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The male Sexual desire or libido is always in Excess, right? Wrong — Three out of Ten men actually have a low sex drive.

Low sex desire which is also referred to as low libido is a kind of sexual disease which can be classified as decreased or low interest in sexual activity. interest in sex varies in both partners, it’s not necessary for both of them to have the same sexual desires all the time. Sexual desires even change from time to time. But low libido for a long time is a matter of concern.

Sometimes a man forcibly tries obtain erection, through self stimulation aka self touching or by watching porn etc and believes that there is no lack of Sexual desire. Whereas, the truth is, it should come from within and not just by Forcing yourself to do it just for the sake of it. 


The symptoms of Low Sexual Desire are:

  1. Lack of Morning Wood.
  2. You Don’t Get Aroused or Excited Like You Used To Be.
  3. Lack Of Feeling Of Masturbation or Sex aka Intercourse.
  4. You Try To Avoid Your Partner By Giving Excuses Like You Are Tired, or You Got Work To Do.
  5. You have Started To Lose Your Confidence.
  6. You Are Mostly Tired Or Sleepy.
Major causes of Low sexual desires are : 
  1. Low Testosterone : Testosterone is a male hormone which is responsible for stimulation of sperm production. Low testosterone results in low sexual desires. If the level of testosterone falls below 300 to 350 nano-grams per deciliter then it considered to be low. Mostly this hormone starts decreasing with age.
  2. Depression : If a man is going through depression, then this may affect in low sexual desires. Due to depression a man is unable to develop sexual desires.
  3. Sleep Problems : Sleep is very for a human body to work properly. Lack of sleep leads to low level of testosterone. This can be a major reason for the Low sexual desires.
  4. Aging : After the age of 60 men generally notice a decrease in their libido. It may take time for men above 60 to have orgasm, ejaculate and become aroused.
  5. Medications : Some medicines can decrease the level of testosterone, which results in low sexual desires or low libido. Medicine for blood pressure like beta-blockers, and some anti- depressants like serotonin reuptake inhibitors(SSRI) become a cause for decreased sex drive.
When a man lacks interest in sex from a few months, then he may be having low sexual desires. Whatever may be the cause of this disease, it leads a man to nothing but irritation, frustration and humiliation in the society. Thus, treatment of it is required as soon as possible.
Treatment in such cases is very necessary. In such sensitive cases consulting a qualified Ayurvedic sexologist can be helpful. Ayurveda cures a person to a greater extent without any side effects.
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