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Best Doctor for Genital Warts Treatment in Delhi


Are your genital warts recurring frequently even after undergoing treatment? Then Ayurveda has something in store for you. Ayurveda helps in treating genital warts from the root and there are very rare chances that warts may recur. Read on to know about genital warts, causes, symptoms and the best doctor for genital warts treatment in Delhi.


Genital warts are caused due to viral infection. The virus causing the genital warts is the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). These are the Sexually Transmitted Infection. The infection is spread through oral, vaginal and anal sex with the infected person. Warts is a particular type of symptom of HPV that can be easily recognized. The presence of genital warts, generally, have no symptoms and does not affects the quality of life however, in some cases, genital warts are painful. Although both male and female are equally affected by genital warts, the condition progresses more aggressively in females. Further, the cause of genital warts i.e. HPV has significant potential to cause cancer of vulva and cervix.


Genital wart is a sexually transmitted condition. It is caused due to the spread of the Human Papilloma Virus. Human Papillomavirus is spread through oral, vaginal or anal sex with a person who is a carrier of this virus. Human Papilloma Virus has almost 40 strains but only a few have the potential to cause genital warts. Human Papilloma Virus is highly contagious and readily spread through skin-to-skin contact. That’s why it gets easily transmitted through any type of sex. Due to the high occurrence of this virus in the population, CDC has acknowledged that most of the sexually active people get this virus at least once in their lifetime. Most of the time, the virus is kept under control by the body’s immune system and does not pose any risk of health. However, the virus may grow opportunistically, in case of a weakened immune system or in any infection and may cause genital warts.


Both male and female are affected by genital warts, and the symptoms of the condition depend upon the site of occurrence. In the female, a common site of occurrence is vagina, vulva, and cervix. The common site of wart appearance in the male is scrotum, penis, and urethra. Sometimes, warts may register their presence on the area surrounding anus or inside the anus and can also found on the thighs. The size of warts may either be very small or large. They may occur in the form of small bumps or may be large like cauliflower. If there is an abnormal flow of urine, this may indicate the presence of wart in the urethra. The patient may have bleeding during intercourse. Genital warts may also cause itching in the genital area. Although most of the people have asymptomatic warts, some people have increased discomfort due to them.


Diagnosis is primarily done through the physical examination of genital warts. The characteristic appearance of genital warts helps the physician in identifying the condition. Various other growths such as papules and moles also look like genital warts and there might be a risk of misdiagnosis. Thus, the patient should go to experienced sexologist who is an expert in diagnosing and treating genital warts. Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput of Sidri International are expert in the accurate diagnose of genital warts. At Sidri International, the doctors would listen to your problem patiently and accurately diagnose the disease. Further, the diagnosis of genital warts also involved asking of questions about health history and sexual life. Your doctor may ask you about any recent sexual intercourse without the use of protective devices such as condoms.

In the case of women, the diagnosis goes a step ahead. As warts may also occur inside the female reproductive system, doctors may perform a pelvic examination to look for the presence of warts. An acidic solution is applied to the pelvic region that increases the visibility of warts if present. Pap smear test may also be conducted to conclude the presence of HPV infection. In the Pap smear test, cells of the cervix are obtained with the help of swab and evaluated under a microscope to confirm the presence of HPV.



  • Always visit an experienced sexologist if you fear that you suffered from warts or another sexually transmitted disease. Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput are the best doctors for genital warts in Delhi.
  • Always keep your wounds covered. Exposure of underlying tissues increases the risk of a virus entering the body.
  • Use protection while doing intercourse. Although condoms do not guarantee complete protection from the transmission of HPV as they do not cover the whole of the genital area, they reduce the transmission of the virus.
  • Do as directed by the doctor. Genital warts have the tendency to recur. Thus, you should regularly visit to doctor to ensure everything is fine.
  • You should stay away from doing sex until warts do not disappear. This may reduce the risk of transmission and always prevent the wart to become severe due to friction and also assist early healing.


  • Do not allow to transmit your warts by maintaining proper protective measures.
  • Do not scratch your warts as this may cause pain, irritation or inflammation.
  • Do not touch your warts as this may have the risk of your access to virus pool and increase the risk of transmission.
  • Do not share sex toys.


Genital wart is a sexually transmitted disease. Medicines for genital wart treatment may have side effects. HPV treatment in India, especially HPV treatment in Delhi done by various doctors is not so effective as a treatment of the sexually transmitted disease requires a comprehensive treatment strategy, both on the emotional as well as the physical front. The patient should consult with sexologist that is expert in effectively managing genital wart through the combination of ayurvedic treatment and counseling. Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput, a specialist in genital warts treatment in men, have successfully treated hundreds of patients by using their innovative way. The best part of treatment at Sidri International is avoiding harmful allopathic medications that do not treat the disease from its root. There are effective therapies in Ayurveda for genital warts. Garlic paste remedy is one of the effective therapies to get rid of warts. Few garlic cloves are crushed to form a paste and this paste is applied on warts. After one hour, the paste is removed with water. This therapy is to be continued for a few weeks to get the best results. Another therapy is to apply the mixture of onion and salt. Salt is sprinkled on the onion and remained as such overnight. In the morning, a juice is obtained by crushing the onion and applied on warts.

Before searching on google like wart removal doctor near me, consult Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput, who are STD specialist in Delhi and also genital warts specialist doctors., for a customized treatment strategy for your warts as different patients have different risk and medical history. Do not forget to take a prior appointment by calling at Sidri International to avoid long waiting as many patients visit the clinic daily to get a consultation on a variety of sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, HIV counseling, premature ejaculation.