimated cost.
  • Suppose you are suffering from Penile Infections such as Balanitis (Inflammation of the glans or head of the penis), Balanoposthitis (Inflammation of the glans or head of the penis and foreskin), STDs, and STIs, etc. (Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Sexually Transmitted Infection). In that case, we first understand thoroughly the stage and grade of the problem and medical condition you face during the consultation process. After that, we customise, formulate, and prepare the medicines specifically for you. Thus, the cost of medical treatment may entirely depend upon the severity of your medical condition. Very important information regarding our customised medicines’ magnificent and impressive role in treating penis infection is available at Point No.14 of this FAQ page.
  • We have an extremely high success rate and reputation in the sexual medical field in treating these annoying sexual disorders, diseases and infections through our Customised Medicines and Procedures. These sexual problems do not have directly functioning market medicines, so for these sexual problems, we provide customised medicines only.
  • Many times during the consultation process, We have observed some patients’ mental turmoil while considering the advantages and disadvantages of the available choices for resolving their Phimosis and Paraphimosis problems.
  • Some of them were even on the verge of resolving this problem through circumcision or surgery. But after consulting with us, they were amazed to learn that a session-based NON-SURGICAL TREATMENT is available with us for patients suffering from moderate to severe Phimosis and Paraphimosis. We take immense pride in informing you that through our unique “Sidri International’s Treatment for Phimosis & Paraphimosis without Surgery”, We have already saved the precious foreskin of many patients from surgery. They are now enabled to enjoy their sexual life through the uncut penis. Our specialised Non-Surgical treatment has made it possible for such patients to retract (pull back) the foreskin of their penis as usual, as any common person can do.
  • After all, why get your ring cut to remove a tight ring from your finger? Why not try any other way? Why not go with the common-sense method of using soapy water instead of getting the ring cut? In this way, your ring will also remain intact, and it will be out of your finger too. We hope you would have understood this logical point.
  • The cost of treatment depends upon the severity of your sexual problem. This is also discussed along with other parameters in the consultation process. Patients with Mild Grade Phimosis are not taken up for Clinical Treatment. Instead, Home Care Exercises and Routine Practice have been suggested so that you can try and manage the problem with a holistic approach at home only.
  • In Brief:
  • Mild Grade Phimosis————————-Home care suggestions
  • Moderate to Severe Grade Phimosis——–Clinical Session-Based Treatment
  • Firstly, you should expect your consultant sexologist doctor to be competent. He should be a professionally well-qualified sexologist. Because to understand thoroughly and give successful treatment for the patient’s sexual problems, sexologists, who are specially trained to manage the treatment for such significant sexual medical issues, are necessary. He should hold sound educational and professional qualifications and, in-depth knowledge of sexual diseases and sexual disorders, practical experience backed by the successful results of formerly treated patients.
  • Besides this, your consultant sexologist doctor should have an attentive approach in taking the patient’s medical history and carrying out the assessment of present sexual problems. Your sexologist doctors, Dr.Manu Rajput and Dr.Kanu Rajput give you the best possible support, encouragement and guidance at times when you are in a dilemma about your sexual issues which you do not want to share or discuss with your friends and other family members or which you have to share with the family under compulsion.
  • Secondly, when you choose Sidri International for obtaining consultation regarding your sexual diseases, you will notice that the Best Sexologist in Delhi is a synonym for Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput. Your experience of taking the very first consultation with either of these Ayurvedic Doctors will make you realise that these are the type of doctors you have always been aspiring to talk with to get your sexual problem resolved.
  • Whether you’re going through the early onset of a sexual problem or chronic and complex sexual problems surrounding you, you will observe that all your mental disturbances and inhibitions concerning your sexual disorders or sexual dysfunctions are dispelling slowly after taking the consultation at Sidri International. We have a level-based consultation system, i.e. Level 1 and Level 2 consultation processes for some of the most common sexual problems such as Phimosis (inability to retract the foreskin of the penis), Paraphimosis (failure to return a retracted foreskin of the penis to its original position), Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Premature Ejaculation (PME), Male infertility, Low libido, Low sperm count, Balanitis (Inflammation of the glans or head of the penis), Balanoposthitis (Inflammation of the glans or head of the penis and foreskin), Penis Infection and few other STDs & STIs etc.
  • Level 1 Consultation is the first set of consultations in which the patients discuss their sexual problems with a Sexologist Doctor at Sidri International. Based upon the consultation process results, they are written/prescribed a medication plan for a specific period to observe the expected improvement results in this period.
  • Level 1 Consultation is primarily suggested for patients with an initial onset of sexual problems. Generally, such patients show reasonably satisfactory results in the Level 1 Consultation and treatment itself.
  • Please note that Sidri International is one of India’s very few Ayurvedic clinics in the field of sexological treatments, which prescribes medicines to the patient. You may buy these prescribed medicines either online or from any Chemist Shop of your choice, which also keeps Ayurvedic medicines.
  • The Consultation fee for Level 1 Consultation is INR 1500/- for one consultation.
  • Level 2 Consultation at Sidri International is an Online Assessment & Evaluation Process followed by a Conclusive Consultation.
  • A Level 2 Consultation is particularly recommended for the following persons:
  • The Patients who fail to get the full benefit from the Level 1 treatment;
  • The Patients who have experienced Unconsummated Marriage (UM), i.e. they failed to have intercourse at any time after the marriage;
  • The Patients who have been suffering from their sexual problem(s) for the last few months to a period of a few years;
  • The Patients who have been suffering from multiple sexual problems at the same time;
  • The Patients who have experienced poor or unsatisfactory results after self-medication or after the treatment taken from any doctor/ clinic;
  • The Patients who have chronic (Having Long Duration) and complex sexual problems;
  • The persons who have not yet experienced the pleasure of actual intercourse and are having doubts and apprehensions about their future sexual performances;
  • Patients experiencing any of the above conditions and NRIs and International patients;
  • We recommend undergoing a Level 2 Consultation for patients outside Delhi and NRIs & International Patients suffering from any sexual disease. These patients are suggested to straightaway undergo a Level 2 Consultation, i.e. an Online Assessment & Evaluation Process followed by the Conclusive Consultation due to the unavailability of physical check-ups of such patients.
  • In other words, Patients experiencing any of the conditions mentioned above and patients residing outside Delhi and NRIs & International Patients can directly opt for a Level 2 Consultation, i.e. an Online Assessment & Evaluation Process followed by the Conclusive Consultation rather than beginning with the Level 1 Consultation.
  • Level 2 Consultation, i.e. An Online Assessment & Evaluation Process followed by a Conclusive Consultation, is an in-depth Multidimensional Theoretical and Practical Evaluation to measure various aspects of your sexual performance by evaluating your case study, detailed medical history, level of severity of your sexual problems, it’s probable cause(s), associated complications, and prognosis of your medical condition which helps us make a precise treatment strategy and a plan of action to resolve your sexual problems.
  • In an Online Assessment & Evaluation Process, a comprehensive medical history of the patient is taken, and extensive case analysis is done covering various domains of sexual dysfunction, viz. Erectile Dysfunction, Orgasmic Function, Sexual Desire, Ejaculation Issues, Sexual Intercourse Issues and Overall Satisfaction Level.
  • In the Assessment and Evaluation Process involving a comparative study of theoretical and practical case findings, we require Detailed information” from the patient, which includes his case history along with the images and/or videos depicting his current medical condition. Based on this “detailed information” provided by you, we can understand what could be the main reason for your sexual problem, i.e. its root cause identification becomes possible. Very careful observations are made after a comprehensive analysis, which highlights factors such as the level of severity of your sexual diseases/disorders, their possible causes and associated complications, and the prognosis of your medical condition.
  • This Extensive Analysis then helps us make an Action Plan and a more precise Treatment Strategy for resolving the patient’s sexual dysfunction, which is discussed in the Conclusive Consultation.
  • Conclusive Consultation – Once the Assessment & Evaluation is finished, a mutually suitable date and time slot are decided by the doctor and the patient for the Conclusive Consultation, wherein, based upon your case findings, observations, and severity, it is discussed as to which of the two, whether Prescription Based Medicines or Customised Medicines would be an ideal choice for you. This final and Conclusive Consultation reveals some of the most significant points about your sexual problems to enable us to render you the most appropriate medication plan. Therefore, this extremely valuable Conclusive Consultation should be given its due importance by the patients to get their sexual problems resolved very well.

The Fee for a Level 2 Consultation is as follows:

  Online Assessment & Evaluation = INR 5500/- (Payable One Time Only)

  Conclusive Consultation = INR 1500/-

  Total (For Level 2 Consultation) = INR 7000/

Please Note

  • Suppose a patient leaves the WhatsApp group made for Online Assessment & Evaluation Process and Conclusive Consultation. In that case, he has to Re-Pay the same ongoing charges to get added again. Thus, we request patients avoid leaving the WhatsApp group under all circumstances.
  • The payment made for completing the Online Assessment & Evaluation Process plus the Conclusive Consultation is valid for 30 days only. To enable our sexologists’ doctors to go ahead with the conclusive consultation, we require “Detailed information” from the patient, including his case history and the images and/or videos depicting his current medical condition. We understand that a patient may take a period of 7 to 10 days from the date he transfers us the payment for this purpose. Though, the patients who are serious and dedicated to getting their sexual problems resolved usually send us the requisite “Detailed information” within 7 to 8 days only. However, in extreme cases, one may take some more days to do the needful, which should not exceed 30 days at max. Beyond a period of 30 days from the date of payment, if he wishes to complete the process, he has to re-pay the same fees of INR 7000/- (or ongoing charges for the assessment or evaluation process) and follow the same process once again. Soplease give us your cooperation and follow this rule because, by and large, we want to help those patients who genuinely need our medical expertise to get their sexual problems resolved in the best possible manner.
  • For writing your case history, you may choose any language you are comfortable with, such as English, Hindi, or Hinglish. Let the language not hinder sending us the requisite “Detailed information”.
  • The charges for Online Assessment & Evaluation Process with Conclusive Consultation are for Online Assessment & Evaluation Process with Conclusive Consultation of your sexual medical condition only. It cannot be substituted or adjusted in any other form.

After a patient has undergone a Level 2 Consultation,

He is recommended to choose either:

(1) The Prescription Based Medicines, or

(2) The Customised Medicines (Personalised Medicine Specially Prepared for You)                  

  • Any of the choices mentioned above is to initiate an attempt to resolve your sexual problems. The usefulness of both types of medicines is described below:-

(1) The Prescription-Based Medicines: – A brief description

You may buy these prescribed Ayurvedic medicines either online or from any Chemist shop near you which keeps Ayurvedic medicines.

The prescription based Ayurvedic medicines are recommended to the following persons:-

  • Patients having mild to moderate grades of sexual problems are often suggested to go ahead with prescription-based medicines. You may buy these medicines online or from any good Chemist Shop or Ayurvedic Medical Store in your city.
  • The prescription-based Medicines generally show quite a good response to patients having Mild to Moderate grades of sexual problems.
  • The prescription is changed either every week or almost every 10-10 days, based upon the improvements.
  • The medicines prescribed are of reputed and renowned pharmaceuticals. They are easily available online or at any good Chemist Shop or Ayurvedic Medical Store in your city.
  • International patients can easily find these prescribed medicines online.
  • Although the medicines prescribed are of reputed pharmaceuticals and have been a boon for many patients who have budget issues, but due to bulk and mass production, they generally show stimulatory response and the lack of their curative properties is observed at times for some patients.
  • Our job with prescription-based medicines is primarily to design a Safe and Without Side Effects Combination of Medicines.
  • At times, prescription-based medicines are a Boon for patients who have Moderate to High Severity of sexual problems. Still, due to their budget constraints, they are not able to go ahead with Customised Medicines and are looking for an economical and low-cost treatment. 
  • The prescription-based medicines, with their stimulating effects, help patients with budget constraints to manage their current sexual problems.

The fee chargeable for Prescription-Based Medicine is INR 4500/- per month (INR 1500/- x 3 prescriptions = INR 4500/- a month).

(2) The Customised Medicines (personalised medicine specially prepared for you):- A Brief Description

  • The Customised medicines are customised, formulated, and prepared very specifically only for you, based upon your medical history, findings of the current state of your sexual problems and observations made during the Online Assessment & Evaluation Process and the subsequent Conclusive Consultation.
  • Our Expertise and Experience in the Formulation of Customised Medicines, i.e. Individual Specific Medicines, is one of our Core Specialities in dealing with any of the sexual problems of patients. This is also one of the prime reasons behind our very high number of Successful results from our former patients.

A Customised Medicine treatment modality for a patient suffering from any sexual problem is formulated with utmost precision and sanctity, which also involves diagnostic outcomes drawn from the Conclusive Consultation. Therefore, to enable us to render you the most appropriate medication plan, this final and conclusive consultation reveals some of the most significant points about your sexual problems, such as Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Premature Ejaculation (PME), Low libido, Low sperm count, Balanitis (Inflammation of the glans or head of the penis), Balanoposthitis (Inflammation of the glans or head of the penis and foreskin), and Penile Infections etc. Therefore, this extremely valuable Conclusive Consultation should be given its importance by the patients to get their sexual problems resolved very well.

  • After that, Customised Medicine is Individualised, Personalised, and formulated precisely keeping in mind the sexual issues you suffer from. A month’s dosage is specially prepared for you in a set of 10-10 days leading to a progressive recovery in your sexual health. These improvements regarding your sexual health are reviewed regularly through the updates received from you. These updates are helpful in planning your subsequent ensuing sexual treatment medications and preparing the next dosage of the Customised Medicines accordingly.
  • Thus, the Customised Medicines are individualised, personalised, disease pathway assessed, evidence-based and precision-built based on the updates received from time to time for each patient leading to long-term and sustained results of high quality.

The Customised Medicines are primarily for the patients:-

  • Who has been suffering from the sexual disease for quite a long time and are now looking for long-term, sustained and stable results of high quality;
  • Who have taken sexual treatments from various doctors/ clinics or have also done self-medication but got very nominal or no notable results and now want to take such a treatment which should be given after a proper analysis of their sexual problems making it more precise target-specific only by a professionally qualified and an experienced specialist sexologist doctor;
  • Who have taken sexual treatments from various doctors/ clinics/ hospitals/ online pharmacies and got excellent results initially, but soon after leaving the treatment or medicines, they came back to their old state of Sexual Problems;
  • Who does not wish to adopt a ‘Try and See’ approach;
  • Who is about to get married but are not confident about their future Sexual Performance;
  • Who have experienced Unconsummated Marriage (UM), i.e. the failure to perform successful sexual intercourse at any time after the marriage;
  • Who has failed to give Sexual Satisfaction to their female partner;
  • Who are struggling with Poor and Unsatisfactory Sexual Performances due to Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation;
  • Who are having male Infertility Issues and bearing tremendous mental, family, and/or social pressures etc.?

About the customised medicines, we would like to draw your attention to the following points:-

  1. The Proper Treatment Plan is strategically made, and the Medications are then Designed, Formulated and Customised for a particular patient, specifically keeping in view the findings drawn from the case evaluation that is done about the patient and his problems during the conclusive consultation.
  2. The Customised Medicinal Treatments are our Special Sexual Treatments that also include an intensive approach for your healthy and progressive recovery along with gaining Curative, Long Term and Sustainable Results of high quality for your sexual problems.
  3. Simply put, the successful results obtained from our customised medicinal treatment will not disappear even after you leave the sexual treatment after it is completed.
  4. The Cost of our Customised Treatment would depend upon various factors, such as the severity of your sexual problems and other medical complications involved etc.
  5. We maintain very High-Quality Standards and are, therefore, known in the field of sexological treatments for our Genuine and Extremely High Result Centered Customised Medicines that we prepare for a specific patients.
  6. Also, in the name of Ayurvedic Medicines, we do not mix steroids, boosters, testosterone supplements and Viagra etc. in them.
  7. Unfortunately, this probably is happening in the field of sexual treatment. We, at times, get shocked to hear the ill experiences of some patients during the consultation process when they narrate to us how their sexual ability got messed up because of these improper treatments, which are being carried out by making tall claims through various modes of publicity.
  8. We feel very honoured to say out with utmost confidence that we do not adopt such unethical medical practices to achieve any short-term gains.

In the end, we can confidently say that after taking our customised medicine treatment, any patient of Sidri International will forget the Embarrassment, Guilt & Frustration that he might have gathered over the past period as he will be a Sexually Fit Man Once Again. So what else do they need?

Patients of Sidri International can get delivery of customised medicines in the following three ways:

  1. Most of the patients of Delhi and NCR come and pick up their medicines from the clinic after the customised medicines are prepared. However, suppose they cannot come themselves due to lockdown or other reasons. In that case, their medications are couriered to the address mentioned by them. In such a situation, the courier charges are paid by the patient.
  2. Customised medicines of patients who contact us from different states of India reach remote provinces and villages through courier services. Even in this situation, the payment of the courier charge is made by the patient himself.
  3. Customised medicines for NRIs and international patients who contact us from other countries also reach them through courier services. We have observed that some patients planning to come to India make their plans in such a way that they visit us once before leaving India and also pick up their medicines. Otherwise, this also happens that a relative or friend of the patient is visiting him from India, and he wants the medicines to be delivered to the address of his friend or relative in any mentioned state of India. Even in this situation, the courier charge is paid by the patient himself.
  • That is an exciting question!!!
  • Just consult us once, keeping in mind your past experiences, to understand the difference between your previous Doctors/Clinics and us and feel the difference yourself.
  • While consulting with us, please also ensure that you are using your mind, heart and soul simultaneously to see if we are really the right doctors. Are we not listening and understanding your sexual problems emphatically & carefully and answering your queries side by side in a manner that is not only very professional but also full of extremely valuable information from the viewpoint of resolving sexual problems?
  • Are we really that good at emphatically understanding and successfully treating the sexual problems of our patients?
  • Are we really worth the praise which is being done by several genuine patients time and again for the last so many years about us?
  • In this way, you will get to know about us, and we will also be able to learn more about you.
  • We believe the doctor-patient relationship formed on this reliable ground will be solid and long-lasting. It has happened in the past; it is happening at present, and we are sure that it will keep happening in the future as well.
  • But if you feel it’s the other way around, it will only make you lose your Consultation and/ or Assessment Fee. Nothing more than that. Isn’t it true?
  • Money is not important here, but it’s your time and, most importantly, your health which is far more valuable. Most of you have already had bitter experiences in the past wherein you lost your Precious Time and money and your Precious sexual Health to some extent. Maybe all this has left you depressed to some extent, making you feel that nothing much can be done about what has already happened but how to easily trust another doctor or a clinic. All we can say to you is this: Please don’t get discouraged. There is always some other way to get something done, maybe a better way that suits you and is also the best for you. Please contact us at Sidri International on WhatsApp to experience highly satisfactory results for resolving your sexual problems.
  • We are very confident about our expertise and experience in resolving different types of sexual problems of our patients. The treatment protocol we follow ensures the extremely high-quality results we have been delivering to our patients for so many years, keeping their precious health in mind and ultimately giving the best possible realistic solution to their sexual problems. That’s why we ask you to experience highly satisfactory results in resolving your sexual issues, as many of our former patients have already experienced them.
  • You can make the payment through IMPS (Bank Transfer), Google Pay, Cash or Card.
  • We wish to say sorry about this. A humble and Polite Sorry.
  • Any payments made through any mode are neither Refundable nor Transferable under any circumstances. Also, any payments made cannot be adjusted in any form.
  • All we can say is: Please initiate the fee only when you are confident about us and have adequately checked the FAQs and this website, including problems you suffer from, as mentioned on our Treatments Page.
  • We would love to answer this question. 
  • To be honest, there is no specific answer to this very commonly asked question.
  • You May Ask, Why?
  • Let us simply answer this:
  • How can you tell the cost of the treatment without assessing and understanding the severity of your sexual problems, your case history, your present medical condition and other associated factors?
  • We know that some doctors/clinics have packages available for the sexual treatments they offer. But fortunately, we don’t believe in this type of medical service, especially for such a severe issue of life-related to your sexual manhood.
  • We can only tell you about our Consultation fees, Online Assessment & Evaluation fees as these are already fixed, but when it comes to the treatments/ procedures cost, etc., how can we say anything about the expenditure involved without even understanding your sexual problems?
  • We suggest that if you are discussing with someone the cost involved in your sexual treatment, please do not allow anyone to compare the cost of your medical problems and their treatment outcomes along the lines of purchasing a shirt or trousers.
  • So, instead of self-medication or window-shopping through the internet for the solutions to your sexual problems, take them a bit more seriously and consult us first.
  • Because if you don’t take your sexual problems seriously, how can you expect someone else to do that for you? Please feel free to discuss your sexual issues with your sexologist doctors, Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput, at Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic. Even if it’s just an imaginary problem of yours or a real one, contact us to seek the correct solution.
  • It has indeed been acknowledged from time to time by many of the formerly treated patients of Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput that you have to be an intelligent decision-maker in getting the right solution to your sexual problems from the right doctors. This view has also been strongly supported by such patients who never got any satisfactory sexual treatment results from some other doctors/ clinics in the past. We feel confident that after going through these FAQs pages, you would like to choose Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput as your sexologist doctors who have got high expertise and experience in solving even the utmost difficult and complex sexual problems of their patients. Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput are nationally and Internationally Qualified and well-known Best Sexologists in Delhi available at Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic, New Delhi, India.
  • We shall look forward to receiving your WhatsApp message. Hope to connect with you soon. All the best!

Dear patient, online consultation is a much more practical and beneficial option in almost all medical conditions than an in-person consultation. Let us understand how:

a). Phimosis: It is essential to assess the extent of foreskin retraction in an erect state. It can never be made possible in an in-person consultation, as the patient suffering from phimosis may not be able to show retraction in an erect state due to white coat anxiety at that moment.  

b). Penile Infections: Patients having penile infections, STDs/STIs can show their condition through images. It is faster and more convenient.

It minimises the risk of transmission of infectious diseases in a clinical set-up. In addition, it makes follow-up care easier.

c). Sexual Dysfunction: Patients suffering from ED and PE can refer to the question wherein we have mentioned the process of Level 2 Consultation. You’ll get a detailed answer on how we assess the case in detail for a patient suffering from Sexual Dysfunction with Level 2 Consultation.

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