Effects of Alcohol on Arousal : Alcohol and Impotence Symptoms, Alcohol Impotence Cure, Erectile Dysfunction Alcohol Recovery

The consumption of alcohol occasionally is considered normal. It does not affect the body. But daily consumption of alcohol can lead to several health hazards. We all know these few things already:

  • The liver gets adversely affected by it, and other body parts also do not work correctly.
  • Excess consumption of alcohol makes an individual lose his senses for some time.

But do you know that regular consumption of alcohol can even lead to some sexual problems???

So if you are facing some sexual issues and you are a regular alcohol consumer, then you should stop this habit as it’s very harmful to both men and women. If you can relate to the side effects below, then don’t waste time and consult Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput.

Side-effects of alcohol on sexual life are :

  • Erectile Dysfunction :

Alcohol consumption is a significant reason for erectile dysfunction in men. Consuming it regularly might increase the sexual desires of a man but may cause erectile dysfunction and affect their performance during sexual intercourse.

  • Low Sex Desire :

Alcohol consumption may also lead to decreased interest in sexual intercourse as regular consumption harms the sexual parts and lowers the interest in sex.

  • Harmful for women during pregnancy :

Pregnant women should avoid alcohol for at least the first three months of their pregnancy and, if possible, avoid it for nine months.

Excess alcohol consumption during pregnancy may damage the brain of the baby. Thus, doctors advise pregnant ladies not to consume alcohol.

  • Alcohol reduces sexual desires in women :

Consumption of excessive alcohol may reduce the sexual desires (Libido) in women.

This may lead to dissatisfaction with the other partner, creating issues between the couples and leading to break-ups and divorces.

  • A person loses their thinking capability :

An individual may lose their thinking capability and proper senses for some time due to excessive consumption of alcohol. Due to this, the person may indulge in sexual activity with the wrong person, leading to many problems in their marital relationship.

  • No proper use of contraceptive measures :

When a person is out of his senses due to excess consumption of alcohol, they do not think about using contraceptive measures during sex. This may lead to unwanted pregnancies and other STDs and STIs.

If you are a male & having sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or low-sex desire, then you must visit Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic. Dr. Manu Rajput And Dr. Kanu Rajput are ranked among Best Doctors For Sexual Dysfunction In India.


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