My Boyfriend is Insecure About His Size Does Size Matter ? Do Girls Care About Size ? Average Size Of a Manhood

Average Size Of a Manhood:

Men are so concerned about their penis sizes.They often connect their self-esteem to the size of their penis. Well, it is very strange and hilarious as well that why men are so insecure about this issue and why society has a created manhood around this thing.
The most strange thing here is women have nothing to do with your penis size. Their only complaint on the bed from you is always rush to the intercourse without much foreplay which women love and crave the most.

In this Article We We Learn Some Facts About Insecurities of Males About Penis Size, Does Size Matter, Do Girls Care About Size and Most Importantly Average Size Of a Manhood. So Here It Goes:

  1. Penetrative intercourse is considered as only real sex

We must say, it is the biggest misconception among men that they can only arouse or satisfy women with deep penetration. And to perform deep penetration function, they always crave for big penis size. They have just demeaned the real pleasure of foreplay, and unfortunately, most of the men don’t even know how to perform foreplay. Sex is always good with free exploration and expression, but men don’t want to be open with their partner about how they think on this matter. And for God Sake, upgrade your knowledge on the real definition of Sex because Intercourse is just a part of sex, not everything.
You can refer to the blog section of Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic, they have pretty much explained the psyche of women and explain they really want or desire.

  1. A big hype around about big dick

Yes, this is real hype because the truth is far beyond this thing. All men just die to have a big penis size and you can see your fellows when they proudly boast about their big penis size.
Our society has an inclination towards a big penis size and likes to make fun of small sizes. And just because men are really ignorant that penis size doesn’t hold any advantage in having good sex, they sometimes develop mental stress as well. In fact, a man with 3 to 4 inches can perform a satisfying sex drive if mixed with creative tricks of foreplay. Keep in mind that a big penis size sometimes hurt and women just don’t like it. Actually, “bigger the better” is presumed true in every sense, but really, it doesn’t hold any value in this sense. Girth sometimes matter, but in case you don’t have, please don’t take as a shortcoming.

  1. As a heterosexual man, you just don’t know the size of other men’s penis

We are going to put some hilarious angle into this. It is true, as a man who loves the partner of the opposite sex don’t even know the size of other men’s penis.
And when they see, it is always in porn movies, where the guys have an enlarged penis size. Please don’t compare with these guys, they are professional and very rare to find. Most of us really don’t have that big size, which is also not required anyways. It is advisable to keep a distance from people who often get into the debate of Big Penis Size. Don’t feel discouraged and come in the world of reality.

  1. Big penis size is only good for a visual

Yes, this is true because a big penis size doesn’t have any advantage apart from a good vision.
And as per the psyche of women, they just don’t feel good when they an over sized penis and fear sometimes that how they can take it.
As per some girly facts, a small or average sized penis is good to play with. Rest is on your mind boys and men.

  1. A big size has become an image of manhood or masculinity

Men are really in a big delusion that their penis size is related to their manhood. And if they are not man enough, then society won’t respect them.
If someone is really deep into the thought that he is not man enough, then he just can’t keep a woman happy on the bed.
You want to admit or not, your manhood is derived from your emotional intelligence and your will to lead something.
So keep this unwanted pressure away from your mind, these false definitions of manhood are made by society for their cheap entertainment.

  1. Men just can’t increase their penis size

Unfortunately, you can get bigger biceps, big chest, thighs, but you just can’t increase your penis size. But when it doesn’t matter, then why you want a bigger one???
Some things can’t size, and mother earth has included this in those things. If someone is claiming, that they can help you in increasing your penis size. They only claiming this to earn money by playing with your emotions. Despite the fact that the size of the penis can’t be changed (Without Surgery Which Is Ofcourse Expensive and Slightly Risky), many men fall prey to Scammers. These people will give you nothing but some medicines of Erection, which can’t help in getting a bigger size.


But you really have some Erection Problems like Erectile Dysfunction or Discharge Problem Like Premature Ejaculation , then consult Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput of Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic without any second thoughts.
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As we have already mentioned that there is no such safe treatment of penis enlargement is available in modern medical science or in Ayurveda. But still many are advertising for pills, creams, supplements etc for increasing girth.
But unfortunately, these treatments are not medically proven and in worst scenario, very potential to pose a threat to your Sex Health. Sometimes, a person who is offering such pills is not even from Medical Background. He/she is just working as a seller and selling these pills illegally. Please avoid taking these pills, they do more harm than good.
And the patients who have gone through the use of penile extenders and traction devices often complain for disfigurement, lumpiness, and infection.
For example, Penis Pumps which often advocated as a Penis Enlargement tool, is actually helps sometimes with Erectile Dysfunction (note- this therapy also has many side effects).
Yes, we are human beings, not some machines or robots and something in us just can’t change. So it is better to be satisfied with what you have.
Instead of developing insecurity about your penis size, focus and explore real trick of sex fantasies and try something new to please your partner on the bed.
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