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Best Sexologist in Delhi


Internationally Qualified Cosmetologist, Trichologist, Sexologist & Male Infertility Specialist.

Dr. Manu Rajput is a certified sexologist in Delhi and the medical director of Sidri International skin, hair and sexology clinic. He is specialized in clinical sexology, male infertility and reproductive medicines (Ayurveda). After completing his basic medical studies, he went through an intense training in cosmetology, trichology, diet and nutrition from an award winning university of England, United Kingdom which acted as a cherry on the cake. Simultaneously he did research on conceiving Ayurvedic medicines in sexual dysfunction and male infertility. There might be many sexologists in Delhi, but Dr. Manu Rajput is certified and and has an experience of more then 10 years. He is considered to be the best in industry, as he creates a very comfortable environment for his patients to open up. The subject sexology is still a taboo in our society, speaking about the problems and diseases related to it is more difficult in our society. But when a male suffers form such issues it becomes really very embarrassing and humiliating for him to share his problems and get the right treatment for it. Dr. Manu Rajput creates a really comfortable and friendly environment for his patients, so that they can come out of their cocoons and share their problems with him. With his abundance of knowledge and experience, Dr. Manu Rajput treats patients of STI’s, sexual dysfunctions, and sperm defects. He examines his patients physically and psychologically, so that he can understand the difficulties faced by them, changes which are required and even tries to know the expected changes from the patients. Dr. Manu not only deals with the physical root cause of the patient’s issues, but also tries to know the psychological issues which are responsible for sexual dysfunctions and sort them out. The list of Dr. Manu’s patients not only includes patients from Delhi or our country, but NRI’s from countries like Australia, Singapore, New-Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Mauritius are visited by him. Many celebrities and page 3 people also on Dr. Manu’s patient list. So, if you are searching for the best sexologist I’m Delhi, your search ends right here. Book an appointment with him online or on telephone today itself.

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