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One-third of the couples who are not able to conceive are due to male infertility. Male infertility is a growing concern probably due to a sedentary lifestyle and stressful environment. Male diagnosed with infertility have disrupted social, emotional, and sexual life. This is because most of these patients, as well as people around them, attach male infertility to male impotence. It is important to understand the cause of male infertility, getting maximum information about the condition, getting the right treatment, and staying motivated during the treatment phase. This will help in speedy recovery from this condition.


Infertility is progressively becoming a social concern. Almost 10-15% of the couples in the world are suffering from infertility. When the news of infertility arrives at the couple, they both have a similar feeling of guilt, grief, heartache, and loss. Women are more honest in expressing their feelings as compared to males. A study on 448 American women conducted by Harvard medical school concluded that the feeling of anxiety and depression in infertile women is compared to those who are diagnosed with hypertension or cancer. 

Because of the social stigma attached to male infertility and feeling of ‘less of a man’, it is comparatively more difficult to cope with such issues. Men take this issue as a direct blow to their ego. Today, the doctors for infertility are finding more challenges in managing the emotional havoc in patients rather than the disease itself in patients with male infertility. It has also been indicated that there is a vicious cycle going throughout the process. Once infertility is diagnosed, the psychological stress steps in which have a significant impact on sperm parameters. Various researchers have studied the effect of psychological stress on semen parameters and found that there is a reduced sperm concentration, decreased motility, and reduced morphology due to stress.

Thus, adequate measures for coping stress and managing the emotional havoc in male infertile patients should be essentially incorporated in the strategies for managing male infertility.


The infertility specialist should understand that there are serious repercussions on an infertile male both on physical and emotional front and both should be comprehensively treated. Managing the stress, depression, and anxiety is more important during the treatment phase as such disorders may negatively affect the efficacy of treatment. Following are some of the tips that help the male infertile patient to stay motivated during treatment:

Consult: When the couple is unable to conceive within a year of unprotected sex, they should consult with an infertility specialist. Get the necessary testing done. 

Once infertility in the male partner is diagnosed, then one should consult an Ayurvedic Men’s Health Expert, aka an Ayurvedic Sexologist, without Hesitation… Ayurvedic Medicines for Sexual Problems are well known to give beautiful results when taken under the proper guidance of a well-qualified Ayurvedic doctor. 

By doing this, you may not only save a lot of trouble finding a donor sperm but you will also be able to have a baby of your own sperm or / husband’s sperm. 

But.. But.. But.. That’s not enough. The best part of ayurvedic treatment for low sperm count/ oligospermia is that the results attained will not be temporary like most of the medicines prescribed by the doctors of different medical fields these days.

The results achieved by the Ayurvedic medicines are going to stay with you for a very.. very… very…. long time so that you can plan your next baby too without worrying about low sperm count again.

Keep Patience: One of the most irritating facts in male infertility treatment is no one knows when the treatment will end up as a result. Thus, patience during the treatment phase is the key to early recovery.

Make a plan: Planning for treating male infertility will help you handle the situation more effectively financially and emotionally. Discuss with your partner the options you are planning to consider. Don’t get carried away blindly for treatments such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF), adoption, or donor sperm. Take time as these treatment options are best only as last resorts. Be positive and informed, you may not even require them at all.

Be informed: Get detailed information about the cause of infertility. Low sperm count is one of the most common causes and fortunately, most patients get out of the situation and become fertile. You should know the advantages and disadvantages of various treatment options.

Get active: Incorporate exercise in your daily routine. This will help improve the flow of blood and help in reducing obesity, the conditions which directly affect the health of sperm. Further, you should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol as these may negatively affect reproductive health. Lubrication during sex, wearing tight underwear and taking hot water baths may negatively affect sperm health.

Reduce stress: Psychological stress and sperm health are interlinked. Apply various measures to cope with stress. Exercise is one of the best ways to prevent stress. Massage is another way to get distressed. 

Be emotionally expressive: Men are comparatively less emotionally expressive than females due to their masculinity component. But you should understand that there is no harm in crying or communicating with other people regarding your condition. You would have perceived much more than the other people think about your condition.

Attach to a group: Various communities and resources are available for male infertile patients. You should become a member of such groups where you feel comfortable about sharing your views and can get important information about handling male infertility.

Stay away from negative folks: Stay away from those people that emotionally disturbs you in context to your condition. These people link infertility to impotence and fail to understand that, like other diseases, male infertility is also just a disease. Further, treatment options are available for this disease.

Bring meditation in your life: Yoga and meditation are the best ways to cope with any stressful condition. These techniques help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Perform yoga or medication at least for 10-15 minutes daily.

Stay associated with your life partner: In the treatment stage for infertility, your better half is the strength that helps you to get out of this stressful situation. Stay connected with your partner both physically and emotionally. Express your feelings with your partner.

Eat a healthy diet: You should eat a healthy diet comprising fruits, vegetables, and antioxidants. Healthy food helps in improving various sperm parameters and makes you fit and active. Dairy products, fortified cereals, nutritional yeasts, citrus fruits, egg yolk, green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, fish, nuts and seeds, and oat bran are known to improve sperm health.

Understanding the difference between infertility and impotence: You should understand that social stigma is significantly associated with impotence and not with infertility. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for erection and helps in sperm production. However, people with an optimum level of testosterone may have male infertility however there is no impact on the sex life of such patients.


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