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About Us – Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic



  • It’s been eight years, since Sidri International skin, hair and sexology clinic has started it’s remarkable journey.
  • It was started by Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput who are certified from the award winning bodies of England, United Kingdom. Building a reputation in the society is not a cake walk, but Sidri International has set a bench mark in this field.
  • Sidri International gives personal attention and individual treatment to every patient in a very caring way. Sidri International has set a milestone by winning people’s hearts through their hard work.
  • It’s the dedication of the whole team of Sidri International to maintain healthy skin, hair and sexual health of their patients. The technologies that we use for treating our patients are of high quality, safe and effective.
  • Our updated and improved techniques of treating patients have proven to be a boon for the patients. Once a patient enters into our clinic, their problems become ours. After the treatment has started, we take care of them in every manner possible.
  • It can be blood tests, allergy tests, prescribing proper medication, preparing a proper diet plan and every other possible step which we can take for them.
  • Over this long span of time Sidri International and the whole team has been trying it’s level best to cure people and has even succeeded to a great extent.
  • Our major goal is to bring a smile on our patients face when they go out of our clinic after treatment.
  • Sidri International is the best in the industry in Delhi. So if you reside in Delhi and searching for best sexologist, then your search ends here.
  • Book an appointment with our experienced and qualified doctors and get rid of your problems.