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How To Keep A Relationship Alive

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How To Keep A Relationship Alive:

Sex is a daily need of life. Unfortunately, the sexual life of a couple becomes boring after a few years of togetherness. This may hurt the relationship between the couple. A couple must maintain freshness in their relationship. Like flowers need water to preserve their freshness, our sexual life to needs a fresh breath of air. Here are six healthy relationship tips for couples :

1. Being spontaneous is the key to maintaining freshness: After a few years, couples stop thinking about new and innovative ideas for keeping the spark in their sexual life. They become stereotyped and follow the same daily routine. Whether it is the position during intercourse or the place of having sex, spontaneity is essential. Couples should try new jobs and even try having sex in a different location rather than the same one.

2. Pubic hair is a big turn-off: Shaving pubic hair increases the sensitivity of the genital areas, which makes sexual intercourse a more pleasurable activity. Moreover, it makes the genital area look more attractive visually. Removing pubic hair even increases the sexual arousal of the person.

3. Don’t let shyness be a hurdle: Opening up both partners with each other is very necessary. If they do not do so, they will not get sexual satisfaction and ultimately ruin their sexual life and the whole relationship. Both partners should try to speak to each other about their likes and dislikes. This will help them to know each other’s interests, improve their bonding and have a happy sexual life. Both partners must get out of their cocoons to live happy life.

4. Experiment with lingerie: Clothing is an essential part. It can be a turn-on or a big turn-off during sexual intercourse. Experimenting with the underwear of both men and women can be a good option. It is the 21st century, and there can be many options for lingerie in markets and online shopping sites for both men and women. It is a known fact that the correct type of lingerie can increase the sexual arousal of an individual.

5. Sex toys: Sex toys increase the level of excitement and arousal between the couple. There are many types of sex toys available for both men and women in different shapes and sizes. If used properly, sex toys can be a good way of stimulating both men and women.

6. Sensitive parts of both men and women: Some sensitive aspects of both men and women turn them on. Both partners should focus on such portions of each other so that sexual intercourse becomes more enjoyable.

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