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Paraphimosis is a sexual disorder which affects only uncircumcised men. People sometimes assume that Phimosis and Paraphimosis are moreover similar. Phimosis is the condition when the foreskin of the penis can no longer be pulled back from the tip of the penis and it mostly affects young males. On the other hand, Paraphimosis is a serious condition in which the foreskin cannot be pulled forward from the tip of the penis. Basically it is the condition when the foreskin is unable to return to its normal position, over the tip of the penis.
This disorder has many side-effects which includes swelling in the foreskin, and it may even slow or stop the flow of blood to the tip of the penis. This condition is very serious and needs immediate attention and treatments.

Symptoms of Paraphimosis :
  1. The major symptom of Paraphimosis is the inability of the penis to return to it’s normal position that is at the tip of the penis.
  2. Painful and swollen foreskin and the tip of the penis is another symptom.
  3. In some cases, the color of the tip of the penis may turn dark red or blue due to lack of blood flow.
Causes of Paraphimosis :
  1. Applying a lot of force and pulling the foreskin back to the tip.
  2. Sometimes physical trauma experienced by the genital area becomes a major cause of it.
  3. Having a certain infection.
  4. A foreskin which is tighter then normally it should be can be a cause for Paraphimosis.
  5. Foreskin which was pulled back from an extended period.
The following are the Complications which may occur during Paraphimosis :
  1. This condition may reduce the flow of blood to the tissues and may even result to gangrene or death of tissues.
  2. The tip of the penis gets damaged.
  3. It may cause a severe infection.
Preventive measures :
    1. Complete circumcision is NOT always the best way to prevent Paraphimosis what most of the Patients read after Googling it, There are other Non- Surgical Procedures and Techniques that can actually Treat your Paraphimosis and Prevent you from getting your Precious Foreskin Cut Forever. We proudly say that we have Achieved Tremendous Success by Saving PRECIOUS FORESKIN’s of Many Patients like you by Treating Paraphimosis without Surgery or circumcision.
  1. Also, Maintaining the hygiene of the penis is really very important.
  2. After a physical test or exam, the health care provider should pull back the foreskin to it’s original place to avoid Paraphimosis.
  3. It is necessary to place back the foreskin over the tip of the penis after sexual intercourse, masturbation, cleaning or urination.
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