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low sperm count treatment in delhI

A healthy sperm count in semen is very necessary for the process of fertility. Low Sperm Count or Oligospermia is a sexual disorder which refers to the low sperm concentration in the semen of a male. The sperm count in the semen of a man varies throughout their life, it does not remain constant. Achieving a normal pregnancy with this disorder becomes difficult for a man. If the female partner is fertile, then the chances are that the couple may achieve pregnancy normally. If it is not so, then it may not be a cake walk for the man suffering for this sexual disorder.

Anything below the following is considered as oligospermia/low sperm count :
  1. If the sperm count is 10 to 15 million sperm/ml, then it is considered as mild oligospermia.
  2. when the sperm count is between 5 to 10 million, then it is considered as moderate oligospermia.
  3. When the sperm count falls between 0 to 5, then it is considered as severe oligospermia.
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Symptoms of Oligospermia : 
Basically there is only one major symptom of Low Sperm Count or oligospermia and that is the inability to achieve pregnancy naturally. But, the other symptoms like burning with urination, pain in the testicles, thick discharge etc. occur when the root cause of this sexual disorder is different.
Speaking of the causes of oligospermia, let us know about some of it :
  1. Infection : STD’s and ST I’s are serious problems to be dealt with. It causes too much harm to the body, and one of them is that it reduces the sperm count and quality of sperm in men.
  2. Ejaculation issues : If a man has issues during ejaculation, then it may also lead to low sperm count. Ejaculation issue like retrograde ejaculate may lead to lw sperm count. Retrograde ejaculation is when the semen enters the bladder instead of coming out from the tip of the penis.
  3. Medications : Some medicines like beta blockers, antibiotics and blood pressure medicines may lead to low sperm count ejaculation problems.
  4. Hormone imbalance : Several hormones which are responsible for ejaculation and sperm production are produced by the testicles and brain. Any sort of imbalance in those hormones may lead to sexual disorders like low sperm count.
  5. Drug usage : Excess consumption of drugs, alcohol and excess smoking are some habits of men which may lead to ejaculation problems and low sperm count in them. These habits are the root cause for some disorders, if consumed in excess.
  6. Varicocele : The skin covered sac that holds the testicles is called a scrotum. It contains arteries and veins which are responsible for delivering blood to reproductive glands. Varicocele is the abnormality in the veins of scrotum. In this the veins get enlarged without the scrotum. This disorder can lead to low sperm count.
Whatever may be the type and cause of this disease, it leads the Couple to nothing but irritation, frustration and humiliation in the society. Disorders like low sperm count can create huge problems in marital life of a couple. Proper treatment is very necessary for it. Thus, treatment of it is required as soon as possible.
Consulting an Ayurvedic sexologist can bring a huge change in their lives. Ayurveda treatments and medicines are natural and cause no side effect. Ayurveda has the ability to give the best results as compared to other treatments.
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