Your Sudden Erectile Dysfunction With How To Find Solution As Per Age Causes and Treatment

Sudden Erectile dysfunction:

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), if a man has a consistent inability to achieve and/or maintain an erection satisfactory for completing sexual performance, then this condition is called erectile dysfunction.

Usually, erectile dysfunction develops over a long period giving subtle hints in your day-to-day life and your sex life. But if you are among those few who suddenly started seeing signs and symptoms of ED, then you need not worry and read along. Chances are high that you can reverse ED.

Sudden onset of erectile dysfunction:

To properly understand the sudden onset of erectile dysfunction, you need to answer some basic questions of self-assessment in your mind.

The only rule here is to understand that it’s your own body & cheating or wrong self-assessment might lead you to chronic erectile dysfunction.

Let’s start with some basic questions:

  1. Are you conscious of your body image?
  2.  Do you frequently worry about your ability to please your partner instead of enjoying the sexual acts?
  3. Do you feel there are signs and symptoms of depression in you? (*You can search Google for the same. If you find your signs and symptoms of depression, then discuss this with someone whom you trust and try to find a good psychiatrist near you.)
  4. Are you having troubles in your relationship or marital life?
  5. Is there anything which is causing you aversion or hate towards sexual activities?
  6. Is there any fear of sex or fear of sexual activities? In short, are you having a sexual phobia? 

If your answer is yes to most of the questions, then congratulations!!!

Most probably, your erectile dysfunction could be psychogenic; if not, then you can reverse it by taking care of a few basic things. Let us understand what we can do here by understanding the causes of such erectile dysfunction with their answers below.

What are the causes of sudden erectile dysfunction and their basic solutions:

Solution 1:

Body shaming is extremely wrong, and self-body shaming is a terrible idea. Nobody is perfect. Accept this fact and move on. If you want to improvise, then start with something that improves your body image on realistic ground. For example, most men are concerned about their penis size.

In most cases, their penis size is normal. It’s just a basic misconception about showers and growers. Let us help you understand who showers and growers are.

Showers: Males whose penis remains of the same length when in a flaccid state (soft penis without erection) as well as erect state (hard penis after erection).

Growers: Males whose penis remains smaller in a flaccid state, but when erect, the penis becomes longer and sometimes wider.

But let us tell you, many females said the amount of penis hardness, time duration of intercourse, and less time taken to get sexually aroused again (refractory period) is important to them. Penis size is something which crosses their minds after many other parameters. Many women said they don’t wish to have intercourse with someone with a big penis. During sexual activity, a long penis can be a reason for painful sex, as it may cause discomfort because it may hit the cervix repeatedly during sexual intercourse and may cause pain to your partner.

Take away note: If you feel that your penis is not strong and hard enough or you have the problem of early ejaculation. On top of it, it takes too long to get sexually aroused again for the next sexual activity. Then, you can get benefit from Sidri International Sexual Problem Treatments.

Solution 2:

So you are among those few. Instead of enjoying the act, think about whether you will be able to please your partner or not. Why being so self-obsessed (Pun Intended)? Forget everything and go with the flow. You are concerned about the satisfaction of your partner, and it’s a very good thing, but such thoughts might only cause a problem for your partner as well as for you.

Solution 3:

Depression is a very serious condition, and it has to be taken care of with the help of a good Psychiatrist. Please note that don’t unnecessarily and vaguely relate your thoughts to a psychiatric illness.


On a side note, we have seen many patients who have consulted a psychiatrist for premature ejaculation. They did not have erectile dysfunction or any problem with their erections. Still, after taking SSRIs, they started to have reduced libido and erectile dysfunction. To avoid such instances, the best you can do is Google the name of your medicine and try to look for possible side effects. You can also write the medicine name and erectile dysfunction in your search to simplify the process.

Solution 4:

Try to sort out all the differences between you and your partner. If she is not taking the initiative, then you take charge. Ask her what all is bothering her in you and how you can improvise. The same goes for your partner. Let her know what is bothering you and what she can do to improve the situation. Separation or divorce may seem easier, but it’s the most difficult. Finding a new partner, whether male or female, is not only a challenging task but also a risk. There’s no assurance that the new partner would be better than the current one. Who knows, they might be even more disappointing than your current partner. 

Solution 5: 

We have seen numerous cases where patients had an aversion toward sex because they were performing poorly due to underlying medical conditions:

a. erectile dysfunction, 

b. premature ejaculation,

c. phimosis, 

d. reappearing and recurring penile infection viz. candidiasis, balanitis, etc. 

In this situation, you need to understand what the root cause of aversion toward sex is, and special emphasis should be given to correcting it, accompanied by providing proper knowledge to the patient.

For example, we had a couple of patients who had an aversion to sex because every time they penetrated their partner the next morning, they woke up with a swollen penis. In pursuit of the resolution, some had even taken medicines from medical stores without proper consultation from a doctor. Some consulted a couple of general physicians as well as urologists and dermatologists to get their infection treated. But even after treatment for seven days to a couple of months, their problem remained the same. Till the time they are taking the medicines and applying creams, everything seems to be normal. But the moment they stop medications, the problem reappears. This vicious cycle is so traumatic and frustrating that sometimes both partners doubt each other’s character and even accuse them of cheating and infidelity. After properly assessing the case, it turns out to be either a poor diagnosis or the wrong set of medications.

Suppose you think this type of case study represents your life in a nutshell. In that case, all you need to take is Sidri International Penis Infection Treatment. You can read our patient reviews to learn how many patients have been treated at Sidri International with a realistic approach. You can find out how their life has got changed for good. Feel the happiness in them and assume how happy you too will be once you get out of your misery.

This is just one example of how a penis infection can cause sudden erectile dysfunction due to stress and relationship issues. Unfortunately, this can also destroy a relationship with too easily avoidable parameters.

Solution 6: 

Fear of sexual activities is another major factor for sudden erectile dysfunction. Example: Many days ago, you got engaged in penetrative sexual intercourse. Within a few strokes inside, you realised something unusual with your penis. You saw your penis and got shocked only to find out that your foreskin is stuck behind your glans penis. Such a situation often happens with patients with phimosis, also called the tight foreskin. But during sexual activities like forcefully pulling back your foreskin for washing, during masturbation or intercourse, the foreskin gets stuck behind. As a result, your foreskin caused you another medical condition known as paraphimosis. Paraphimosis is a medical emergency. You got scared. Now there are two situations.

Situation A:  you consulted some doctors who suggested that you should go for circumcision surgery (surgical removal of the foreskin), or

Situation B:  if you love your foreskin, then after in-depth online research, you found that paraphimosis can be treated without surgery. You chose that option. You consulted us or any other healthcare provider who settled your paraphimosis. Now your foreskin is back to normal position.

However, after this episode, you have problems with getting a hard or maintaining erection. This is a type of sudden loss of libido and erectile dysfunction in some cases. The list is endless. But let us use our clinical experience to segregate sudden erectile dysfunction with age and possible causes.

Sudden erectile dysfunction in 21 years old:

  1. Overindulgence in sexual activities like masturbation, intercourse etc.
  2. Relationship issues or breakup
  3. Academic pressure
  4. Hunt for employment
  5. Poor diet in hostel etc.
  6. Misconceptions on the sexual topic from friend circles or on the internet.
  7. Poor sleep

Sudden erectile dysfunction in 30 years till 40 years:

  1. Unemployment
  2. Toxic work environment
  3. Stressful business or job
  4. Relationship issues
  5. Physical and/or mental exertion due to personal or professional life.
  6. Wrong usage of delay sprays or condoms.
  7. Hair Fall medicines viz. finasteride, dutasteride etc. 

Sudden erectile dysfunction in 40 years old and above till 50 years:

  1. Boredom from the same partner.
  2. Blood pressure lowering medicines
  3. The stress of loss in business or insecurity in the job.
  4. Being conscious of children might hear or see the sexual activity.
  5. Too tired after returning from work.
  6. Smoking, drugs and/or alcohol consumption.
  7. Poor dietary habits due to lifestyle choices.

Sudden erectile dysfunction treatment:

Now, the best part we all are waiting for is sudden erectile dysfunction treatment. The first line of treatment for sudden erectile dysfunction is to understand how it all started and what all have been done to reverse it. Are only the above factors responsible for your sudden erectile dysfunction, or is there anything more than meets the eye? If you think the above-suggested solutions work for you, then try implementing them. If your problem gets resolved within a week or two, you are a happy man. 

However, suppose it doesn’t provide you with the solution. In that case, you can check out our FAQ page on this website to proceed with Level 2 Consultation. We, Dr. Kanu Rajput and Dr. Manu Rajput at Sidri International, have an in-depth assessment and evaluation process known as Level 2 Consultation.

This detailed assessment and evaluation can help to understand your severity level and subsequently plan the best possible treatment strategy for you. 

Just to let you know, Sidri International Erectile Dysfunction Treatment has changed many lives till now. So don’t get stressed about your ED issue anymore. Let us help you the best way possible with our result-oriented and entrusted treatment modality. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please don’t forget to share this article with those you know who are struggling with the problem like you are. As they say, sharing is caring. Bye Bye!


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