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Technology related to cell phones and Wi-Fi is evolving. This evolution has led to increased health hazards because of exposure to radiation. The impact of these radiations on male fertility attracts the attention of many researchers. The studies have concluded that cell phones and Wi-Fi have negatively affected the male reproductive system. The parameters commonly affected include sperm count, sperm motility, and DNA characteristics. This may probably be due to increased temperature and oxidative stress.


Cell Phones have become an inevitable part of our daily life. The technology related to mobile phones is an evolving stream and daily cell phones with advanced technology are launched. These technologies are smarter and more intelligent. However, along with the connectivity and other benefits, cell phones come along with various health risks. Some risks are mild while others have a long-term impact on health. Radiofrequency radiations have the energy sufficient to generate thermal energy that may affect cells and tissues.

We, as a human, are getting more and more involved with our phones. Although the cell phone radiations are non-ionizing, prolonged exposure to them causes serious damage to the reproductive system. We lack face-to-face social interactions along with health problems such as eye strain, neck problems and difficulty sleeping.

The effect of cell phones on the reproductive system, especially of the male, is a topic of continuous research. Various studies have been conducted on the effect of cell phones on different aspects of the male reproductive system be it sperm characteristics or semen quality.

A systematic review and meta-analysis were done to determine the effect of cell phones on the quality of sperm and concluded that there is a negative effect on sperm quality because of mobile phone exposure.

A recent study published indicates the probable reasons behind the negative effect of cell phone radiations on male infertility. The study states that the effect on semen quality is reduced because of oxidative stress and heating effect on the testicular tissues. The study concluded that cell phone radiations reduce the sperm count, motility, sperm concentration, sperm viability, and semen volume. The researchers advise that mass awareness is needed to raise knowledge about such effects and reduce the exposure of mobile radiation.

Both in-vivo and in-vitro studies related to the effect of radiofrequency radiations on sperm cells conclude that it adversely affects the testicular proteome and may cause infertility. People who are exposed to mobile phones more than 4 hours a day, especially those who put their phones in the front pocket have significantly altered sperm DNA fragmentation. Another study concluded that there is an adverse effect on sperm quality and quantity when phones are kept in the front pocket.


Like cellular radiations, the radiations from Wi-Fi also affect male fertility. Various studies have been done in this context and most of them concluded that the electromagnetic radiations from Wi-Fi affect male fertility.

In a study conducted on Japanese patients, the rate of sperm death was more in the sample exposed to electromagnetic radiation as compared to the sample that was not exposed. It was also concluded that the extent of damage depends upon the period of exposure. Wi-Fi plays an important role in reducing fertility rates in the males of developed countries. 

DNA integrity, sperm count and sperm motility were significantly affected by the radiations of Wi-Fi. These effects can be attributed to increased oxidative stress and testicular temperature. The study unambiguously stated that exposure to the radiations emitted by the Wi-Fi transmitter is hazardous to the male reproductive system.

Another serious impact of these radiations includes hormonal changes, apoptosis, decreased brain activity, impaired childhood development, and neuropsychiatric impact.


Although cell phones and Wi-Fi networks are currently the lifelines, measures can be taken to reduce the exposure to radiation emitted by these gadgets. Following are some of the measures:

Location of Wi-Fi router: The location of your Wi-Fi router should be at a place at home where you do not visit frequently. The router should not be placed in the bedroom. Switch off the device when not in use especially overnight.

Limited use of Wi-Fi devices: Try not to use the Wi-Fi devices. For instance, in place of wireless headphones, prefer using a headphone with wire.

Not placing the laptop on your lap: Placing your laptop on your lap increases the temperature of the abdominal area. Further, the radiations of Wi-Fi directly affect your reproductive system.

Avoid keeping the phone in the front pocket: Various studies conclude that keeping the cell phone in the front pocket negatively affects male fertility.

Airplane mode: Keep your phone in the airplane mode when not in use, especially during the night. Alternatively, you may put your phone outside the bedroom before going to bed. 

EMF absorption: Wi-Fi radiation guard and EMF absorber can be used to reduce the exposure to radiofrequency radiations. 

Defender shield: Various defender shields for cell phones and laptops are available. You may opt for these defender shields. 

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