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Tight Foreskin

Phimosis Cure

When the foreskin around around the tip of the penis cannot be retracted, such a condition is called Phimosis. It is common in boys who are not circumcised and whose age is 3 years. The foreskin loosens with time, but for some boys it may take a litter longer. But, if the boys is unable to retract the foreskin easily by the age of 17, then a treatment may be required. This disorder requires intimidate attention as it can ruin a man’s life.

Phimosis Treatment without Surgery in Delhi, india
Symptoms of Phimosis are :
  1. The major symptom of phimosis is the inability to retract the foreskin of the penis after the age of 3.
  2. Pain and Swelling in the foreskin and difficulty during urination.
  3. Pain at the time of erection.
  4. Not able to Pull back the foreskin in Normal or flaccid Condition.
  5. Not able to Pull back the foreskin in Erect Condition or when the penis is Hard.
This disorder is divided into the following two types :
  1. Physiologic Phimosis : This type of phimosis is natural. A baby boy is born with this type of tight foreskin. The separation of this type of phimosis occurs automatically during late childhood and early adolescence.
  2. Pathologic phimosis : This type of phimosis is found in uncircumcised men. The major reason for its cause is infection, scarring, inflammation.
Here are the four stages of phimosis, which everyone needs to know :
  1. Stage 0 ( At Risk) : All males who are uncircumcised fall under this category. A normal guy with a foreskin belongs to this category. Phimosis can occur to any male at any age. Mostly an infection, a scar, injury during adulthood causes tightening of the foreskin and it develops into phimosis. Mostly children are unable to retract their foreskin, but it would be wrong to to diagnose it before the age of 10. But if there are symptoms like inability to pass urine due to small opening, then doing a diagnosis on him would be valid. But a fact which should always be kept in mind is that a non-retractile foreskin in uncircumcised male children is common and should not always be intervened.
  2. Stage 1 (Mild Phimosis) : A male is able to fully retract the foreskin during erect and flaccid states. But, it becomes painful when foreskin is pulled past glands during the erect state. The person suffering from it often has a complaint of soreness after sex or masturbation. However, the foreskin tends to ease when it is given rest after the activity. The only positive thing at this stage is that there are no issues of penile hygiene, as the foreskin can retract during both states.
  3. Stage 2 (Moderate Phimosis) : During this stage, the person is not able to retract the foreskin of the penis during both erect and flaccid states. During this stage the foreskin amy seem too narrow to pull. This may affect a man in many ways. The glands remain covered even during the erection. The penis takes a different look during erection as the foreskin does not react over the foreskin.
    This disorder even has a mental and emotional impact on the sufferer. It leads to nothing but embarrassment, depression and stress. the sufferer even feels shy and embarrassing to share this issue with his potential partner.
    Hygiene of the foreskin and under it is very necessary. The area under the foreskin collects dirt, bacteria, secretion from the glands etc. which needs to be cleaned. At this stage the opening of the foreskin is wide, which can allow water to enter through it. On the other side it becomes difficult to clean it when the foreskin is unable to pullback.
    The movement of the foreskin becomes limited, when the during this stage during the sexual intercourse. Whereas normally, the foreskin rolls back to the point where the glands are completely exposed. This can lead to soreness during sex and masturbation.
  4. Stage 3 (Severe Phimosis) : By this stage no part of the glans is visible, as the foreskin becomes too tight. Only a small opening is seen when the skin is pulled back. It almost looks like a tiny hole and thus, it is also known as Pinhole Phimosis. After some point of time, this disorder not only affects to your foreskin, but affects the allover health.
Phimosis basically leads to poor penile hygiene, and cause Balanitis. Its noteworthy to mention that the direct link between phimosis and UTI is actually the smegma (the whitish foul-smelling coating that gradually gather under the foreskin.)
We, Doctors at Sidri Treat Phimosis Without Any Surgery. You Don’t have to get your Foreskin Cut (Circumcision) and Mutilate your Good Looking Part in order to get rid of Balanitis etc.
You Can Consult With Us, Here At Sidri International Skin, Hair And Sexology Clinic By Booking Your Appointment. And We Will Make Sure To Give You Best Possible Solution To Your Problem.

Erectile Dysfunction

10% of all men have erectile dysfunction due to pain caused by Phimosis.



15% of Balanitis are Caused due to Phimosis.


Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic Treatment is successful with 95% patients.


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