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Performance Anxiety

Best Doctor For Performance Anxiety In Delhi

While having sex, do you get a thought that “Am I doing it right” ? If yes, then you may be suffering from a sexual disorder named performance anxiety. Sex is an activity which gives pleasure, but it becomes tough to enjoy this pleasurable activity when a man thinks too much about his performance during the intercourse. Sex is not just a physical activity but it even connects two people emotionally. Today performance anxiety has become a great problem for males.
 Performance Anxiety Can Occur Mainly because Of:
  1. Erectile dysfunction – Some men think that they will not be able to attain the erection which is required for intercourse. This thought creates a fear in them that their partner will remain unsatisfied.
  2. Body image issues – Every person is different, some are fat, some are thin, some are short, some are tall. Some men assume that, after seeing their body the female partner will get turned off.
  3. Penis size – What matters is, the way a man performs, not the size of his penis. Assumption of few men that their partner will get turned off because of the size of their penis, creates anxiety in them.
  4. Premature ejaculation – Some men fear that they would ejaculate before their partner gets satisfied. This creates anxiety in them.
  5. Inability to orgasm – When the male person fears that he will not be able to reach orgasm. This creates anxiety in them.

Because Of Performance Anxiety , men loose their confidence and this affects their relationship. Both sexual and personal lives can get doomed forever due to this problem. Consulting an Ayurvedic sexologist is very necessary in such cases.

Speaking about the treatment for such sensitive diseases, selecting the best type of treatment is very necessary. What else can be more better then Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the best we can rely upon. Ayurveda ha the power to heal naturally. It’s treatments and medicines are so natural that it cures without any side-effects.
We Will Make Sure To Give You Best Possible Solution To Your Problem. Consult With Us, Here At Sidri International Skin, Hair And Sexology Clinic.
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