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Surgery is not always the only option in many diseases, even when most of the doctor advised for surgery. This is because different systems of medicines follow different treatment strategies. Ayurvedic treatment is, by far, the most comprehensive and holistic system of medicine. It treats the disease right from the root, both internally and externally. While most of the other method of medicines try to manage the condition by providing quick relief from symptoms, Ayurveda aims to cure the disease completely.

Paraphimosis is one such disease that can be effectively treated with Ayurveda without any surgery provided the treatment should be done by the Ayurvedic doctors who are expert in treating Paraphimosis. Dr Manu Rajput and Dr Kanu Rajput of Sidri International are experienced ayurvedic sexologist in Delhi, Gurgaon and NCR-regions for the treatment of Paraphimosis without surgery.


Paraphimosis is considered as a severe urological condition and requires immediate medical intervention. The situation is characterized by the trapping of foreskin behind the glass of the penis and is unable to detract. This may lead to swelling, and the blood flow to the tip of the penis may be disrupted. Delay in treatment may lead to severe complications, including gangrene and damage or complete loss of glans penis.

The condition should not be confused with Phimosis, relatively a non-serious state, in which the foreskin is unable to pull back from the glans penis.

When the foreskin of the penis stays around the corona for an extended period, there formed a group of tissues that exerts pressure on the penis. This pressure reduces the venous blood flow and lymphatic flow from the prepuce and penis as a whole.

This condition leads to edema of the glans. Edema further pressurizes the penis, and the situation also worsens, this time affecting the arterial blood flow. This leads to edema, tissue necrosis, gangrene and ultimately amputation.

Following are the symptoms experienced by the person suffering from Paraphimosis:

Retracted foreskin: The patient has a retracted foreskin in the form of a band and lies just beneath the glans. In Paraphimosis, the penis foreskin stuck behind.

Urinary disorder: Patient suffering from Paraphimosis has difficulty in urination. Urinary retention is a common problem found in these patients.

Penile pain: Due to the retraction of the foreskin, the patient experiences pain in the penile region.

Swelling: The glans of the patient is swollen, although no swelling is present in the shaft of the penis. In Paraphimosis, swollen foreskin is not coming back to normal position.

Erythema and tenderness: Patient also experience erythema and tenderness in the region in which foreskin is restricted. This increases discomfort in patients.

Necrosis: As the blood supply is reduced or prevented due to the band of tissues, black tissue starts to appear on the glans. This may indicate the presence of necrosis.


Paraphimosis is found in uncircumcised people. It may be caused either due to the mistake of medical professionals or the patient. Paraphimosis may also be caused due to various other reasons.

Following are some of the causes of Paraphimosis:

Patient at fault: When a person pulls back the skin, either during sex or while washing the penile region and do not remember to put it back to its place, it may lead to Paraphimosis.

During medical evaluation: Sometimes medical professional, while examining the penis, pulls the skin back and fails to put it back, the penis may swell, and the foreskin can be trapped behind the glans.

Bacterial infection: Bacterial infection and poor hygiene results in the inflammation. This may lead to Paraphimosis.

Diabetes: Unmanaged diabetes, with high sugar in the urine, may lead to chronic inflammation of penis and foreskin. It also increases the risk of infection.

Surgical swelling: If circumcision or other penile-related surgery is not done correctly, it may result in inflammation and Paraphimosis.

Vigorous intercourse: Vigorous sexual intercourse may cause injury to the genital area leading to Paraphimosis.

Catheterization: Urethral catheter is inserted by pulling back the foreskin. If the foreskin remains in the altered position, it may lead to Paraphimosis.


Diagnosis of Paraphimosis is conducted with the physical examination of the penis.

If the patient has undergone surgery for removal of the foreskin, and there is no complication due to that surgery, then the presence of Paraphimosis is ruled out. During the diagnosis, the doctor tries to find out the band of tissue below the skin. This band of tissue is hard to find due to swelling in the region. Thus, to have a comprehensive diagnosis, consultation should be taken from an expert and experienced sexologist. Dr Manu Rajput and Dr Kanu Rajput are one of the most experienced sexologists in the Delhi-NCR region. They are known for accurate diagnosis of various sex-related diseases of different complexity with ease. Dr Manu Rajput and Dr Kanu Rajput had provided consultation to many patients suffering from Paraphimosis and treated them successfully through their innovative preparation when the other doctors advised surgery to those patients.
The doctor may ask you the question about your lifestyle, medical history, any
underlying medical condition, and sexual life.
To identify the cause of Paraphimosis, some doctors may also ask for laboratory tests to find out the presence of bacterial infection.

Ayurveda system of medicine has effective treatment for Paraphimosis provided experienced Ayurvedic doctor should do the therapy for Paraphimosis, who is an expert in treating such conditions. Dr Manu Rajput and Dr Kanu Rajput of Sidri international, best doctor for paraphimosis treatment in Delhi, are highly efficient in managing Paraphimosis with high success rates.



Do’s :
Clean the foreskin.
Maintain proper hygiene
Do visit the experienced ayurvedic sexologists like Dr Manu Rajput and Dr Kanu Rajput.

Take medicine as prescribed
Do apply antibiotic ointment
Do call your doctor if you have pain and inflammation

Do not try to retract the skin of your own.
Do not leave soap solution under the foreskin.

Do not ignore the symptoms related to foreskin as it may lead to complications.

Paraphimosis Treatment Without Surgery in Delhi and NCR is now possible.
Paraphimosis is the condition that requires immediate medical intervention. However, the Ayurvedic system of medicine also has various ways of swollen foreskin treatment.

Paraphimosis treatment cost is low when done without surgery.

In most of the cases, the doctors recommend surgery to prevent further complications such as gangrene and loss of the tip of the penis. However, Ayurveda can treat Paraphimosis without any surgery and capable of managing the condition without any complications.

Various patients have questions such as how long does paraphimosis lasts? To get the answers to many such questions and for effective treatment, patient should consult with expert sexologists Dr Manu Rajput and Dr Kanu Rajput, who treats this condition with confidence and high success rates. A prior appointment should be taken to reduce waiting time and to avoid inconvenience.

Preventive measures :

Complete circumcision is NOT always the best way to prevent Paraphimosis what most of the Patients read after Googling it, There are other Non- Surgical Procedures and Techniques that can actually Treat your Paraphimosis and Prevent you from getting your Precious Foreskin Cut Forever. We proudly say that we have Achieved Tremendous Success by Saving PRECIOUS FORESKIN’s of Many Patients like you by Treating Paraphimosis without Surgery or circumcision.

  1. Also, Maintaining the hygiene of the penis is really very important.
  2. After a physical test or exam, the health care provider should pull back the foreskin to it’s original place to avoid Paraphimosis.
  3. It is necessary to place back the foreskin over the tip of the penis after sexual intercourse, masturbation, cleaning or urination.

In case of Paraphimosis, because of the preservation of sexual sensation, Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput of Sidri International Skin Hair And Sexology Clinic prefers Non surgical Paraphimosis treatment and do not suggest to go for the circumcision/ Surgically removing foreskin as a treatment for paraphimosis or foreskin not coming forward.

Doctors at Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic are considered Best Sexologist in Delhi NCR and patients suffering from various Sexual Problems Consult them from Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad to name a few.