Sidri International Patient FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

[mkdf_section_title type=”standard” position=”center” separator=”yes” title_tag=”” disable_break_words=”no” text_tag=”” text_font_weight=”” image=”5171″ title=”FAQs” text=”These are the most common and frequently asked questions (FAQs) by the patients who are planning to visit/contact Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic.
We receive a lot of calls everyday from different cities of India and Abroad, wherein patients who are looking forward to understand our protocols contact us and due to time constraints at our end, sometimes, we are unable to explain them everything in detail over a call.
We have made every possible attempt to answer them in the most descriptive way and hope all your doubts will get cleared before visiting us.
Also, please note that these FAQs are subject to change without notice.

Thank You!” text_font_size=”20″]

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EDIT 1 : Below points are being mentioned as in short crux and will be in a bit more detailed way once you reach the questions part.

If your medical condition is more than 3 months old then we strongly recommend you to go for online assessment and evaluation process, No matter if you are from New Delhi. It’s already mandatory for patients who are from Outside Delhi or Outside India.

It will be much more helpful for you and us to understand your problem in a much more detailed way and ultimately helping us to design best and most appropriate combination for you.

* Online assessment and evaluation process is only for selected medical conditions like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation etc. and is not applicable for Phimosis, Paraphimosis etc.

NOTE 1: Initially, we would prescribe you the medicines once the online assessment and evaluation is done. You can purchase those medicines from any good and big ayurvedic store of your choice or from online website of your choice. Our main aim is to prescribe the correct and safe combination of medicines for you.

If those medicines shows good results, fair enough 🙂

If not, then we would suggest you to go for our customized treatments. It’s not a compulsion but a suggestion so that you can save your time and money. (* Read this page completely and carefully to understand what we mean here).

For patients having severe sexual problems, we coustomize and formulate medicines specifically according to the severity of their problem unlike prescription based medicines which are developed by pharmaceuticals in BULK for masses without considering an individual’s need.

Customized treatment is our USP and the main reason for our high success rate.

Although the treatment comes out to be high on costs but the efficacy and results are at par.”]

[mkdf_process][mkdf_process_item title_tag=”” number=”01″ title=”STEP 1″ text=”Checkout this FAQs page to know our treatment protocols and fees. If you don’t know much about your medical condition(s) then checkout our TREATMENTS PAGE AS WELL @”%5D%5B/mkdf_process%5D
[mkdf_process][mkdf_process_item title_tag=”” number=”02″ title=”STEP 2″ text=”WhatsApp us by clicking this Link @ . Message us on WhatsApp that you wish to take online consultation and ask the account details.”][/mkdf_process]
[mkdf_process][mkdf_process_item title_tag=”” number=”03″ title=”STEP 3″ text=”Once you make the payment, share us the screenshot of successful transaction on WhatsApp and ask for appointment timing. We will respond back as early as possible.”][/mkdf_process]

Primarily, it is our unique approach to resolve our patient’s sexual problems. 

Improving the health of your male sexual organs and the quality of your life is our primary goal.  It all starts with analysing how your sexual organs are functioning at present. 

Every Individual comes to us with his unique case history and the severity of the problem which may differ from one patient to another. It is usually observed that the impact of a same disorder/disease may vary from one individual to another. 

Some people show very common signs and symptoms whereas some may show very unique peculiarities in their case which may have arisen due to some very specific habits/history/ medications etc. that’s the reason a unique customised treatment plan is needed for such patients, rather than a stereotype treatment approach.  

We don’t believe in “One Size Fits All”, that’s why we prefer conducting a very Thorough Assessment and Evaluation of the Patients and their Problems along with a detailed Case Study Analysis (though with an additionally chargeable option, however not a compulsive one).

We use all of these case findings to create an individualized, targeted treatment plan specifically for your needs and the way your unique sexual organs function in synchrony with your mind and body. Whenever possible and medically appropriate, we thereafter like to switch over to more natural treatments.

However, if a patient doesn’t wish to undergo the chargeable assessment process for himself, we don’t hesitate to start the prescription based medicines which a patient can purchase from any good Ayurvedic Medical Store of his choice.

[/mkdf_accordion_tab][/mkdf_accordion][mkdf_accordion][mkdf_accordion_tab title=”HOW MUCH TIME DOES A CONSULTATION TAKES AND HOW DO I MAKE PAYMENTS?”]

A consultation may generally finish up in a time slot of 20 minutes, for which a patient has to pay Rs.1500/- (One thousand five hundred only). 

However, if the patient has more to discuss, then please check with the doctor in advance about the time availability or book directly on the scheduler whatever number of slots you may wish to book. 

The payment to be made by the patient in such a case, would be “Pay Per Slot” i.e. Rs.1500/- for each slot of 20 minutes.

For example, If you discuss your problems or undergo a counselling session for 35 to 40 minutes, then the consultation fee that you are required to pay is Rs.3000/- for 2 time slots of 20 minutes each.

We request the patients to please come prepared with all your case relevant queries/questions by making notes/points in advance, so that you may save your time and money. 

This would also be beneficial for other needy patients to get an early opportunity to meet the doctor. 

Contributing our support in “Digital India”, we suggest patients to do all the transactions via online payment methods available with us. 

As far as making payments are concerned, we accept payments through IMPS, NEFT, Google Pay, Card and Cash.


There is a wide spectrum of Male Sexual Problems which we see at Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic viz. STDs & STIs, Phimosis & Paraphimosis, Sexual Dysfunction and Male Infertility Issues. 

By and large, we start with the Prescription based medicines for patients who have a minor (Initial Stage) of Sexual Dysfunction; however, for a better understanding and root cause analysis of their problem, patients may also opt to undergo a chargeable “Assessment and Evaluation” process. 

They may then be prescribed medicines after having an in depth analysis and a better understanding of their condition. 

Please note, that Prescription Based Medicines (which patients can purchase from any good Ayurvedic Medical Store of their choice) are also an option for people looking for short term stimulatory effects but in budgets. 

However, it doesn’t assure you long term stable results. Our job here would be to design a safe and a right set of combination for you after understanding your medical condition.

Please note that we reserve the right to whether or not to start or continue our Treatment/ Procedure/ Customised Treatments for a patient. Also, The Customised Medicines are primarily for those patients who have been:

  • suffering with sexual dysfunction for quite a long time and are looking for a stable and sustainable results; 
  • have not responded well to the previously taken treatments; 
  • have been getting recurrent episodes of problems again and again in spite being treated previously from some other clinics/hospitals/doctors/medicines; 
  • who do not wish to go for a ‘try and see’ approach; 
  • who are about to get married but are not confident about their sexual performance; 
  • have got married in the recent past but couldn’t consummate the marriage yet i.e. unable to do penetrative intercourse, 
  • had multiple failed sexual encounters, 
  • or struggling with poor and unsatisfactory sexual performances; 
  • men having Infertility issues with tremendous mental, 
  • family and/or social  pressures etc. 

Such patients can directly ask the doctor to proceed with the “Assessment and Evaluation Process” after a consultation so that an in depth evaluation of their specific case study would be done.  

Strategized, Proper Treatment Plan is made and the Medications would then be customised, formulated and designed specifically looking at the case evaluations that are done of the patient and his problems. 

The Customised Treatments are our Speciality Treatments that involves an intensive approach for a healthy recovery as well gaining long term and sustainable results.

Conditions like Phimosis and Paraphimosis generally requires only a physical examination and not a detailed assessment. 

Patients coming for these may ask the relevant questions, see successful case studies and may directly proceed towards the treatment.

Patients coming for STDs and STIs, may have a lot of doubts. They may undergo a “per slot counselling” as the doubts are way too many due to a lot of factors. The relevant investigations would be suggested and a treatment may be commenced accordingly. 


A consultation/ counselling that may end in a designated time slot of 20 minutes would cost you only Rs.1500/-. 

However, if you wish to clear your doubts, discuss more about your problem and need more time to have an in depth discussion or counselling, you would pay for whatever time slots you may have consumed, i.e. Rs. 1500/- for one slot of every 20 minutes. 

As mentioned above, apart from consultation/counselling fee, if the patient chooses to undergo the “Assessment and Evaluation”, then the charges would be Rs. 5500/- (payable one time only).

That means Rs.1500/- fee for every consultation/counselling (as per the time slots consumed) +Rs.5500/-(One Time fees applicable which is only limited to assessment and cannot be used as a substitute for a consultation or further queries).


Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic receives a lot of enquiries from across India, NRIs and International Patients for consultations and second opinion.

The fee for a 20 minutes call (initiated by the patient) is going to be the same from now, be it an Indian or an International Patient i.e. INR 1500/- .

Although, we would encourage you to come down to meet us and feel the practical difference in the consultation and realise whether Sidri International Skin Hair & sexology Clinic and it’s Doctors are the right choice for your medical treatment or not. 

This will help you to save your hard earned money and precious health which at times, some of you might have lost by now due to previous wrong choices regarding clinics/hospitals/doctors/medicines. 

We are very much confident about us and treatment strategies which we follow and the consequent results that we can deliver. 

Thus, we invite you to come and visit us in person so that you can also realize the benefits to you of our result oriented strategies. 

This will also help you save on the Assessment Cost going wasted (If Applicable), as you would be able to get a clear idea about our genuineness in a face to face consultation. 

If, by chance, you feel that we were the wrong choice for you, it will then easily save your money which could have gone to waste otherwise.

The online support is not at all to have more patients on board but just a support mechanism for those patients who are having a tough time in their sexual life but can’t reach out to us initially or in person due to travel constraints, they can follow the below mentioned protocol: 

The patients who are not from Delhi and are from different state(s) of India and/or abroad and still wish to undergo an online/telephonic consultation, the “Assessment and Evaluation Process” is Mandatory for such patients. 

The time designated for a Telephonic consultation would be decided mutually keeping in view the patient’s and doctor’s convenience. 

The Consultation Charges (approx. 20 minutes of Telephonic Conversation) + “Assessment and Evaluation Process” i.e. INR 1500/- + INR 5,500/- is to be remitted in our account. 

That means a sum total of INR 7000/- would be payable and needed to be remitted in the accounts to initiate the process. 

* Please note that if the telephonic conversation exceeds 5 – 10 minutes extra also, you won’t be charged for that. This would happen over WhatsApp for yours as well as our convenience. 

You may contact us on WhatsApp (+91 7838963383) to get the account details. The process may begin once you initiate and make the payment and share a screenshot of the transaction on the same number. 

We will confirm and take you through the process with maximum convenience and ease. It’s going to be a wonderful journey towards recovery.

[/mkdf_accordion_tab][/mkdf_accordion][mkdf_accordion][mkdf_accordion_tab title=”Is Booking an Appointment On Sidri International Clinic’s Official Website’s Scheduler Mandatory? Or Can I Come Directly as a Walk-In Patient as Well?”]

Dear Patients,Yes, It is really required to book an appointment with all the relevant genuine contact details submitted at the time of booking. 

This helps us to have a confirmation of appointment numbers on that day and plan the schedule accordingly. 

Also, as there is a limitation of seats in the waiting area, we feel bad if there are any unscheduled walk-ins and they need to wait out for many hours to get their turn.

Also, there are times when due to some emergency, we might have to cancel or reschedule appointments. 

This can happen only if we have a list of patients having confirmed appointments on that day. This will eventually save the patients’ travelling and waiting time.

This is the reason why we don’t prefer seeing patients without confirmed appointments as direct Walk-ins.

[/mkdf_accordion_tab][mkdf_accordion_tab title=”Is Consultation Fees and/or Assessment Fees Refundable / Adjustable or Transferable ?”]

Dear Patients,

The answer to the above is NO. A Humble and a Polite One.

The Consultation Fees / Counselling Fees and/ or Assessment Fees paid is Neither Refundable Nor Transferable and Cannot be adjusted in any form.

It’s the organisation policy and we cannot do anything about it.

What best we can suggest you in terms of Consultation Fees / Counselling Fees and/ or Assessment Fees is :

Consultation Fees / Counselling Fees :

You’ll be charged as per the time slots you have consumed/taken. Plan to visit us only when you are 100% sure of it.


Assessment Fees :

Please do not opt for / pay for assessment until you are sure of the advantages or benefits of it.

The idea behind online assessment is to :

1. Understand your problems in detail which are difficult to discuss in 1 single consultation as the patient has to recall each and everything while the time slot is running and about to get finish or about to get started for the next chargeable time slots.

2. Trying to find out the main culprits behind your disease to the best extent possible after properly analyzing your medical condition. Again a time taking process.

3. Some patients are either shy or introvert etc and are not comfortable to discuss their private life in detail face to face. This online assessment is a boon to such patients as they can tell us everything without hesitation that too at their convenience – be it convenience of time or convenience of location (Home /  Office) etc.


If that’s not something beneficial to you then you can simply take the prescription based medicine (which you have to purchase from any good ayurvedic store of your choice), we won’t mind.


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